Keynote For Windows

Creating presentations on our Macs or iPads with Keynote is really convenient while at home or on the go. But later, we have hard times when we want to open them on our Windows PCs at work using Powerpoint.

Sometimes the other way around happens. We desperately need to open Powerpoint presentations that our colleague or visiting lecture sent us, on our iPads or Macs using Keynote.

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Additionally, Powerpoint replaces your Keynote transitions and animations with comparable ones from Microsoft’s palette. iCloud is a highly useful service for its users. It allows your Windows PC to use iWork. When you use iWork on iCloud, you can access all your Keynote presentations through any Mac or PC web browser. Keynote for iCloud allows you to open, edit, and share your keynote files from any Windows computer connected to the internet. You can also use devices with other operating systems. The only thing you need is internet access and a web browser. To use Keynote for iCloud, sign in to and make sure your iCloud account uses iCloud Drive. That way, Keynote for iCloud will be able to download .ppt and .pptx files. Sign in using your AppleID and password. Create an AppleID if you don’t have one. In iCloud, openKeynote. Click on the Upload button and select your Keynotepresentation. Double-click on your presentation. Click on the icon and selectDownload aCopy…. Select PowerPoint. After you download the file, open it like any other PowerPoint presentation on your Windows PC. And, what is even more convenient is that after you finish editing the file, you can use this same iCloud tool to convert your presentation back to a Keynote file. iCloud offers you an option to present any Keynote presentation without downloading or converting any files. You just need internet access and a web browser. Open your browser of choice. Navigate to com. Open your presentation and click on the Playbutton. Additionally, iCloud allows online editing your presentations, with no downloads required. While using Keynote on iCloud, keep in mind that your local Mac fonts will not be available. So when creating your presentation on Keynoter for Mac or iCloud, make sure you choose system fonts that both your iCloud and computer share. If you include local fonts, iCloud will replace those with system fonts. Also, depending on your internet connection, while using Keynote on iCloud some of the animations may not playback smoothly. However, if you are concerned about the animations and fonts, you can save the file as a QuickTime movie. That’s how you will keep all the same effects and fonts. If you are using this method, keep in mind that your presentation is only viewable, without options to change or edit something.

Keynote Alternatives for Windows

If you have an iPad, you can use it to play your Keynote files at business meetings, in the classroom, or even at larger presentations. If you are using a large display or projector, you need to use the proper projector input for an iPad.

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