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Modified2 months ago. Well I did search through AskUbuntu and found some threads where people are asking about how can they install multiple fonts at once?

I know the process.

I have to copy-paste all the fonts, .ttf/.otf files inside of .font hidden folder and then rebuild the font cash via this command.. This is crystal clear. I just want to know this.. I downloaded 10+ .zip font files. When I extracted the .zip folders I see within each folder there are couple of files.

A readme file, a .ttf/.otf file and in some cases some variants of the fonts. Like bold.ttf, ultra_bold.ttf, semi_bold.ttf, black.ttf etc. I am not sure what these additional files are but I guess these are mainly variants of the core fonts.

However my question is.. Do I need to extract all the .zip files manually and then copy only .ttf/.otf files and then paste them manually in .font folder? Or I can use a terminal command which will do everything on behalf of me.

Here by the word everything I meant.. Extracting the .zip files.

Copying only .ttf/.otf files.

Pasting only the .ttf/.otf files into .font folder.

Finally installing the .ttf/.otf files in Ubuntu. Sorry for asking a broad question. But to avoid down votes I had to make sure I am not asking anything which is asked before.

This Fonts Collection is used in bellow PSD Templates

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