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I just downloaded Lua from the official website.

I want to install it on my Mac but I have no clue how. And I’ve never tried using Mac to install and use compilers other then (xcode , titanium , corona) so easy on me please 🙂

I tried this link but it does not work.

Also Is there a fully guided on how to install and start using Lua on mac? Because all I see is windows :S

note: Before I asked this question I searched on SOV but I could not find my answer.

How to solve this problem?

Solution no. 1:

Compiling from source code is not that painful.

Lua 5.1.4 here:
Lua 5.2 alpha here:

Take Lua 5.2 as example:

  1. Open your
  2. wget
  3. tar xvzf lua-5.3.0-work3.tar.gz
  4. cd lua-5.3.0-work3/src
  5. make macosx(I believe you have Xcode installed)

After that, you can see ‘lua’ binary under current dir.

Now you can enter lua to have a try. 🙂

Solution no. 2:

This Wiki has few listing:

If you use Homebrew (, just type:

Solution no. 3:

If you have brew installed, just try:

brew install lua

Solution no. 4:

You just follow this guide on

Fire up your terminal and type in:

You can even combine the last two steps to

After that I could just type in

into my terminal and something like:

should appear. This means that lua is installed correctly.

Solution no. 5:

With MacPorts:

Solution no. 6:

If you have brew, use the following code:

That works for me.

Solution no. 7:

Compile using source on mac

Solution no. 8:

I have just follow the Prajna’s answer and go to to download the lua-5.3.6.tar.gz

And then use the terminal:

After that, you can see ‘lua’ binary under current dir.

After execute:

You can run the lua

Solution no. 9:

You don’t “install” it. It should just be a binary that runs from wherever you extract it to.

If you can’t find a binary (there should be one linked somewhere on the Lua site) then just follow the instructions to build it from source.

Ah, here are the binaries:

You’ll probably want the file labelled “MacOS X Intel Executables”

Solution no. 10:

The download url show below.

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Hope this helps!

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