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A traditional cloth production method with new key features such as, Auto-Fitting, Substance Integration, and the Dynamic Wrinkle Brush has been added to Marvelous Designer Version 10!

For those of you who are not aware of it, Marvelous Designer is a program that allows you to create, edit and reuse clothes. By utilizing these new features, artists can simplify the creation of their materials and articles of clothing to create beautiful works of art! Cristina Ortega, a modeler for video games, VR, and feature animation has left a review on the new version of the product which states that she is most impressed with the new editors for UV, modular, and sculpting, as well as the additional retopology tools!

Illustrator Manuel Arroyo Arrebola loves how easy the program is to navigate in addition to how simple it is to get working. “It’s so intuitive — you don’t need fashion industry knowledge to create impossible patterns,” he says. “You can start creating volumes and shapes, sawing them together then watching them move. Your own imagination is your limit when you work with this incredible software.” Over the last ten years, Marvelous Designer has become the go-to solution for many 3d fashion and character designers in the movie, tv, and games industries.

With Marvelous Designer 10, the most realistic and traditionally based cloth production software for 3d modeling is now more versatile and user-friendly.


Check out their website to purchase the product or download a free trial! Marvelous Designer 8 now includes the ability to turn your garment meshes from the MD triangle mesh to quads.

This feature also allows you to decide how dense you would like the geometry to be and by adjusting the particle distance, you can increase and decrease the number of polygons within the model which is perfect for both real-time and photo-realistic visualisation workflows.

For additional tweaking, you can even adjust the angle of the topology to sit your garment design. Sewing can now be added using the 3D viewer as well as the 2D viewer like in previous versions. This feature also artists to add and editing seams created using the Segment Sewing and Free Sewing tools. Editing seams in the 3D viewer can be achieved by selecting the seam points and dragging them to the relevant spot you require.

Using these same tools, you can create 1:N and M:N sewing seams which also you to create multiple sewing segments to a single garment segment. With the latest release, sculpting has now been included so that artists can add in some of the finer details to their garment. This comes with a selection of adjustable brush types to allow you to Scuplt, Smooth, Grab, Stamp and Pinch your garment providing you with flexibility to define your model further.

3D Sewing

Garment patterns can now be extracted 2D patterns from UV Maps of imported 3D models int Marvelous Designer. Automatically generated automated arrangements points and bounding volumes are created based on an avatar's mesh height and circumference. Adjusting the trim weight gives you more flexibility when changing the 3D garments drape giving you a more realistic look with objects such as zippers and button hanging from clothing.

Adding and reducing the weight of the additional objects on your garment will simulate a more realistic pull on the fabric. Take a look of some of the things that can be done by some of our artists using Marvelous Designer along with other supporting 3D software. Marvelous Designer will be changing from perpetual licenses to subscription license with the release of Marvelous Designer 10.

Read on for more info. Marvelous Designer will stop selling perpetual licenses of all types of products with the release of version 10, in order to provide the best support and software version management.

Trace Pattern with UV Map

The version upgrade discount for the existing perpetual licenses will be maintained. If you have a perpetual license, you will be eligible for upgrading version up to Marvelous Designer 12, with the same price based on the current 3-versions-back upgrade policy.

Starting the release of version 10, new purchases will be available only by subscription. With the subscription license, you will have full access to the latest version during the license period. License Update for Marvelous Designer 10 Version. The upgrade discount for perpetual license holders will maintain up to Marvelous Designer 12.

The upgrade fee estimated by the 3-versions-back upgrade policy will not be changed. Example: License Upgrade Discount for Perpetual License (Version 10) . *This upgrade for perpetual license will be valid until the Marvelous Designer 12. With the ceased sale of Perpetual license, the 3 versions older than the latest version installers will not be officially supported.

Yes, the version you purchased is usable permanently. Can I change my perpetual license to subscription? After the release of Marvelous Designer 10, there will be another option for perpetual license holders, License Trade. If you would like to keep your license up to date, you can trade in your perpetual license for subscription.

Why will you stop selling the perpetual license? Once we implement a subscription-only license model, we expect that we can provide seamless updates which means that you do not need to wait until the new version release to see big updates.

In addition, this will allow us to work on bigger projects so that you can see better Marvelous Designer in the future.

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