Masters In Anatomy Online

This online, non- thesis Master of Science program is designed to provide online courses in a learning format that address anatomical base knowledge including gross anatomy, microscopic anatomy, embryology, and cell biology, and to introduce students to the bases of pedagogy. Furthermore, the program is flexible enough to allow the student to pursue neuroscience, neuroanatomy, and medical physiology courses as electives. The educational path of this MS degree program uniquely blends training in human anatomy with developing pedagogical methods of teaching and assessment.

This program will allow students with different goals to pursue additional training beyond their baccalaureate degree. Teachers in secondary education and at community colleges can gain more in-depth knowledge of anatomy and learn best practices in teaching and assessing their students. Pre-professional students will be able to gain broad training in all aspects of human anatomy that would allow them to master sufficient base knowledge to pursue health-care professional degrees in medicine, dentistry, physician assistant and physical therapy. Those students that complete the Master of Science program and wish to pursue biomedical research will have completed many of the course requirements for those PhD anatomical programs in biomedical research as well as our PhD Program in Anatomical Sciences Education.

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