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Disclosure: We may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. Read our full affiliate disclosure here. GarageBand is one of the most respected free DAWs out there. What can you do if you’re running Windows and want GarageBand? Here are 5 of the best GarageBand alternatives (that are free AND better than Audacity). Looking for mobile options? Check out our post on the Best Music Making Apps For Android. GarageBand is one of the most recognized names when it comes to free DAWs or ‘Digital Audio Workstations’.


One of the main reasons for this is obvious – it’s totally free! But really the overall success of GarageBand is down to its inclusion of editing tools, native plugins, instruments and samples as well as whole host of other ‘semi-professional’ processing tools like compressors and EQs. As GarageBand is developed by Apple, you are not going to find a version for PC/Windows.

There are some websites around that “promise” to make this dream a reality but we would advise staying well away from them for security reasons. Luckily there are some great Garageband alternatives for windows. There are quite a lot of free similar programs available for music production, record and edit audio using a Windows system. One of the best routes to take is the path of the ‘lite’ DAW, which is a reduced version of a popular DAW like Ableton Live or FL Studio. But there are also full-featured (and FREE) solutions by other publishers that are well worth checking out.

The 5 best (and free) GarageBand alternatives for Windows in 2021 are:. Magix MusicMaker. ‘Lite’ Software. For those of you screaming “I wanna make music but i can’t get GarageBand!“… enter Cakewalk, one of the best free DAWs for Windows.

Live Lite by Ableton

Cakewalk is based on technology partially developed by Roland under their ‘Sonar’ DAW label, which retailed for $600. BandLab have since acquired and further developed this platform to bring you ‘Cakewalk by BandLab’.

How Do I Select The Right GarageBand Alternative For Me?

Cakewalk has some of the most comprehensive music production features out of any free DAW and includes a full suite of plugins with compressors, reverbs, EQs and other mastering tools like limiters and multiband compressors. Cakewalk runs virtually every third-party instrument and effect plugin (excluding RTAS and AAX formats) and is built using the well-known ‘Skylight’ interface, delivering an award-winning end-user experience with its effective and clear GUI.

BandLab lets users run any of their favorite VST plugins, allows unlimited audio tracks, FX sends and MIDI tracks. It’s also the closest DAW to Garageband in terms of functionality and looks. Usually these are key features that are locked behind the ‘paywall’ of most Lite versions of industry software however Cakewalk comes with all these included without a free trial or the need to upgrade or subscribe.


With a 64-bit mix engine, Windows 10 support and ARA (Audio Random Access) functionality, the user can expect to find a similar level of hardware support & integration to Apple’s patented Core Audio driver. Even though some hardware drivers may still be required there is a seamless functionality that a lot of DAWs (both paid and free) don’t take into account.

Certain instances of Protools actually require you to restart the session when you plug in a MIDI keyboard, which can be a nightmare in the middle of a session, totally killing creative moments.

Cubase LE by Steinberg

  • (Download Cakewalk here.). An innovation on the ‘free daw’ spectrum comes from a software company called ‘Magix’. They have been around and releasing their ‘MusicMaker’ DAW bundle since as early as 1994.
  • Magix MusicMaker is a free and superb package available in both 32 and 64 bit, containing all the necessary tools that anyone from a beginner producer to a professional level producer will appreciate having at their disposal.
  • Music Maker comes with an impressive load of features and is bursting at the seams with functionality and features including a stack of free studio-quality instruments and VST plugins like:. Drum Engine (MPC style pads).


Orchestral Ensemble and Cinematic Synths. String Ensemble. Analogue Synths. Urban Drums, among others. Combined with this huge selection of free plugins and software, Magix has also thrown in what they refer to as a ‘SoundPool’ – their own unique selection of loops, sounds, samples and other sonic flavours, represented within the DAW and fully functional within the ecosystem of MusicMaker.

MusicMaker functions as you’d expect any pro-level software to, and includes full integration of audio interfaces, midi keyboards, external instruments, microphones and other sound sources, with a full midi editing suite and piano-roll capabilities. To cap off your music creation, you need to polish it and make it shine in your own special way, and MusicMaker allows you to do this by supplying some pretty fly effects and processing plugins as a part of this free bundle.

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