Link To Ups Tracking Number

How does UPS tracking work?

Modified3 years, 1 month ago. I am trying to use my Excel spreadsheet, which I use to keep track of my UPS shipments to update with the delivery timestamp.I had used the format of:[TRK_ID]&AgreeToTermsAndConditions=yes&ignore=&track.x=25&track.y=16. Where [TRK_ID] would reference the cell range of tracking numbers.With this I could click on the link in the cell and be taken to a page with the tracking information.

  • I can't use the API, but want to just report back the delivery timestamp.
  • Maybe through Power Query?Can I use Power Query to call the webpage and then extract the delivery confirmation timestamp?

Michael WoodsMichael Woods. It doesn't look there's a clean UPS api to give you the delivery timestamp, but Power Query can parse it out of the HTML:. 22 gold badges3939 silver badges3939 bronze badges. 3939 bronze badges. You can construct a hyperlink in the cell that will go to the relevant page with the HYPERLINK function. Example with a tracking number in A1:.

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