Microsoft Dynamics Ax Finance Functional Interview Questions

  1. Microsoft Dynamics Ax Finance Functional Interview Questions
  2. Microsoft Dynamics Ax Finance Functional Interview Questions 2019
2. Event handlers and types?

Microsoft Dynamics Ax Finance Functional Interview Questions

AX + Dynamics 365 Library (Daxture Inc.) A library with Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics 365 FinOps and Supply Chain Management, Power Platform, Integrations, development and functional processes, tricks and trip, tutorials and much more. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 & D365 F&O Blog For Microsoft ERP Business Solution This is all about Microsoft Dynamics AX(formerly known as Axapta). This site contains some Microsoft Dynamics AX X Codes for use in your day to day use as well future changes. Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation Administration and Troubleshooting, Microsoft Dynamics AX Infrastructure Support, Dynamics 365 operations on-premise (D365),Microsoft Dynamics 365 Admin,Axapta Administrator,AX Administrator,Microsoft Dynamics AX Deployment, Azure,DMF, Excel Add-In, Ware House, AX Mobile apps, Google Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics ISV,Management Reporter 2012 for Microsoft. Microsoft Dynamics AX Interview Questions and Answers. Microsoft Dynamics AX is a powerful integrated, adaptable business management solution in the Microsoft Dynamics line that streamlines financial, customer relationship, and supply chain processes. It is a one of Microsoft’s ERP software products. Also known as the Operations module.

4. What is the difference between pre/post event handler and Chainof commands?
6. What kind of changes can we do in CustTable_Extension?
7. Can we add methods to Extension table? If no. why? If yes. How?
9. Where do you write code for customization while importing datathrough DataEntity?
10. Where do you write code for customization while exporting datathrough DataEntity?
11. What is the difference between a virtual field and computedcolumn?
13. Can we use event handlers on Forms?
16. How to use the delegates?
18. Deployment options?
20. Wrappable and HookableAttribute use.
22. Table relations?
23. Table Keys: Surrogate, Alternate, Replacement, Primary, andForeign?
24. What is the use of View? Canwe use CRUD operations in the Views? Can we use view in the reports to pull thedata?
25. How to add field in the D365Table? If we need to use extension concepts how to add it tell me the step bystep process?
26. How to create workflow inD365? Is there any difference in workflow AX 2012 and D365?
27. How to use cache lookup? Whatis the use of that, how many type of cache lookup?

1)SSRS reports creating a concept, classes involved
Data model:
2) The concept of initializing fields, validating fields at both Table leveland form level
3)Form design scenarios like details form, list page, list pageinteraction classes etc. Link types, enabling/disabling buttons on forms,filter on forms
1)Purch order cycle and related technical artifacts
3)Sys operation framework

Performance optimization tools
Data entities andReporting:

3.Tablecreation and best practices
1)Conceptof initializing fields, validating fields and modifying fields at both Tablelevel and form level
Business logic:
1. Customization related tomacros, COC and event handlers in D365
2. Purchase agreementscycle and related technical artifacts
4. Workflow customization
5. Scenarios on Multiselect Look up and Process

X++ and best practices
Understanding on SYS operation framework/Batches
deployments options

1)BestPractices of table?
2)If a formhas two date fields with starting date and ending date when a user enters datein a starting date it automatically generates ending date by +7(appending it tostarting date)?
3)Differencebetween primary index and unique index?
4)whichclasses are called while doing confirmation and packing slip in the process ofpurchase order?
6)have youworked on services?
8)How didyou start the process after giving the requirement?
10)differencesbetween reread, execute query and refresh?
12)How didyou create a workflow? what are the classes that are involved while creatingthe workflow?
13)Have youcreated a custom workflow or standard workflow?subworkflows?
14)How did you give the validation to the standard table without using eventhandlers and validation methods?
16) where Doyou write the code for adding fields in standard entity?
17)where doyou used the data entities in your project?
18)Do youknow anything about trade agreement and sales agreement?
20)Changetracking in DIXF?
22)Steps tocreate a Report?
24)Classesthat are used in reports?

Microsoft Dynamics Ax Finance Functional Interview Questions 2019

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