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It would really be great to see this come out soon! I'd also be interested in seeing one that is able to take the IMEI Number and identify it when someone charges the number or flash it too. That would be great! Also, for the owner of the phone to still be able to track it with the original IMEI number too.Some how design a software that is already in every phone, if we can track via Web with IP address, GPS, ect, then it shouldn't be too longer for this.But hurry..

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It amazes how quickly and easily you can check the IMEI number via our services. is your #1 source for getting information about a smartphone by its IMEI, MEID, or ESN number. This remote service is available 24/7, and it offers the best IMEI checking tools that give answers to all your questions at once. as your fastest and most comprehensive source with full access to the IMEI checker system, with all services gathered in one place for your convenience.

Our IMEI check services are compelling. We ensured our website would easily handle thousands of checks per minute. Companies and individual business can use API access to connect to our IMEI check services and enjoy instant responses and quick results.

You can use a reliable Telegram app on all your devices to enjoy quick access to our IMEI check services worldwide. Use our services to check IMEI iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices. We deliver only prooved information by IMEI numbers for all Apple gadgets. Use our services to check the IMEI number of popular Android phone models and receive details about the devices. Every GSM handset has a unique identifier called IMEI number.

The four-letter abbreviation stands for the International Mobile Equipment Identity.

And every smartphone user needs to understand what IMEI is. So, if you have a GSM handset, it comes with an IMEI number It is a unique 15-digit number that identifies your gadget. It is interesting that phones that have no SIM card slot also have no IMEI number.

And CDMA gadgets have a different identifier, MEID code. We can compare the IMEI to a human fingerprint. There are no two devices with the same 15-digit code, just like no two people with the same fingerprints. So, what are those 15 digits? GSM Association organization defines the first 14 digits, while the last digit is a check number.

According to the IMEI Allocation and Approval instructions, the last digit is calculated via the Luhn formula. The initial eight digits of the 15-digit code define the smartphone model and source information. This 8-digit part of the IMEI number is called TAC, standing for Type Allocation Code. GSM networks across the world rely on IMEI codes to identify gadgets.

By this number, a network knows if the device is valid or not, locked or unlocked, reported as lost or stolen, etc.

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