Mods For Assetto Corsa

  1. Project Tougeis a 48 kilometer length, free roam track designed for fun with friends and is designed to run on a multiplayer server,With features such as tunnels, drift pads, windy roads and much more.
  2. Run this track with your mates and have fun with all the different paths the track has been designed for.
    1. Akina Downhill Akina is also known as Mount Haruna in the smash hit Initial D, Enjoy this beautiful mountain track.
    2. Bring out the AE86 to recreate the famous Initial D anime.
    1. Transfagarasan North HillClimbThe Transfăgărășan or DN7C is a paved mountain road crossing the southern section of the Carpathian Mountains of Romania.
    2. It has national-road ranking and is the second-highest paved road in the country after the Transalpina.
    3. The Transfăgărășan is talked about as one of the greatest roads in the world
    4. Shuto Expressway C1This track may seem familiar to JDM enthusiasts that loved watching old school Japanese street racing.
    1. The Inner Circular Route, signed as Route C1, is one of the routes of the Shuto Expressway system serving the Greater Tokyo Area.
    2. This route is truly amazing to drive in game, This is one of the most popular track mods you will find online.
    1. Enjoy driving classic JDM cars around this Japanese Highway.
    2. Circuit de MonacoCircuit de Monaco is a 3.3 km street circuit laid out on the streets of Monte Carlo.
  3. It is commonly, and even officially, referred to as "Monte Carlo" because it is largely inside the Monte Carlo neighborhood of Monaco.Monaco is one of the highly anticipated races in the Formula 1 calendar, The tight track with showcases a tight hair pin and a tunneled section of the track which creates high intensity racing with a high chance of crashes
    1. Assettomods brings to you the ultimate Australian driving sim on PC through mods.
    2. Working closely with motorport professionals and highly experienced race drivers Assettomods has delveloped more than 50 mod cars & tracks for Assetto Corsa PC edition including the development of in-house exclusive car mods for international companies VW India & Simutec UK.
  4. Assettomods creates many exclusive mods for Assetto Corsa focusing mainly on Australian cars, tracks and racing content.
      1. By becoming a supporter on Patreon you can access more than 50 mod cars and tracks available on the Assettomods ‘Patreon‘ page.
      2. Targa Tasmania Leg 2 now available to all VIP members on Patreon.
    1. The 2nd release of the Targa Tasmania mod includes Leg 2 stages 7 – 12.
      1. Leg 2 includes:.
    2. S7- Sideling (13.9kms).
      1. S8 – Moorina (8.9kms).
    3. S9 – Weldborough Pass (13.2kms).
      1. S10 – Pyengana (6.4kms).
    4. S11 – Elephant Pass (11.1kms).
      1. S12 – Rossarden (12.0kms).
    5. *Targa Tasmania The Mod requires Patreon membership level VIP to access, further Legs 3 – 6 released per month May – Aug 2022.
      1. Looking to have a mod developed for your business or race series?
    6. Assettomods can work closely with you to develop unique car or track mods for your business, car brand, e-series competitions and more.
      1. We have worked with international companies to develop exclusive in-house mods including the VW Polo India Cup car for Volkswagen India and the GTM-01 race car for Simutec a UK based sim hire & training centre.
    7. Assettomods brings to you the most legendary cars from Australian racing history.
      1. Drive and race Australian touring cars from the 1970’s all the way up to the late 1990’s and beyond.
    8. The cars that created the legends Peter Brock, Allan Moffat, Dick Johnson, Jim Richards, Mark Skaife, Craig Lowndes, Greg Murphy, Russell Ingall and more.
      1. Assetto Mods has a large collection of quality Assetto mod links found online.
      2. On our site you will find many quality free mods including tracks from the AC Track Reboot Project, ACU, Rainmaker and more.
      3. Browse our huge database to download Assetto Corsa mod cars and tracks.
      4. We try and add correct credits (if known) to all mods on our site, if you find any credits missing OR incorrect please contact us here with details.
    9. World's largest collections of quality mods for AC.
      1. Latest updates.
  5. All mods tested.
    1. To install mod just copy the folder toC:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars(tracks).
    2. Don't forget to delete previous version.
    1. All download links are checked.
    2. Version from Race Department.
  6. Version from Race Department.
    1. Version from Race Department.
    2. Version from Race Department.
  7. Lenght: 2.236km.
    1. Version from Race Department.
    2. Lenght: 6.515km.
    3. Lenght: 3.072km.
    4. MotoGP 16 67
    5. MotoGP 14 83
  8. MXGP Series 103
    1. MXGP 2020 0
    2. MXGP Pro 58
    3. MXGP 2 3
  9. My Summer Car 2k
    1. MSC 3D Models 54
    2. MSC Vehicles 36
    3. MSC Misc 111
    1. Project CARS 3 1
      1. pCARS 2 Cars 1
      2. pCARS 2 Misc 56
      1. pCARS Cars 17
      2. pCARS Misc 21
  10. RACE 07 432
    1. R07 Tracks 178
    2. R07 Misc 40
  11. rFactor 2 1k
    1. rF2 Plugins 9
    2. rF2 Tracks 129
  12. rFactor 467
    1. rFactor Plugins 5
    2. rFactor Tracks 292
  13. RIDE Series 154
    1. RIDE 3 51
    2. RIDE 16
    1. WRC 10 1
    2. WRC 8 3
    1. Bob's Track Builder 46
      1. Tutorials 6
    2. Formula Truck 72
      1. FT Skins 46
    3. Motorsport Manager 60
      1. SCE Cars 47
      2. SCE Tracks 155
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