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IMEI means International Mobile Equipment Identity. IMEI refers to a special 15-digit code that is approved by GSMA. It’s just like an identification record for your mobile. It plays a very important role in tracking your phone.

Whenever a mobile uses a separate network to make an incoming and outgoing call, send or receive an SMS, its IMEI number is automatically spotted and tracked. As there is a database of police and service providers to whitelist and blacklist these ID numbers, an owner can report his IMEI number and blacklist it after a theft.

So, if you lose your mobile phone and you know the IMEI number then there is always a chance of getting your mobile phone back using the IMEI tracker.

What is The IMEI Number On Your Android Phone?

As we mentioned before IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. IMEI indicates a special 15-digit number, which is applied to detect a cellular phone.

You can check the unique number by pressing *#06# on the dial pad. It can be found printed in the SIM card slot of the phone. IMEI is a serial number applied to detect mobiles using terrestrial cellular networks.

A terrestrial cellular network is a network that you use to make calls to your mobile phone or to gain access to an Internet connection provided by your network provider through your data policy.

It is called “Terrestrial” because it uses the Earthside antenna and does not use satellites to make connections. Thefirst major goal of IMEI numbers is to identify cellular devices.

And secondly, it helps stop theft. mSpy is a London-based technology company that has been providing mobile monitoring and tracking services for over 11 years.

Check IMEI number / ESN – free checker IMEI.

It’s a popular mobile and computer parental control tracking software for iOS, Android, Windows, and Macs. You can now easily find someone’s phone by knowing how to track a phone using IMEI for free using the mSpy IMEI tracking software.

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You might think that the app doesn’t offer certain benefits, but it has potential value in all respects. Besides that, you will get:. The mSpy app is particularly composed to develop with an easy method message recorder system.

By using the mSpy app, you can get every SMS detail at any time. Now, users can detect every location of the suspected phone using the mSpy tracking software program.

The app uses the GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite system in order to get the correct track position. Geofencing has been developed as a location-based service that limits virtual boundaries around real-world geographical areas.

The mSpy app offers a special geo-fencing area feature. Using the service, you can set a safe boundary for your beloved ones at any time, anywhere.

1st STEP:

Additionally, with the mSpy app, you can set unlimited numbers to confine in your safe zone, monitor your preferred zone, get email notifications of every entrance and exit, and most importantly view theprevious history of the selective device.

2. eyeZy- Another Way to Track IMEI Number

The most amazing feature of the mSpy app is that you can track every phone call history of the suspicious phone by simply connecting it to another device through your mSpy account.

[2022 New] How to Track IMEI Number Through Google Earth?.

mSpy supports all the major mobile platforms. Installing the app is really simple, and you’ll randomly access it via any device.

Once your phone is registered with the mSpy app, you can track the phone using IMEI for free.

To continue the process in any Android platform, go to mSpy website then:. Purchase a mSpy subscription by entering a valid email address.

Then select the Android operating system. After that Disable Google play protection on Android devices.

Download mSpy Installer from a reliable source. Then open the application. Select the Geo-Fencing option.

Then you will get a map view totrack your lost mobile. mSpy app also works as an iPhone IMEI tracker.

Now, you can install mSpy, the leading cellphone track software on any iOS device remotely.Follow the steps to track your iPhone:. After purchasing an mSpy subscription package, keep remembering the iPhoneshould stay jailbroken before installing the app.

The jailbroken iPhonewill accept the Cydiaapplication on the mobile surface. Access the link using the Cydia app and click on the ‘Add Source’ option.

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Enter the link of the Cydia app press the ‘add source’ option. After the update, go to the Cydia app for downloading the software. After download, click on ‘Restart Spring Board’ once. Finally, select the mSpy app icon from your mobile and allow the asking license agreements.

How To Use The IMEI Number To Locate Your Cell Phone.

Select Geo-Fencing option. Then you will get a map view to track your lost mobile.

The price of mSpy is:One-month plan: $48.99Three-month plan: $27.99/monthOne-year plan: $11.66/month.

eyeZy is another effective monitoring software that sees everything. It’s a good monitoring software as mSpy, although it hasn’t been around for a long time.

But it has good functions for parents, such as monitoring the child’s cell phones, tracking the kid’s location to ensure safety, etc.

Also, when the child appears in a location outside the geofence, it will give a reminder. eyeZy has a GPS tracker function, so it can easily track the location of the kid’s mobile phone, so parents can rest assured.

Mobile Tracker – Phone Locator By Number (100% Free).

eyeZy is suitable for installation on various devices, such as iPhones, Android Phones, iPads, and Android Tablets. And the ways to install and track IMEI are very simple.

First, select the appropriate price and plan to purchase, install the eyeZy application in the target devices, and finally log in to the eyeZy dashboard to monitor and track device location.

The price of eyeZy is:One-month plan: $47.99Three-month plan: $27.99/monthOne-year plan: $9.99/month. Localize is an online tracking cell phones number website that tracks the location of phone numbers.

The Bottom Line

Its function is single, but it is easy to operate and simple to use. It can track phone numbers in multiple countries to know the location of the people you loved, which is a good tool for tracking IMEI numbers.

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