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In the third edition of Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics the basic objectives of the first two editions: to present a comprehensive and rigorous treatment of engineering thermodynamics from the classical viewpoint, to provide a sound basis for subsequent courses in fluid mechanics and heat transfer, and to prepare students to use thermodynamics in professional practice have been retained.
Enough material is provided for an introductory course in engineering thermodynamics and for a follow-up course dealing mainly with applications. A background in elementary physics and calculus is presumed. The organization of the text and level of presentation of this edition remain the same as that of previous editions.
This thermodynamics textbook is noted for its clear and concise presentation, its systematic problem solving methodology, its modern treatment of the second law, its thorough treatment of applications, and its user-friendly style. The new edition features even more design and open ended problems, 40% new problems and greatly enhanced INTERACTIVE THERMODYNAMICS: IT Windows-based software. The text is intended for the introductory thermodynamics courses required of all engineering majors. Prereqs include Physics and Calculus.

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  • Instructor's Manual (0-471-10571-6) - Written by the authors, includes sample syllabi, solutions to all problems following the same format as the book's solved examples (can be photocopied for transparencies), and brief discussions and literature references for guiding the outcomes of the design problems.
  • Transparencies (0-471-13593-3) - Approximately 246 acetates of key figures and tables from the book.
  • INTERACTIVE THERMODYNAMICS: IT (0-471-10934-7) - This software package, available with the book, now includes an equation-solver coupled with thermodynamic property data retrieval. Users can obtain a single numerical solution or vary parameters to investigate their effects.

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Moran, Michael J. and Howard N. Shapiro. Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics - 3rd ed. John Wiley and Sons, Inc.: United States of America. 1996.

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ISBN 0-471-07681-3 (cloth : alk paper)
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