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Everyone would like to score high in JAMB CBT exam, however, it is very unfortunate that it is only a few who know what to do and how to do it at the right time, in today’s post we are going to talk a lot about JAMB CBT practice software and its importance in helping students to score high in JAMB.

With this Myschool JAMB CBT Software and constant practise, you are sure of scoring 290+ in your JAMB CBT Exams. Download Link Start downloading right now by clicking here, while you continue reading on how this software would help you scale your 2021 UTME. If you need the JAMB CBT Practice software license, you have to pay the NGN1,500 activation code/license fee. CLICK HERE TO BUY THE ACTIVATION KEY NOW! DISCLAIMER: The questions contained in this software are not in any way inferred as the original questions you will write in your 2021 JAMB UTME.

Here’s the brutal truth…

Your passion to enter into the tertiary institution does not guaranty the passing of JAMB

Neither does your knowledge on chosen subjects make you pass JAMB without following the trend Computer Based Test (CBT).

If passing JAMB with high score is part of your dreams, then you have to read your books without sleeping, study JAMB past questions, download and practice JAMB CBT software, then you find out how easy it is to pass JAMB.

JAMB CBT practice software is a software that tests and prepares candidates who are yet to seat for the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) exam, to get familiar with similar JAMB questions and how to make use of the computer in answering JAMB questions.

The JAMB CBT practice software is a fun way of learning and getting ready for exams as candidates will see thousands of likely JAMB questions, make attempts in answering them and also view the analytics of their performances.

Usually, the JAMB CBT practice software has the login interface, a subject selection session, question pages and navigation system like; next, previous and submit button which informs the software that you’re done with the practice and sit right there to view your JAMB score.

What is JAMB CBT Software Activation Code?

This is some times referred to as JAMB CBT software activation key, whichever one you hear or see, they both mean the same thing. The JAMB CBT software activation key is a serial key which is used to authorize user access to premium app features.

Most of the JAMB practice software has a demo and premium version which requires payment before you can be given the activation code to access more app features. So if you are looking for free JAMB CBT practice software, then you might be limited to some features only until you purchase the activation code.

How To Get JAMB Activation Key?

Different JAMB CBT software has its own unique activation key and this is required to enjoy more options on the app and practice JAMB offline.

To get JAMB activation key, we strongly recommend that you contact the JAMB CBT software vendor on steps to get the activation key and activate your CBT practice software. Disregard any information concerning JAMB CBT software free activation code, or JAMB practice software crack download, they are all geared towards extorting money from gullible JAMBITES.

The price range for JAMB CBT practice software is usually between N1,000 and N1,500 only, you can buy the activation key online from the app vendor.

Note: If you don’t have money to buy the JAMB activation key, you can try JAMB CBT for free.

Where to hear more about Best JAMB CBT software

If you have been online for quite some time now, you must have heard people discussing the best JAMB CBT practice software on several online forum categories, like the Nairaland JAMB CBT practice category or people asking about Awaji’s free online JAMB CBT practice software.

Another place you hear and get interesting reviews about the JAMB CBT practice software is on our website MySchool Gist and on different Facebook group chat for tertiary institution aspirants. stay tuned we will soon publish a list of top best JAMB practice software for offline use.

Where can I Download & install JAMB CBT practice software?

Some candidates are not sure of how the CBT practice software works and will always ask how to install it and where it is installable.

You can install JAMB CBT practice software on different devices but before that, you will need to download the CBT practice installation file for your device type. There exists JAMB CBT practice software for mobile phones and also JAMB CBT practice app for PC.

From the CBT practice software download page, you will see the installation instructions for the one you are about to use, and follow the instructions to install JAMB CBT practice software on your device.

Note: Make sure your installations and download are from a trusted website to keep your device free from virus attacks.

Have an installation disk? Personal computer users should check the CD cover or leaflet for installation instruction as some CBT software would require you to install some files before installing the major file. This installation type is offline and requires no internet connection. You can buy it from a nearby software vendor.

Features of a good JAMB CBT Practice Software 2020

How do you know good JAMB practice software?

There are several JAMB practice software out there and some of which are not just good for you, they don’t worth your money and installation data cost.

