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From the creators of Wild Arms storms Legend of Legaia, an impressively innovative RPG that features a compelling story line, a unique combat system, and 3D polygonal graphics.

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Mist Off

Happy 20th Legend of Legaia! Date Created: 2018-10-29 14:43:40 Created By: k73sk. Yup, it was this day 20 years ago that Legend of Legaia was released in Japan. Legend of Legaia features over 100 different enemies and makes full use of the Dual Shock Analog Controller with vibration and analog support. A memory card (one block) is needed to save the adventure and any moves that may have been learned. ROMs » Sony Playstation » L » Legend of Legaia. NOTE: Play this ISO on your PC by using a compatible emulator. Read our tutorial! » PSX emulator: ePSXe (Windows) OpenEmu (Mac) and download: PSX BIOS. » You need to extract this ISO using: 7-Zip (Windows) The Unarchiver (Mac).

Go here to download v1.13 of pSX. Then when you first start the emulator, go to Configuration and go to the Memory Cards tab. In the box for the first slot, type whatever name you want to give the memory card, followed by '.mcd' (without the quotes of course). Hit OK, go into the BIOS menu, select Memory Cards, and let it format the card if it. Legend of Legaia - Manual: Game Title: Legend of Legaia: Document Type. Download: Report broken download.

The world of Legaia would be a beautiful place.. .if it wasn't for all the damn mist And it's not just the scenery that's affected by it--the mist brings madness and death to whatever it touches! It's even turning a once-friendly substance, Seru, into a ruthless killer. The only thing capable of stopping the vile water vapor is the life-giving Genesis Tree. Playing as the game's hero, Vaghn, it's your job to find the seven dying Genesis Trees, revive them, and evaporate the evil mist.

Legend Of Legaia Pc Download Game

Kung-Fu Fighting

Legend of Legaia features a new twist to traditional turn-based RPG combat called the Tactical Arts System. When it's your turn to attack, you choose where you want your punches and kicks to hit your opponent For example, if you select High, Low, High, you will strike your opponent in the head, the body, then the head again. As you learn new combos, your attacks become stronger and more spectacular. Plus, you can buy new weapons and armor at the town store, and acquire the deadly art of magic as you progress through the game.

Legend Of Legaia Pc Download

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Legend Of Legaia Online

Legaia's 3D martial-arts combat graphics are intense: As you watch your enemies get smacked around, you'd swear you were playing a fighting game rather than an RPG. The game also sports splashy fisticuffs effects, visible weapons and armor, facial expressions on the characters, and hundreds of ugly monsters to battle. Legend of Legaia is shaping up to be a hot RPG prospect for 1999. Look for it to hit stores in March.

Legend Of Legaia Pc Version

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