Mac Os Download Iso

F1 - These ISOs were made using DMGs from this article: Process:
1. The DMG's .pkg file was unziped using pkgutil --expand-full
2. Move InstallESD.dmg to Payload/Install macOS [Name].app/Contents/SharedSupport (This generates the app, and I will explain how the app is used)
(Keep in mind that opening and running the .pkg inside the .dmg file also installs the application to your Applications folder.
F2 - The app used to make the ISO was downloaded prior to Sierra being invalidated from the App Store, and also prior to being added to the support article in PKG form.
F3 - When using the app to build the ISO, it failed. I had to modify Info.plist ( to change the app version in order for it to work. I changed it to 12.6.03 so when you boot up this ISO, and quicklook at the app inside; you may see that it says 12.6.03. It is version 12.6.06, and 12.6.03 was used to circumvent an error preventing me from creating the file.
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