Infected Mushroom Tutorial

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  • Magic Time

    Timothy covers the Magic knob functionality, and shows you what is going on behind the scenes.

  • High Knob

    Hear how the High knob affects your mix.

  • Hot Body

    Learn about the Body knob and what it can do for your sounds.

  • Low Rider

    Timothy demonstrates how the Low knob enhances your low end material.

  • Stereo Image

    Discover the mid/side trick used by the Stereo Image knob.

Product Overview

Waves has captured EDM duo Infected Mushroom’s lightning in a plug-in Pusher, and in this video tutorial series, EDM producer Timothy Allan shows you how to use it to add secret sauce to your own productions!

After laying out what you can expect from this series, Timothy starts by showing you how to set the Input control for maximum pushing.

Then Timothy teaches you the differences between the clip and limit options of the Push knob, so you can get your mix loud and punchy.

Next, Timothy dives into the Magic knob, explaining what it’s doing under the surface. From there, it’s on to the High knob and how it affects your mix.

The Body knob is then explored and explained, including which frequencies it acts upon, as well as how to use the Low knob to enhance the bottom end of your mix.

Finally, Timothy reveals the mid/side processing technique used by the Stereo Image knob.

If you want to get the download on this amazing new sonic enhancement plug-in from Waves and Infected Mushroom, look no further… Watch “Infected Mushroom Pusher In-Action” today!

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