Infected Mushroom Manipulator

Modulate pitch and formant. Real-time polyphonic wavetable synthesizer. Produce extremely controlled stutter effects. Supports VST2 / VST3 / AU / AAX plug-in formats . For Windows 64bit and OSX 10.9+ 64bit. No matter how far out and experimental Infected Mushroom’s sounds get, they always keep their channels clean, crisp, and translatable without sacrificing power. Now you can achieve the same depth and clarity, absolutely free. “These plugins are such an instant game changer for anyone at any level for any genre. All my students have been blown away by them, especially Manipulator & Gatekeeper.”. “I use Polyverse plugins everyday and love them always. They are at some point in every track I’ve done for tv composing and sync artist work. Basically if you’re watching tv or streaming anything you’ll hear Polyverse plugins.”. "I Wish works wonderfully, and I guess it’s worthy to have it in your plugin arsenal for those moments when you wanna experiment and try to create something new and unique!" "There is no question that Gatekeeper is, hands down, the most bone-shatteringly awesome volume modulator in the scope of existence." “Manipulator is one of my go-to's for tweaking sounds. You can get so many interesting FX from it that you can’t get with other tools.”. "Manipulator can just make crazy sounding textures when layering it on vocals or instruments." "Even though it has a million creative features, I use Manipulator for simple and clean pitch shift. Manipulator has, hands down, the smoothest formant I've ever heard.
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