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Worldwide launch of ETS628th September at 9am (CEST) at

  • Download ETS v6.0.0 - Link 1
  • Download ETS v6.0.0 - (Alternative) Link 2
MD5 Hash: 5aa5d5e9d7440845d74b1986a79ca444

Go to MyKNX and login to your account to download ETS5. Go to the section 'Account-->Products'.

Discover the new tool for smart homes & buildings: Smart, Secure, Open.

  • Choose the ETS5 licence you wish to activate and open the details via the small arrow on the right side. Click the 'Download software' link. The download starts.
  • Extract the content of the downloaded zip file and run the 'Ets5Setup.exe'.
  • Follow the steps of the ETS5 installation wizard.
  • ETS6 is the only tool available able to integrate +8000 products offered by +500 manufacturers in the world of Smart Homes and Buildings.

Worldwide launch of ETS628th September at 9am (CEST) at

  • Plan, design, and commission all in one tool. Save time by easy programming with the new ETS Professional. Open to integrate all possible applications in one solution, ready for IoT. Working with ETS has never been smarter.
  • Thanks to IoT, integration with other systems that are not directly compatible with KNX is easier than ever. ETS6 offers 30 years of backwards compatibility. Data management has been improved from previous versions, which simplify the use.
  • Easy to use, powerful and fast. EST6 is the most productive and user-friendly ETS version we’ve ever used since 1995. Muy intuitivo de usar, muchas mejoras y posibilidad de usar con la licencia en la nube.
  • It is easy to compare projects and different views of the project with the separate windows.
  • War sehr interessant mit testen zu dürfen. Freue mich auf die ETS6.
  • Licensing
    • Simplified Licensing workflow
    • Cloud licensing
  • Enriched software update notification
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