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PC release name: Monkey Quest Genres: Adventure, MMORPG Rating: 5.0 Release Date: Mar 17, 2011 Developer: Behaviour Interactive Publisher: Platform: Microsoft Windows (PC) Download Monkey Quest PC crack Download Type: Monkey Quest free direct download Multiplayer Crack: Monkey Quest free online multiplayer crack available Last checked: Working. Our collection of games like Monkey Quest features other free massively multiplayer online games that are full of action for the young children demographic. Monkey Quest started in 2011 and quickly became a popular past time for many children with its action orientated approach to gameplay that keeps players active while engaging them in. Download this game from Microsoft Store for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for Bloons Monkey City. Monkey Quest is a free-to-play browser MMORPG created in part by the minds of Nickelodeon, and aimed at their audience. Players take on the role of a monkey they create and enter the world of Ook.

Swing on down to Jungle Monkey Quest and lets get down to some serious monkey business!Join the jungle monkey in an adventure as it jumps from tree stumps to tree stumps collecting banana gold coins. Time your jump to perfection as this jungle monkey springs up in the sky to grab banana coins to boost your score and unlock awesome power packs. PLAY MORE TO UNLOCK MORE UNIQUE MONKEYSUse your points to unlock other cool jungle monkeys adorned with funny hats and colorful balloons and blimps. Collect cool stuffs like banana bunches and magnets to speed up your game.Put your skills to the test in tree hopping and collecting banana coins along the way. See how far this jungle monkey can jump with added boosters and power packs.FEATURES IN JUNGLE MONKEY QUESTFREE to play COLLECT as much gold coins to unlock special boosters and power packs to surpass tricky levelsUNLOCK cool monkeys, get more lives and booster packs with in app purchases Super awesome eye-catching graphicsFUN to play and easy to masterCHALLENGE your scores with your friends to see how far you can goCome on, have a go with this jungle monkey, we are sure youll go bananas over it! Enjoy the full experience of Jungle Monkey Quest in Ipad and Iphone version.Havent got enough of our games? Check us out at:
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Monkey Quest 2 Free Download Nick Monkey Quest Free Download. SPECIAL LAUNCH OFFER: Get Monkey Quest: Thunderbow at a reduced price for a limited time! You are Thunderbow! A monkey on a mission of mayhem. Zombies, scorpions, mummies and skeletons stand between you and ultimate victory, so take aim with your trusty Boom Bow and blast everything.

Monkey Quest is a Free to Play Kids MMO from Nickelodeon that offers a safe, moderated and friendly environment that offers adults and children alike the chance to experience the first steps in the world of the MMO.
Try to imagine, for a moment, that you’re playing Donkey Kong on your Super Nintendo. If you’re an old dude like me, then you’re probably about 5 or 6 years right now. It the perfect game to grind your teeth on. It quick to learn, but hard to master. It complex, but not overly complicated. And best of all, it full on monkeys!
“You’re swinging through the treetops, jumping on crazy enemies, collecting bananas…”
Chances are you’re in heaven right about now. You’re swinging through the treetops, jumping on crazy enemies, collecting bananas and, quite possibly, playing alongside a friend. But after a while, you begin to get a little bored. You start wondering what it would be like if the world was filled with other monkeys, perhaps thousands of them, all controlled by other players. You begin to wonder what it would be like if you could customise your character; if you could equip new weapons and armour; if you could complete quests and gain experience that would make your monkey stronger and give you access to new areas.
Welcome to Monkey Quest, the latest and greatest in child-friendly gaming from Nickelodeon. Designed to incorporate the basic ‘platformer’ concepts of Mario and Donkey Kong into a safe and moderated online environment, Monkey Quest succeeds where many others have failed. It does so, simply put, because it fun.
The World of Ook, as it were, was once a peaceful place ruled by the Monkey King. Until the evil Shadow Demon, Ka, attacked and”¦ I can’t really remember the specifics, but he died, and so did the Monkey King. Or they vanished, or something. Anyway, this is all common knowledge to the average Monkey Quest player, as it incorporated into a particularly awesome cutscene at the beginning of the game.
“That when the ‘MMORPG’ elements begin to kick in full-swing…”
Immediately following said cutscene, you’ll be given the chance to customise your own monkey using a small palette of colour and style variations, and then immediately dropped into the World of Ook. From there, you’ll play through a short tutorial level designed to give you a feel for the (rather terrible) controls, and the general playstyle of the game.
That when the ‘MMORPG’ elements begin to kick in full-swing (geddit?); you’ll eventually arrive in a small town and be given your first weapon and quest, then send head-first into the world of Monkey Quest gain experience, items and a better understanding of a new range of gameplay elements, including boss fights and multiplayer modes.
Add to that the inclusion of a bunch of awesome Nickelodeon features like SpongeBob Squarepants themed backpacks, and the overall polish and quality that only Nickelodeon can provide, and you’ve got yourself a winner. If you’re looking for a free, safe, suitable game for kids, or if you’re really just a big kid yourself, Monkey Quest is more than worth a moment of your time. And remember, it a browser game, so you can start playing in less than one minute.
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Monkey Quest is an MMO geared toward children’s multi-player gameplay. It is set in the spectacular World of Ook, a land where monkeys rule! You play a heroic monkey who battles the evil Shadow Demon, Ka, and his monster horde! Swing, bounce, and battle your way through adventures beyond imagination while you uncover dark secrets and unearth precious treasures from the legendary Monkey King.

Monkey Quest Download For Free Windows 10


The player’s monkey enters the land of Ook. The player is then able to travel around and meet new inhabitants of the virtual world. The player needs to complete multiple quests along the way. He/she can meet friends, buy new objects, or visit the Mayor Bumbee. As the user plays, his/her monkey unlocks more lands, discovers more about the legendary Monkey King, and can become a tribal leader.


In the game, to explore the worlds of Ook, players use the arrow keys on their keyboard. Jumping is controlled by pressing the space bar and the arrow keys in the direction they wish to go. Pressing the space bar then down while in midair makes them do a divebomb like attack. Also pressing control (CTRL) or x next to characters will allow the player to access new quests and learn new information about Ook and its residents. The game has five equippable hot keys (C,V,B,N,M) to control weapons, potions, pets and any other items players wish to access quickly.
There are two types of currency in Monkey Quest. The main type of currency is bananas, which are commonly earned from quests and can be used at a vendor to buy items, whilst the other currency, NC (Nick Cash) can to be bought with real money or can be earned by levelling up and can be used to buy items from the NC mall which is located at the bottom right corner of the screen in Monkey Quest.


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