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Puzzle video game developed and published by SegaSoft and released for the PC on August 19, 1997.Wikipedia

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  • New games, such as Microsoft Golf 1998 Lite, Lose Your Marbles and the now popular Spider Solitaire were also part of Plus!Microsoft Plus!-Wikipedia

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Don't Lose Your Marbles is a 3D physics platformer with a style reminiscent of the early smartphone days. Survive as long as you can all while collecting marbles to save yourself later. Features both pre-made and randomly generated levels for different styles of play.
There are still many features to be added including customizable and collectible marbles. Your comments and suggestions are quite welcome! Contribute to the future of this game and contact me at [email protected]

This was my first game with unity and can be rough around the edges. App is signed by google and available on the play store as well if you prefer that method.

GenrePlatformer, Puzzle
Tagsandroid, Arcade, Casual, harmswaysoftware, Physics, Singleplayer

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Thanks for choosing to try Don't Lose Your Marbles! you are downloading a universal APK file signed by Google. simply download and run on your android device. The same app is also available on the Play Store


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