Kitty Movies For Cats

  • ​Seeing our cat excited was a cute scene we simply could not get enough, when the cats were glued to watching the screen simply could not help laughing.
  • Cat videos are now popular with countless views on Youtube.
  • ​Cat Videos Are Beneficial To Cats.
​The actual level of attention in cats and television videos may vary between cats and cats. The tracking form they follow may also change what they see. Stuff report information processing needs to be faster than humans, so the graphics on conventional 50Hz television sets often seem to be creating a flicker of mind, garbled. But on newer LCDs, it has a frame rate of 100Hz and most likely the cats find identical things on the screen.
​Cats obviously only benefit from entertaining birds, insects, birds and all kinds of prey when watching cat videos.
But it can function as the domestication of the cat itself which has caused the cats to crave this particular digital window into the surface world.
Milouska Meulens
  • Along with the development of the urban legend, the cat’s maintenance lifestyle has made them an ideal choice for both urban and apartment dwellers.

7 The Aristocats (1970)

​Most homes in the town will have a limited number of windows, and also the windows may be difficult to get for cats minus the owner’s perch cat window sometimes.
​Allow the cat in your home to see a few videos of birds, squirrels, fish, or just some silly cat games on the TV screen or iPad, clearly, brings some excitement and joy into their lives.
This can be a very fun way to do much to reduce stress and sadness that can sometimes affect pets in the home. ​Luckily there is a wide range of videos for cats to watch on Youtube, and we have compiled a list of our favorites.
Nothing’s better than watching a movie with a cat in my lap. Well, I suppose something could improve the experience a little bit — I could be watching a movie about cats.
Because I’m a lifelong cat fancier, my kids grew up with a feline adoration as well.
Here are some of my family’s favorites. I believe The Aristocats is my daughter’s all-time favorite cat movie. I mean, who doesn’t love the tale of a streetwise tom named O’Malley and friends swooping in to save the day for a single mom named Duchess and her kittens?
And as she began collecting Beanie Babies, she named two of them Toulouse and Berlioz, after Marie’s brothers. My daughter still has the VHS of this film, and will probably never get rid of it.
The Adventures of Milo and Otis was a staple in our house when the kids were growing up. I’m not embarrassed to say I owned the video even before they were born.
The kitty is way too curious and winds up floating down the river in a box, and Otis chases him. I’m not a fan of live-action talking animals whose mouths move, but the narration is just perfect.
It also means I’m a giant sap. Ah, Disney in the 1970’s — what a great run of films. The Cat from Outer Space was one of my favorites when I was but a wee lass.
You see, the cat is the pilot of a UFO that’s broken down on Earth. His magical collar (what the awesome?) allows him to communicate with humans, which is necessary because he needs to get his little ship up and running.
How can you go wrong with Sandy Duncan, Ken Berry, Harry Morgan, Roddy McDowell, and McLean Stevenson.

1 The Secret Life Of Pets

I mean, come on! My kids introduced me to the magic of Hiroyuki Morita’s animated work, and I was an instant fan. I think both kids and adults would enjoy The Cat Returns‘ fairytale-like storyline and mesmerizing animation.
The original film is in Japanese, but you can find dubbed versions or simply turn on the subtitles for older children.
If you regularly read my posts, you know how much I adore cats in clothing. There is one seriously dapper feline in this film. Oh, man … so fancy. My children were just the right age for each of the Shrek movies as they were released. This meant that I also saw each of the Shrek movies in the theatre, and then countless times in my living room. I have to say these films are wildly clever and animated beautifully.
Of course, our favorite is Shrek 2 because of … you guessed it: Puss in Boots.
  • The character of Puss in this film is equal parts adorable and hysterical.

​Can Cats Actually Watch TV?

2 Gay Purr-ee (1962)

4 Oliver And Company (1988)

Seriously, I was a giant pool of squee. Even if you don’t enjoy animated kids’ movies, I’ll bet you’ll get hooked on the Shrek series, especially the second one.

​Why Do Cats Love Watching Cat Videos?

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