However, we will show you what to always look for in a CBT practice software before you download and activate it on your device.

  • User-friendly: Every good JAMB CBT practice software, should be user-friendly for users across different device types, not just for PC or mobile user, but for everyone.
  • The number of available Questions: Top best JAMB CBT software are known for the availability of different JAMB subjects and in a large volume of questions so that candidates practising, will have a lot of questions to practice.
  • Most be up till date: At least every year, a good CBT practice software should be updated to contain the recent JAMB questions and study materials so that students can follow the trends and learn easily while practising.
  • Result analysis: A good JAMB practice software should be able to tell the student’s performances immediately after practice, and this should be down with great accuracy.
  • Light and Fast: The file size for download should be light, easy to download and install and easy to use, fast in processing questions and answers while in use.
  • Good navigation system: Flexibility of use on different device types and easy navigation system that enables candidates to go to next and previous questions, and have quick access to some important tools like; calculator, educational games, and time check display.
Jamb cbt app download

At this point, we believe we are able to provide you with the outstanding meaning of JAMB CBT practice software, how to download and install JAMB practice software, stand your feet on key things you seriously need to know about JAMB CBT practice software and equally how to identify original JAMB practice software and which one is fake.

Kindly share this special guide with your friends on social media so they will learn more about different JAMB CBT practice portal.

JAMB CBT Software for 2021 UTME: The JAMB CBT Software is a Computer-based Testing and Learning Application that enables students sitting for 2021 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) to prepare adequately for the exam. It is the best CBT Practice Software in Nigeria. The Computer-based testing (CBT) software is just like that of JAMB Software with an easy-to-use user interface. It is Loaded with 24 SUBJECTS that you can practice without the internet. You are guaranteed of Getting Higher Score with this Software.

JAMB CBT Software for 2021 UTME

Jamb Cbt Software Free Activation Code

JAMB CBT Software for 2021 UTME: Amazing Features of the Software
  • Contains 18,800+ Questions Offline – practice authentic UTME past and model questions from 24 subjects with detailed explanations.
  • Practice By Topics – gain mastery of any topic by practicing questions from any topic of interest.
  • Summary of 16 JAMB prescribed literature textbooks – study literature textbooks and practice over 1000 likely questions
  • Dictionary – get definition of over 92,000 words offline.
  • Career Guide And School Finder – using School Finder is by far the easiest way to know JAMB requirement for any course in Nigeria
  • Voice (Text-To-Speech) – you can listen to questions and explanation in an interesting way.
  • Offline Chatbot – chat with Clara to find answers to most requests using our custom built Chatbot technology with amazing artificial intelligence
  • Educational Games – have fun while learning with our fascinating games
  • Does Not Expire – continues to function as long as your device stays alive!
  • No Subscription Fee – once activated, forever activated for all subjects!
Other cool features:
  • Practice one or more subjects at once – you can practice all four subjects at a time.
  • Built-In Calculator – use the built-in calculator to crunch numbers without leaving the exam interface.
  • Rich Result Analysis – get detailed analysis on how you perform on any exam.
  • Bookmarks – bookmark any question that you wish to view later.
  • Decide Everything – easily change the number of questions, exam year, exam time, exam mode and username.

Jamb Cbt App Download

Ready to download the CBT Software? Below are the links for both PC and Mobile:



How does Our CBT Software work?

The CBT SOFTWARE automatically generates simulated and randomized JAMB CBT test questions based on past JAMB/UTME questions.

The CBT SOFTWARE automatically set time for the user, mark and score the simulated examination. It also grades the user and displays a performance report. Answers to the test questions, explanations to the answers and other features have been included for a complete learning experience.

Is the JAMB UTME CBT Practice Software Really Free?

Yes, the JAMB software is free to download via the link provided at the end of the post. However, it has been stated earlier that it’s a licensed application, so you have to pay to get its license and enjoy its full functionality.

As a matter of fact, you can use the demo of the product before paying for it.

How Can I Get The CBT Practice Software Activation Code/License?

If you need the JAMB CBT Practice software license, you have to pay the NGN1,500 activation code/license fee.

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