Mónaco Assetto Corsa Mod

Skin for Monaco_1966 track, based on the 1966's GP.
List of changes:
-All Billboards to be as close as possible to the actual race (the right billboards, at the right place, with the logo of the actual year, lot of investigation)
-Change the dock ramp texture, tarmac texture
-rework vegetation (pines, grass etc)
-Lots of others little details, i do not remind at the moment.
If you want to offer me a coffee
(Thanks to Thunder72 for this great trailer! )

Screenshot of an early version :

Actual track in 1966:
Have fun
Fix for the AI:

Formula E at the Monaco GP circuit is something many would want to see. In this video, we have a mod presentation and view of what could happen.

With Formula 1 and Formula E, each having their own dynamic approach we have an amazing concept video from L1nus Sim Racing that looks at the future of Formula E. Monaco for Formula E is not the grand event that Formula 1 has.
The track concept at Monaco is different but what if you unleashed the Formula E cars on to the Gp circuit.
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