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With more than 1 Million plus satisfied users, 850 + sales & support centers, Marg ERP has been a true leader in easing the adaption process of GST. Simplify your payments & bill-by-bill reconciliation using Marg Pay at 0% service charges & 2% cashback for retailers .

Create GST invoices, multiple e-way bills & directly upload files in Excel, JSON or CSV format in GST portal and file GST returns . Helps encode & centralize all products information in a barcode to quickly & accurately track products during billing . Manage Focused, Dump and Near-Expiry stock level, set reorder points to replenish stock with Push Sale features . To simplify the order taking process, connect your mobile with system by scanning QR code & place calls directly to customer for receiving orders . Manage Focused, Dump and Near-Expiry stock level, set reorder points to replenish stock with Push Sale features . Marg does continuous research and development to build a long term relationship with partners & customers to nourish small & medium businesses across the globe.

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After rigorous research and consistent practice, we have designed Marg products using advanced technology with a talented bunch of individuals at our state of the art.

We ensure that software is updated with all the latest technology to provide a seamless experience to our valuable customers.

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Marg’s primary goal is customer satisfaction and making India Digitally empowered. Marg’s innovative approach focuses on new ideas and behaviours that significantly add to its business strategy, capability and market understanding.

Marg is always committed to assure its regular services with value-added support. We always prefer to carry our legacy for the customer benefits and their happiness, therefore, reducing the gap between product & demands. Marg Books is a Cloud-Based Online Inventory & Accounting Software built for Every Business from the House of Marg ERP.

Take a perfect strategy for boosting your business. Drive your business with MargERP. Find Better Solutions Build Better Products.

Switch to Smart Inventory & Accounting Management. Vivek Bindra - Founder & CEO recommends Marg ERP as the best ERP software with unique & advanced features.

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The videos give a clear in-depth knowledge of Marg product, its utility & benefits.

How to create mail merge using LibreOffice:

  • The first step is to import the contact list. To do that, go to File> Wizard> Address Data Source. After that, select the other external data source option and click next.
  • Now, click on the Settings option and select the database type (Spreadsheet, dBASE, Text, etc.) according to the type of contact file. Again, press next and browse the contact file and press finish button.
  • As soon as you add a contact list, an address database will add to the left part of the interface. In that address database, you can view the newly added contact list. Select the contact list to add the whole list to the main interface of this software.
  • Now, you can add the main content that will remain the same on the text editor.
  • After adding the main content, add contact fields to the text editor by dragging and dropping contact fields like Name, Surname, Email, Address, etc. to the text editor. These address fields automatically change the contact details of the mail according to its recipients.
  • Lastly, click on the Mail Merge icon to start mail merge. You can either save each mail in ODT, TXT, DOCX, etc. formats or directly send them to all recipients through its inbuilt email feature.

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SSuite Mail Merge Master is a free and portable mail merge software for Windows. Using this software, you can automate the letter making process. It allows you to create multiple letters with the same main contentbut with different contact details (name, address, phone number, etc.) of different people. In this software, you can also create and manage contacts. To do both tasks, you get two separate modules namely Address Book and Letter Mail Merge Master.

Its address book is used to create and maintain contact details, names, email addresses of various people. After adding contacts, you can save the list as CSV file which is used by Letter Mail merge Master for mail merge.

According to its name, the Letter Mail Merge Master is used to start mail merge. In order to do that, launch this module and import the contact file. After that, use various predefined tokens like [NAME], [SURNAME], [EMAIL], etc. on the canvas to automatically add unique contact information on different letters. Now, add the main content without any braces on the canvas that will remain common among all letters. Once the letter gets fully completed, press the Merge button to merge common information with unique contact details of different peoples. After that, a print preview window will automatically open up from where you can preview all the letters. From the print preview window, you can also directly print letters or save letters as PDF documents.

Overall, it is a very good mail merge software, but its inability to send mail is its biggest disadvantage.

Marg Books - Online Accounting Software

WPS Office is another free office suite software that can also be used as a mail merge software. In this software, you can generate multiple contact lists and create mail merge. This WPS suite comes with multiple handy applications like WPS Writer, WPS Spreadsheet, WPS Presentation, and other office applications. To create mail merge, you only need its WPS Writer application. However, if you also want to create a new contact list, then you can use its WPS Spreadsheet application.

In order to create mail merge, first, you need to import a contact list by going to its Reference > Mail Merge > Open Data Source option. After importing the contact list, start writing the main content of the mail on the text editor. Along with main text, you can also add merged contact details using its Insert Merge Field. From this filed, insert merged contact details like Name, Surname, Address, Email, etc. to the text editor. These merged fields automatically add unique contact details to each mail. Before saving or sending the mail, you can preview the data of each mail using its View Merged Data Field. At last, save the merge mail as PDF or send through Email to all recipients.

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FreeOffice is another free mail merge software for Windows. It is mainly an office suite that comes with mail merge feature. In this suite, you get three office applications namely TextMaker, Planmaker, and Presentations. The TextMaker is the main applications that contain mail merge feature. Its PlanMaker can also come in handy because you can create a contact list in it that can be easily be saved as CSV, DBF, HTML, DIF, etc. formats.

How to create mail merge using FreeOffice:

  • Launch the Textmaker application of this software and then go to its Mailing > Select database option to import the contact list.
  • After that, write the main content on its editor that will remain constant in all mails.
  • Now, insert merge fields from its Field > Database menu like {FIELD_1}, {FIELD_2}, {FIELD_3}, etc. Each of these fields automatically adds associated data like name, surname, email, address, etc. to the mail.
  • A preview option is also available that you can enable by clicking on the Show merge record check box.
  • Lastly, save each merge mail separately or together in EPUB or PDF file.

Overall, it is a simple mail merge software.

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Command Line Mail Merge is a Windows tool to merge and send bulk email through the command line. Just like other GUI based mail merge software, this can also be used to create merge templates and mail merge fields. Plus, you can also add contact list in it to send bulk emails with slight variations to multiple people. To run this tool, you need to have Python in your system. Plus, you need to install and set up this software to merge and send bulk emails.

Let’s take a look at the complete process of installing and merging mail using this method:

  • Open the command prompt and submit this command: pip install mailmerge and press enter to install this tool.
  • Now, navigate to a folder and run this command mailmerge --sample
    to create three sample files in that folder namely mailmerge_database.csv, mailmerge_template.txt, and mailmerge_server.conf.
  • Open the mailmerge_template file and edit various predefined mail merge fields ({{email}}, {{name}}, {{number}}, etc.). Data of these fields change according to different contacts. Main body of the text that remains constant in all mails can also be defined in this file.
  • Now, open the mailmerge_database.csv file and define both the merge fields and fields data.
  • After that, open the mailmerge_server.conf file and then specify the SMTP settings according to the email provider you are using. By default, the settings are for Gmail, so if you want to use Gmail to send email, then just put your email address there in front of “username” parameter.
  • Lastly, run this command: mailmerge --no-dry-run --no-limit to merge and send emails to all specified contacts.

This will send emails to all contacts in one by one manner that can also be tracked from the command prompt. Overall, it is a pretty good command line tool to send merge mails.

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