Iphone Tethering Windows 10

It can be related to the iPhone, or it might occur due to your Windows PC/laptop. Nevertheless, we will cover every possible scenario and fix your iPhone hotspot not connecting to a Windows PC/laptop issue. This may sound like a simple method, but it’s still worth checking before we move to more complex methods to fix the issue. On your computer running Windows 10, click on the Power button and select Restart from the pop-up menu. On iPhone, hold the volume up/down and power button simultaneously and then use the slide to power off function. Press the power button after few minutes and turn on iPhone. Try connecting the iPhone hotspot to a Windows computer and see if it works. This trick has worked wonders even with normal Wi-Fi connections. Open the Wi-Fi menu on the affected Windows 10 computer and proceed to ‘forget’ the iPhone hotspot. Now, change the hotpsot created by your iPhone and try connecting to it again. You can change the Wi-Fi password on iPhone and connect to an iPhone hotspot on Windows from scratch. Open the Settings app on iPhone. Go to the Personal Hotspot menu. Tap on Wi-Fi Password and change it to something else. Open the Wi-Fi menu from the taskbar in Windows. Connect to the iPhone hotspot with the new password, and you are good to go. An outdated OS version on iPhone or Windows might mess up the Wi-Fi connection for you. Open the Settings app on iPhone and go to General > Software update and update to the latest iOS version available. On Windows, you can open the Settings app (use Windows + I keys) and go to Update & Security to install the newly launched build. After a successful update on both devices, you can try connecting the iPhone hotspot to Windows again. Microsoft offers a neat troubleshooter tool in Windows to fix annoyances with network settings, connected hardware, installed apps, and more. If you have trouble connecting the iPhone hotspot to Windows, you can run the network troubleshooter on a Windows computer. Open the Control Panel app on a Windows machine (use Windows + I keys). Go to Networks and Internet > Network Connections menu. Select your iPhone’s hotspot and right-click on it. Click Diagnose and let Windows fix the issues for you. Let Windows fix the network-related issues for you. If the networks drivers on Windows 10 are outdated, it may give your tough times connecting to the iPhone hotspot. You should update the network drivers on Windows to the latest available version. Press the Windows key and search for Device Manager. Hit Enter and open the Device Manager menu. Expand the Network adapters menu. Find Intel Dual Band Wireless from the menu. Right-click on it. Select Update driver from the context menu and let Windows download the latest network drivers from the web. Restart your Windows 10 PC and connect to the iPhone hotspot again. Windows offers yet another troubleshooter called Internet Connections to fix internet-related issues. Here is how to use it. Open the Windows Settings menu and go to Update & Security. Select Troubleshoot and click on Internet Connections. Run the troubleshooter and let Windows fix the issues for you. Both iPhone and Windows carry a capable Network Reset tool to help you fix network issues on both OS. Let’s start with the iPhone first.
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