Masters Of Anatomy Pdf

Art Reference books for Illustrators and Animators. 192 books — 61 voters. More lists with this book.. Jan 14, 2015Angela Blount rated it really liked it. Shelves: graphic-novels-etc, life-coaching, books-i-own. 3 1/2 Stars This artwork collection was a terrific idea--allowing immediate contrast to animated styles from renowned artists across numerous mediums. Some examples are anatomically correct, and some are not--fair warning to those considering this as a gift for under-aged artists. (Although most needn't fear, the poses are exclusively that of artistic nudity with no intention of sexual context.) Some of the depictions of breasts were annoying to this reader. (I'll openly admit to some bias there..more. Feb 26, 2015Aldo Ojeda rated it liked it. This book is just what it promises, nothing more and nothing less. 130 illustrators, animators and comic-book artists represent the male and female form in the classic turn-around: front, side and 3/4 angles, and each artist brings his unique style on the subject. The book presents a small introduction but no other text is included. I can see this book as a great source for the beggining artist and inspiration to many others.My problem is, I am obsessed with anatomy and I think an artist should..more. Good for people to understand how professional artists, from various different backgrounds style their anatomy and to see the relationship between them. Please note that this is not by any means a tutorial book. It's a simple book that helps young artist compare anatomy styles to see how they relate to reality. A great book for open minded artist ready to learn from the pros. If you have ever needed a source book on how to stylize the human form derived from anatomy this is a go-to book. Not that you should copycat these 130+ artists. They each simply show how you can push the proportions, simplify linework, and display tints and tones to enhance the overall look of their ideal male and female characters.On personal side notes, I found several favorites in Itaru Saito, Ivan Oviedo, Jon Diesta, Rachel Saunders, Rad Secrist, Matthew Boisemeier, and many others. Totally forgot about this… backed the kickstarter projekt about a year ago and today the book has finally arrived!Great idea and some amazing artists are involved, but in the end… it’s kinda - meh…- poor paper quality and editing- usability… no page numbers, no index- no text at all, nothing about the artists, no bios or how they approach their work- yea. ideal body, but it’s getting very very similar- less artists and more variation in body shapes and diverse body types would be great- some ar..more. This book is a joke.Not a single note or text from the authors.Most of the turn arounds looks really rough and quickly made. With all due respect, as a professional animator I can tell that lots of them are even really bad designed, I can't believe these authors actually care about what they were doing for this book.
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