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Published not long ago, the MacOS visual style from the author of macos2020 is now available in a dark color scheme. The interface completely repeats the previous work of the author, with the only exception that now black is used everywhere instead of white. This option is perfect for all 'Apple' and fans of Apple technology. As expected, the buttons for controlling the window are designed in the form of multi-colored circles: green, orange and red. The title bar fill matches the background of the workspace. And the search bar and address bar are colored a little lighter.

Customize the title bar of a desktop app to match the personality of the app. Transform your windows PC into the latest Mac OS X with this great theme for Windows 10.

  • The latest version of Apple's operating system was released only half a year ago, in.
  • Download: macOS Big Sur Dark theme for Windows 10. To use this theme first you need to install uxthemepatcher. Will it change the title bar?
  • MacOS Dark Theme are about to change the look of your windows desktop theme to mac dark! Operating System Support: Windows 10: 1903, 1909, 20H1, 20H2 Note: First it is recommended you make a.

Version support

21H221H2 (October 2021)21H121H1 (May 2021)20092009 (October 20H2)20042004 (Vibranium 20H1)
Be sure to make sure the theme is compatible with your version of Windows. The theme 'macOS Dark' is suitable for the following editions: 21H2, 21H1, 2009, 2004, 1909, 1903. To find out the version of your assembly, press the keyboard shortcut + R, enter the word ' winver' and click on the 'OK' button.

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Mac Os X Theme For Windows 10 Deviantart

In terms of themes and visual features, Windows 10 isn’t generally seen as a super-customizable platform like Linux. Be that as it may, there are still plenty of official and unofficial themes for Windows 10, with which you can give your desktop some pretty incredible makeovers. So whether you’re looking for a nostalgic theme that takes you back to the fledgling years of Windows or something a little more edgy from a designer at DeviantArt, you’ll find something here. If you don’t know yet, then read our guide on how to do it first. GreyEveTheme One of the best “dark” themes of recent times, makes Windows 10 literally much easier on the eyes with its color palette of blacks and greys. For those who find the harsh white backgrounds of windows like File Explorer and the Settings app, this one’s for you. Note that this theme doesn’t include any interface or design changes.

It sticks with the flat Windows 10 design and pretty much switches the lights off on it. If you’re looking for more significant overhauls of how Windows 10 looks, read on 2. Windows XP Let’s get started with possibly the most nostalgic and universally-loved theme in Windows history – Windows XP.

The so-called Yosemite Black Theme For Windows 10 Technical Preview is, just like its name suggests, a theme which allows Windows 10 users to get the Mac OS X Yosemite looks on their desktops.


• Open Backup and Sync. • Move Backup and Sync to your Applications folder. • After it’s downloaded, open installbackupandsync.dmg. • Read the Terms of Service and click Agree and download.

Doesn’t that blue-and-green taskbar just look so welcoming and bouncy? To get an authentic Windows XP look, you first need to get, which provides the necessary customization tools for Windows 10. After that you can get the to get that unadulterated XP look. Taiwan Culture Sketches is the only theme that’s actually from Microsoft that made it onto the list.

It’s basically a glorified collection of wallpaper images with some color matching. The included wallpapers are great. Penumbra Like the other themes we review in the rest of this list, is not made by Microsoft. You’ll need to apply the patches above before and manually place the theme’s files in the right folder before you can use the theme. But once you have it set up, it’s a beautiful, dark theme that makes using your system at night a pleasure.

Seda is another dark theme from DeviantArt. Unlike Penumbra, it’s not completely dark, with light grays sprucing up the interface. It also themes the context menu in a lovely dark gray to complete the look. Arc includes several variations of its main black and white theme. For maximum effect, you’ll want to install the alongside the theme, also from DeviantArt. Windows 95 restores as much of the Windows 95 operating system’s aesthetic as it can. If you’ve been hoping to return to gradient title bars, rectangular buttons and bevelled edges, this theme will take you there.

Combine it with – which includes sounds and icons – for the best effect. Simplify 10 is actually a pack of Windows 10 themes, all collected around the same simple aesthetic. It flattens the Windows interface as much as possible, relying on subtle variations in grey and white to distinguish different parts of the UI. It also shrinks the window control buttons, which may or may not be to your liking. LAB ‘s major visual change is a heavy black bar that runs across the top of every themed window. It also reduces contrast dramatically across the entire system and reskins most of the UI.

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