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When Windows 10 came out, the internet was abuzz with stories of how Microsoft was now showing unskippable video ads after each session of Solitaire. And the only way to get rid of them was a $1.49/month or $9.99/year subscription.

As you’d expect, office workers in the entire North American subcontinent revolted. Their favorite past time was at risk. They’d rather stick to Windows XP, some of them probably yelled. XP never did them any wrong. The new fancy Microsoft Solitaire Collection wasn’t worth it anyway.

May 05, 2016 My Microsoft Solitaire Collection suddenly came back to life with the Windows 10 update that came out on May 10, 2016. At the time it started to work I was offered (or maybe forced) the opportunity to use the Premium version for 10 days. Windows 10 comes with the Microsoft Solitaire Collection, a solitaire game that requires you to watch 30-second-long full-screen video advertisements to keep playing. Ad-free solitaire costs $1.49 per month or $9.99 per year. That’s $20 per year if you want both ad-free solitaire and ad-free minesweeper. But there’s a better way. You can play solitaire offline using your computer or mobile device. We rounded up the best solitaire games you can play without an internet connection. These games are available for various platforms. Check individual app requirements to make sure a game is compatible with your device and operating system. Get the classic free Solitaire games for Windows. If you loved the free solitaire games from earlier versions of Windows, we've wrapped them all up in one convenient app, the Microsoft Solitaire Collection. On the Microsoft Solitaire Collection page in Microsoft Store, select Install. The game will download and install automatically.

But like many Windows 10 stories this week, this one was also misreported.

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Spider Solitaire Pro, the free classic spider solitaire of klondike cards game! Spider Solitaire Pro, the classic spider solitaire of poker cards game. If you love windows spider solitaire, you must love spider solitaire in the mobility device!! Spider Solitaire is a popular funny and challenge classic card game for all people.

Your Right to Play Solitaire for Free Is Safe

Ok so here’s the low down. You can still play Solitaire for free on Windows 10. The most popular form of the game – Spider is free to play. No video ads, nothing.

If you don’t know how to get started, here’s a little guide.

Click the Start button.

Now either search for Microsoft Solitaire Collection or spot it in the right column of the Start menu. If you can’t find it, download it from the Windows Store.

Click on it and you’ll be asked to sign in with your Microsoft account. You’ll also need to agree to the terms and conditions to let Microsoft upload the data to its cloud. This makes sure that your Solitaire scores are never lost, even if your PC is damaged.

You’ll, of course, need to be connected to an active internet connection to do all this.

Once all the setting up is done, you’ll now see the screen below.

Lots and lots of Solitaire stuff ha.

What’s Not Ad Free

Free Microsoft Solitaire Games Offline

From this screen, if you play the Pyramid or TriPeaks game, you’ll have to sit through ads at the end of every game. But these games are mostly out of your league. And I say that lovingly. I’m one of those people too. I mean, I can’t even figure out FreeCell yet, there’s now way I’m winning at TriPeaks.

See who’s tracking you online: Websites everywhere are tracking your online usage, to target you better ads. You can see who’s tracking you and stop them. If you’re on Android, you can block ads there as well.

And these games are more pro. They are literally for professionals. These games have Microsoft sanctioned Facebook pages where people brag about scores and everything.

Play on Playa

So go on, click on that Spider tile and claim what’s rightfully yours, for free. Hours and hours of prime productivity time is waiting to be wasted.

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Microsoft Solitaire Offline Windows 10 Download

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