Masm Assembler Download


These instructions assume that you have Winzip.exe installed on your PC. If not, download and install it.

Now download into some folder, and then navigate to it using Windows Explorer and double click on it.

This should bring up Winzip, and after agreeing to its conditions, click on "Extract". In the window this brings up, alter the "Extract to" field displayed to "c:\masm615", and ensure that the option "use filenames" is checked. Now click on the "Extract" in this window, and close Winzip. This should result in the folder "c\masm615" being created, with subfolders including "bin" and "programs".

Next click on Start/settings/control panel. Then double click on "System", select the "Advanced" tab, and click on "Environment Variables". In the lower text box, select "path", and click on the Edit button below that. Add onto the righthand end of the text which is then displayed above in "variable value", a semicolon and then: c:\masm615\bin
After this, close all programs.

Now employ Start/run and type into the box: cmd
and press OK. Maximize the resulting DOS window.
Employ: cd \masm615\programs
This will make "programs" the active directory. You should place all the Assembler programs that you create in this folder. The folder already contains a simple program called "double.asm", which doubles small numbers. Compile this program using: ml double.asm
This should produce an executable called "double.exe".
At the command prompt, type: double
and, if everything up to this stage works, the program should ask you to enter a number less than 5.

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