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Experience faster, easier rendering with an upgrade to Lumion 12.3. A building doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

How Lumion energizes the design process

The setting, its environment, the subtle details — they all matter to bring your design to life.

  • To create atmosphere. To give spaces a sense of scale and possibility.
  • Lumion makes it refreshingly easy to transform any CAD model into an experience you can feel. You can shape entire landscapes and add a world of context to your designs.
  • Make spaces feel real with fine-detailed nature, detailed skies and high-quality materials. Convey atmosphere and emotion with stunning lighting, weather and animation effects. Lumion gives you all the tools you need to bring your designs to life.

With a Lumion license, there’s no limit to what you can imagine, render and achieve.

  • Whether you use it to develop ideas or visualize the finished design, Lumion helps you save precious time and add value to your portfolio of services.
  • Lumion is architectural rendering software that makes it easy to convey how your projects will translate into real-life experiences and emotions.
  • Fast, intuitive and reliable, Lumion fits seamlessly in any design workflow, making rendering a more satisfying and enjoyable experience.

Lumion is fully compatible with and has LiveSync plug-ins for

The Lumion 12.3 update is now available. Discover all the new additions that enable you to visualize your designs with surprising detail._______________.

  • Atmospheric spotlights. Realism-inducing decals.

Lumion is fully compatible with and has LiveSync plug-ins for

A scene-building experience that’s faster than ever. With new features introduced every year, Lumion 12 builds on more than a decade of development specifically for architects.

  • The idea behind Lumion is widespread compatibility to ensure that simple and fast architectural visualization is available to every architect and designer, no matter the 3D or CAD modeling software.
  • Enjoy seamless import, model reimport and compatibility or real-time rendering with the LiveSync feature.
  • Model and render in real time at any phase of the design’s development. With LiveSync, you can create a live connection with your CAD software, making it easy to change your project on the fly and drive faster design decisions.
  • Exteriors, interiors, landscapes and more.
  • From single residential to large-scale urban plans.
  • With Lumion, you can communicate all the real-life possibilities of your design ideas as beautiful images, videos and 360 panoramas.
  • Communicate design ideas with emotion.
  • Create a shared visual experience.
  • Render your designs in a unique time and place. At any phase of the design process, Lumion makes it intuitive and simple to create beautiful results full of atmosphere and life.
  • We started using Lumion as a communication tool to convey our designs, and the more we were using it, the more we realized it’s not about just rendering anymore.

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We can use this in our design process.

  • I feel proud that I can bring 2D spaces to life and craft visuals that inspire people to take action, to protect or conserve or enhance nature in public spaces.
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