Load Xpert Software

We’re often asked how our Axle Weight Calculator compares to Load Xpert.

TruckScience’s Axle Weight Calculator and Load Xpert’s Axle Load Calculation programs are both used to calculate axle loads, maximum payload and U.S. bridge formula. While there are a lot of similarities between the programs, here we address some of the differences, as we understand them. In addition to axle weight distribution and U.S.

Bridge Formula calculations, TruckScience calculates the turning circle or turning radius of a truck. The turning circle denotes the smallest circular turn that the vehicle is capable of making. This calculated circle is compared to the largest turning circle allowable by your jurisdiction’s legislation.

In addition to the many features available in Load Xpert, TruckScience calculates turning circle or turning radius. The following are the axle layouts which are supported by both programs:. 2-axle / 4×2 / 4×4. 3-axle / six-wheeler / 6×2 / 6×4 / 6×6.

4-axle / eight-wheeler / 8×4 tandem or twin steer.

4-axle / eight-wheeler with triple bogie / 8×4 single steer. Load Xpert additionally supports the following axle layouts, which are currently catered for in TruckScience by adding standard vehicles, but will in future be catered for by the lift axle feature.
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