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  • Enjoy faster, more intuitive rendering with Lumion 12.3.
Simply enter your license key below to discover your personalized upgrade price.
With a Lumion 12 license, you can take advantage of all minor version updates throughout the year.
Sorry, we didn’t recognize the License Key or your license is up-to-date. Please contact our Customer Care team if you have any questions or issues when upgrading your license, adding multiple seats and more.

Lumion is fully compatible with and has LiveSync plug-ins for

You can also view your upgrade options from your Lumion Account. Upgrade options for this license (Click to purchase upgrade). When you ordered Lumion, you received a license key in your email. You can use this license key to find the ‘upgrade’ and ‘add seats’ options that apply to your current license.

The title of this email is “Getting Started With Lumion.”. When you upgrade to Lumion 12, you will automatically get the latest version of Lumion and benefit from all minor product updates throughout the year.

Once you order an upgrade to Lumion 12, you will find the Lumion 12 installer in your Lumion Account. You will also receive a ‘Getting started with Lumion 12’ email, which contains a link to download the new version.

Then, simply transfer your projects into Lumion 12 and enjoy access to all the new features, content and workflow improvements. *Prices are excl. VAT and sales tax. Why choose Lumion for your design? Experience faster, easier rendering with an upgrade to Lumion 12.3. A building doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

The setting, its environment, the subtle details — they all matter to bring your design to life.

To create atmosphere. To give spaces a sense of scale and possibility. Lumion makes it refreshingly easy to transform any CAD model into an experience you can feel. You can shape entire landscapes and add a world of context to your designs. Make spaces feel real with fine-detailed nature, detailed skies and high-quality materials.

Convey atmosphere and emotion with stunning lighting, weather and animation effects. Lumion gives you all the tools you need to bring your designs to life.

With a Lumion license, there’s no limit to what you can imagine, render and achieve.
Revit 2012 COLLADA exporter for Lumion users

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