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Draupadi weds the 5 Pandavas and Vyasa explains the Karmic reason behind this extraordinary incident

  1. Mahabharata Story In Telugu Audio Free Download DOWNLOAD. Mahabharata download PDF E-book of the Indian Hindu Epic. Download free PDF here. Download the entire Mahabharata here. Like to share the Bhagavad Gita as it is, audio in multi languages by eternal Religion.
  2. Mahabharatam in Telugu. Mahabharatam Kathalu app reflects the branch of Hinduism focusing on the veneration of the god with scholarly explanations. Mahabharatam Kathalu gives you devotional matters to live life with dharma.
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Created for the Facebook Generation. Short 10 minute audio chapters. Color illustrations. Read a sample

Bhagavad Gita in Samskritam by Dr. Padmakumar. Watch

The complete Mahabharata Comic Book Series
Available as iBooks, downloadable on the iPad. Contains colorful pictures and audio narration in 6 languages. You can read the comic book, or touch a button to listen to narration in English.
Children can learn their mother tongue by listening to audio in Samskritam, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada or Telugu.
Review questions at the end of every chapter, Puzzles and Games are included.

Suitable for children 3 and above

Mahabharata Audio Series
Are you daunted that the Mahabharata is too big an epic to learn? Are you strapped for time? Listen to the 10-Minute Mahabharata Audio Series.
Each chapter is only 10 minutes in length. You can listen to it while cooking, driving or just about anytime. One chapter a day and you can learn the complete epic in less than 100 days.
Available in YouTube for easy, free access.

Suitable for all ages

Three volume Mahabharata Book filled with color pictures
The only version of the Mahabharata that is made for the 21st century generation. Every chapter relates Mahabharata stories with current life scenarios. The stories are fun and the concepts help internalize strong values in your child.
Respect for Parents from the story of Bhishma, Perseverence from the story of Ekalavya, Choices and Consequences from the story of Karna, are just some of the vital lessons that the book goes on to teach.
The audiobook is included as a bonus.

Suitable for children 7 and above

Recorded story telling sessions
Watch story telling sessions from across the world. The sessions are highly interactive, fun and engaging. Life lessons that are that are not taught in schools or colleges are explained in a manner easily relatable by children and adults.
Also included are Short 5-15 minute Video snippets like:
Why should we learn the Mahabharata,
Importance of Indian Culture,
Significance of Learning Samskritam,
How to make the Bhagavad Gita interesting,
Contact [email protected] if you want to conduct similar sessions in your town.

Suitable for all ages

Mahabharata Comics in English

#Book NameChaptersAppx. Release Date
1.Vyasa Composes 01. Introduction to the Mahabharata
02. Vyasa Dictates - Ganesha Writes
2.Devavrata becomes Bhishma 03. Shantanu and Ganga
04. Devavrata becomes Bhishma
05. Amba's Revenge
3.Dhritarashtra and Pandu 06. Dhritarashtra and Pandu
07. Vidura
4.Pandavas and Kauravas 08. Pandavas and Kauravas
09. Durodhana's Jealousy
5.Dronacharya 10. Drona
11. Drona becomes a Guru
12. Drona's Favorite Student
6.Revenge 13. Ekalavya
14. Drona's Revenge
15. Drupada's Revenge
7.Karna the Generous 16. Karna Enters
17. Karna's History
8.Shakuni the Evil 18. Story of Jackal Tiger Wolf Mongoose Mouse
19. Shakuni
20. The Wax Palace
9.Bhima's Strength 21. Ghatotkacha
22. Bakasura
10.Draupadi Weds 23. Draupadi's Swayamvara
23. Draupadi weds the 5 Pandavas
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