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Free • Open Source. Blender is the free and open-source 3D creation suite. It supports the entirety of the 3D pipeline—modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing, video editing, and motion tracking. Blender new versions 2.81 and 2.82 has improved cloth simulator quality.

The new version 2.83 allows the user to sculp wrinkles while simulating cloth.

Blender is a great open source 3D modeling program, but its cloth simulation (as of 2.80) is between "unusably broken" / "barely works" and "extremely rudimentary". There are some addons which help automate some *very basic* things that Marvelous also does, but nothing that remotely comes close to the functionality and accuracy of MD. In the 3D digital art industry, where fine-tuning and detailing play a vital role in making the entire artwork look realistic, the 3D designers or the concept artists always try to use the best possible digital software that can bring their characters to life.

Clothing or the costume of the character is very important in giving the character the right personality. Marvelous Designer is a revolutionary 3D digital program that helps concept artists to design garments and add intricate patterns and detailing to the garments for the 3D characters used in video games, 3D animations, digital doubles, movies, 3D arts, or any other similar industry.

This software enables the designer to add realistic textures to the clothing or fabric, giving it a natural yet classy look. Source: Created by Luke Darby. So if you need the perfect life-like clothing for your avatar or your 3D model, then Marvelous Designer is the one-stop solution that can give you the fashion of your choice!

The next main section for the article will provide an easy Marvelous Designer tutorial for students as well as others, which you may find helpful if you want to start designing model clothes using this software.

App Name:Marvelous Designer
Developer:CLO Virtual Fashion, LLC.
Version:Marvelous Designer 9 5.1.381
Updated:February, 12th 2020
CategoryImaging and Digital Photo
File Size:982.89 MB
File Type:EXE file
Requirement:PC/laptop/tablet running Windows
(Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64)

There are numerous features and benefits of Marvelous Designer in the world of 3D modeling and cloth designing. Here’s a list of some of the important features that make this designing software popular: .

This 3D fabric modeling program is compatible with both Windows OS and Mac.

  • It supports Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1, and Windows 10 and macOS Sierra, Mavericks, Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Yosemite, and El Capitan.
  • You can customize patterns, trace them from UV, reused old patterns, and create new ones that are suitable for your model.
  • You can also create realistic 3D wrinkles using this software that gives a natural look to the finished product when draped around your model.
  • Marvelous Designer follows a pattern-based approach to create a garment rather than the traditional sculpting of the outfit and its details, which takes a lot of hard work and consumes an enormous amount of time.

Is marvelous designer used for games?

The pattern-based approach is a modern-day technology in 3D garment designing that enables you to take individual patterns or templates of cloth and join them together to form an outfit for your model that is later draped to the model.

✔ Free & Safe Download for Windows PC/laptop – 982.89 MB

This not only saves a lot of time but also can be reused or re-modified in the future if needed. This 3D clothing software has a powerful cloth simulation engine and offers various kinds of presets that allow a super fast and perfect draping process.

Is CLO hard to learn?

It can create replicas of various designs and patterns like tucks, pleats, gathering, folds, etc.

It supports various file formats like OBJ, Maya Cache, MDD file, LXO, FBS, and more that help easy transfer files and data from one software to another.

  1. Furthermore, it allows you to add small details like buttons, zips, cuff links to your clothes that give a realistic approach to your garment.
  2. It builds a library for you where you can store all your 3D clothing projects and reuse them.
  3. You can also use different patterns from your pattern database and match them up with the current outfit that you are working on.
  4. You can very easily drape clothes on your models with the help of arrangement points.
  5. Marvelous Designer has been divided into different versions depending on the type of use and the pricing is set according to that: .
  6. Enterprise Standalone (single user): $1700 USD/ year . Enterprise Network (multi-user): $1900 USD/ year .

Marvelous Designer Personal (For personal use): USD 39/ Month. Marvelous Designer Academic (for training institutes): for less than 10 users – USD 300/ year and more than 10 users- $150/ year. This is the price per copy.

Many people have queries about the Marvelous Designer student package. Well, there is no individual student package available, but you can get a user license through the academic package if you are associated with a training institute. So to answer the question “is Marvelous Designer free”, no, it is not free software.

Marvelous Designer is used by graphic artists or concept artists from diverse industries where 3D garment designing, detailing with exceptional quality is of topmost priority.

  • With that said, there are several industries where this software tool has proven to be a lifesaver.
  • It is used by the artists creating garments for 3D animation industries who make 3D characters using different software and need realistic garments to drape on their models.
  • Video game studios are yet another industry with high demand for 3D clothing for their gaming characters.
  • Large production houses and film-making studios use Marvelous Designer to get the right look for their models.
  • Clothing is an important element in these industries as they project their models on big screens, therefore it’s bound to pay attention to details as it should look realistic as well as has to be visually appealing to the audience.
  • Another industry that largely deals with 3D clothing and has a high demand for this software is the fashion industry.
  • They either create clothing for their portfolios or online catalogs.
  • Some fashion designers use this software to design real-world clothing and showcase them from different angles to show how the pleats would fall, or how they will look from different angles or flow or move.
  • Although CLO3D is well-known clothes designing software used widely in most of the fashion designing industry, some fashion designers prefer Marvelous Designer, a cheaper option and easy to use when compared to CLO3D.
  • Interior designers and structural architects often use this software to create 3D models for their furnishing elements like pillow covers, curtains, bed covers, draping clothes, carpets, etc.
  • At times, publishing houses or artists who work on projects like catalog designing or creating a book or magazine covers may need this to give a realistic 3D outfit for the models or characters on the cover page.

