Install Oreo Tv On Firestick

Below is a guide for installing the Oreo TV apk on your Firestick / FireTV / Android TV / Box. This mainly contains Indian/Hindi content but you will find English content too.

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This guide is done using a Firestick. If you are using this guide to install on an Android Box / TV then there will be a couple of steps that are not shown below but they are just permission requests for allowing FileLinked to install stuff so just select OK/Yes whenever these appear.

Before we delve too deep into this article I think it’s best to remind those familiar with Kodi (and those new to it) that it’s an ever-evolving system. Due to the nature of the beast many add-ons come and go, most often without warning or fanfare. Most of the time you won’t even be aware that your favourite add-on has been shut down as it will often continue to work, but as time goes by you’ll begin to notice fewer and fewer links are working.

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Oreo TV Highlights

Again, if your favourite addon no longer works it’s not a problem with your device or Kodi, the individual behind the add-on has simply walked away from developing it further to keep it running.

  • Install FileLinked on your Firestick / Fire TV using this guide or use this guide if installing on an Android TV / Box.
  • Once installed open FileLinked and enter the following code then select Continue22222222.
  • Now enter the PIN 4754 and select Continue.

Select Dismiss on the next screen.

  • Now scroll down to Oreo TV and click on the Download Button. If another popup appears click Dismiss again.
  • Once downloaded the Download Button will change to a Play Button.
  • Click on it to start the installation.
  • Scroll down and select Install. Oreo TV will now start to install.

That is the process now complete.

  • You can find it in the apps area of you Firestick / TV or Android device.
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Did you know that you can install Oreo TV APK on Firestick? The Oreo TV app lets you stream hundreds of local and foreign channels for free. It also offers a considerable collection of movies and won’t occupy much space on your Firestick either.

In this article, we’ll look at how to install Oreo TV APK on Firestick. We have included a detailed, step-by-step guide using which you can enable third-party apps installation on your Firestick, sideload the APK using Downloader, and stream your favorite channels.

Follow these steps to download and install Oreo TV APK on your Firestick:. Firstly, download the Downloader app on your device. If you’re using Firestick, download the Downloader app from the Amazon App Store.

Android users can download this app from the Google Play Store. Next thing you need to do is to enable ‘Apps from Unknown Sources‘.

You can find this option in the Settings of your device. Now launch the Downloader app. A notification will pop up from the bottom of the screen asking you to ‘Allow Downloader access to the …’.

A Quick Start Guide will appear. Select the Browser tab (please see screenshot).

Click on the Search bar and type this URL: Click the download link. Android TV users must ensure that they have the Downloader browser plugin installed on their device.

The same is the case with Chromecast users with Google TV.

Click on StartDownloading. Be patient while the Downloader app downloads the required files. Once the download is complete, you’ll see a pop-up window titled “Oreo TV.”Scroll to the bottom right corner.

The installation will take a few minutes to completeOnce the installation is complete, click on Done. Save space on your Firestick by deleting the APK file.

Select Delete.The APK file has served its purpose and is only consuming space now.

Mind Privacy & Security

Once again, select Delete.Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed Oreo TV APK on your Firestick.

Follow these steps to access Oreo TV APK on your Firestick:. Long press the Home button on your Firestick remote control.A new window will appear – select Apps. To move the Oreo TV app to the home screen (for easier access), press the three lines button on your remote.

A few options will pop up (as shown in the screenshot).Select Move to drag and drop the Oreo TV APK on the home screen.

Launch the app (Oreo TV). Congratulations! You have successfully downloaded, installed, and launched Oreo TV on your Firestick (or any other Android streaming device). Select the Live TV option from the menu bar to browse live TV channels on offer.

If the abovementioned method doesn’t work for some reason, you can download and install Oreo TV APK using ES File Explorer. Make sure to download and install the ES File Explorer app on your device before following these instructions:.

Launch the ES File Explorer app. On the home screen, click on the Downloader icon.

Scroll down to the bottom of the following screen. Click on the New button.

On the dialogue box open on the screen, type this URL: and the name of the Oreo App.

Select Download Now. Wait till the download is complete.

Click on the Open File option. Click on the Install button, and you will see the Oreo TV APK file on the installation screen.

Click the button once again, and it will start installing on your device.


Wait for the installation to complete. Afterward, launch the app.

  • One of Oreo TV’s most exciting features is that it enables users to create a collection of their favorite TV channels.
  • This feature saves you from the hassle of searching for your favorite TV channel every time you open the app.
  • You simply have to go to the Favorites section and pick any channel from those you previously selected.

Follow these instructions to add channels to favorites:. Open the main screen of Oreo TV . Select the Live TV tab. Go to your favorite channel category (entertainment, news, channels, etc.). Select the channel you want to add to your collection.

Launch the channel and select the heart icon. It will be in the playback menu. A message will appear on the screen notifying you about the channel being added to favorites.


Wait for it to disappear. You have successfully added a channel to the favorites section. Now, let’s look at how you can open it. Return to the Oreo TV home screen. Select the favorites button from the menu bar. You will see your selected items in this tab now.

Click on the channel you want to stream.

To remove any pre-added items from the list, select “Click Here To Clear All Favorites” on the screen. Next, click Yes on the message seeking confirmation. Here are the key features of Oreo TV:.

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