Is CLO 3D good?

  1. By now you may have got an idea about what Marvelous Designer can do and what are the various aspects that make it an excellent digital fabric modeling software.
  2. If you are ready to get some hands-on experience working on this software, then continue going through the next section of this article that includes a Marvelous Designer tutorial for beginners, Marvelous Designer patterns that you can make, and more.
  3. Designing 3D clothes for models needs a lot of precision detailing and patience to get the perfect finished product.
  4. Here are a few pointers that you need to remember while using the software:.
  5. Reference image: You need to do some research to find out an image that you can refer to when designing yours.

How long does it take to learn marvelous designer?

  1. This would include the kind or model of garment you want to design, the fabric used, a closer look at the details like the buttons, zips, the pattern, stitches, lining, etc.
  2. Select a design that will enable the folding of the fabric and make it look real.
  3. Accumulate all the patterns that you have collected and same them as images in Marvelous Designer.
  4. After opening the software, go to “Display” and scroll down to “background image”, click on the image file and make adjustments to the scale, and position it correctly in the 2D window next to the panel by moving the image up and down.

Is a CLO a structured product?

  1. You need to make your avatar ready now.
  2. You can choose your 3D avatar from a source available online:. Resize your avatar to the actual real-world size to get accuracy.
  3. Make sure that your character or the model has enough spacing between the body parts like the underarms etc.
  4. for easy simulation of the fabric. The model’s feet should be touching the floor right from the beginning.

When you are looking for your character model, look for one that doesn’t have a high mesh density.

  1. Arranging the patterns in a 3D window.
  2. Sewing the patterns and basic simulation process: this involves stitching the pieces of fabric together by placing the larger ones first and then stitching the smaller ones.
  3. Then you need to add the details like hem, patches, adding pockets, or laces, etc.
  4. Styling the garment and creating different shapes for the parts of the garment.
  5. Make changes to the simulation setting if needed.

This tutorial shows some basic things to consider before beginning the 3D modeling of the cloth. Click on this link to get a complete, detailed step-by-step process on the same. This tutorial by FlippedNormals is a 60 minutes video covering the fundamentals of this 3D garment design software, the tools needed to design a garment, how to use the free sewing tool effectively, and the right way to sew so that it fits the model perfectly and many more.

They show these by creating a simple T-shirt, which is a great video for you to start with as a beginner. They also showcase some of the products that they have made using this software and have quite a few great video tutorials online on how to use this tool to design garments.

Check out the complete tutorial for this one by clicking on this link. This one is a comprehensive 24 minutes video tutorial on how you can make furniture using Marvelous Designer and Blender.

If you are an interior designer and want to use this software, then this is a great tutorial for you! This tutorial covers some basics of how you can use the tools effectively. You will learn how to use the Marvelous Designer patterns tool to create the patterns for the model, like the cushion on the chair.

You will also see how you can add texture to the individual parts of the chair like the legs, the chair itself, the cushion, etc. The video covers how to export texture designs from Poliigon’s texture library for the furniture, how you can change the thread work in the fabric and the color of the fabric, the overall look of the fabric before you export the texture for your use in Marvelous Designer.

To watch the complete video by Poliigon, click on this link. Here’s a quick tutorial for beginners on how to create clothing for Gaming Characters.

So far, all the above tutorials are either for a human avatar or furniture which has a proportionate body structure. In this video tutorial, Denis Keman shows how to create a pair of pants for an animated video game character, a Piggy Man!

He starts with creating the belt and then moves on to making the pants and then gives a realistic finish to the end product. You will see how he uses different fabrics and how he adds detailing to the outfit because of the shape of the body.

You will also learn how to reduce tension from the fabric if it is too tight. Creating a garment for an animated character is quite a challenging task, but this has been simplified in this video for you to understand better.

The best part of Marvelous Designer is you do not need to know or understand the traditional tailoring, advanced sewing techniques or know how to use a sewing machine! You just need to have a basic idea of sewing and that’s it.

As a beginner, you just need to learn how to use the software step by step starting from the very basics and later on moving to the advanced functionalities. Start creating very basic level garments like a Poncho, T-shirt, etc., and then gradually as you get experienced you will be amazed to see what magic you can create with this software.

To create a 3D garment using a Marvelous Designer Tutorial, the main things that you should know are how to create patterns using the Pattern tool, the various types of patterns used for making different kinds of clothes, know how to adjust the fabric settings to give an organic and natural flow to the cloth, different sleeve types, basic idea about where you should tighten or loosen the fabric to get the right look.

When it comes to the difficulty level, it may take a while to get a hang of this software if you are just learning to use it, but as you practice and work on it, it becomes much easier. In reality, this software makes complex clothing design much easier and time-saving.

There are different crash courses available online that you can join to learn the basics of this software. Here’s one that covers a lot of useful topics on Marvelous Designer Tutorial.

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