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MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, is an arcade racing game that can only be defined as frantic. This action packed game has no shortage of thrill, and it is one of the most chaotic racing experiences you could ask for, and it works. Released in 2008, exclusively for the Playstation 3 the title was received with overall positive reviews, by fans and critics alike for embracing its originality.

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Players are thrown into an exotic island and given control of various vehicles to drive, explore, race, interact and destroy to their heart's content. The players are also given the ability to enjoy the game with friends online, or in a split-screen multiplayer mode that supports up to four players.

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A Natural Evolution

The predecessor for this title was Motorstorm, and it surprised players by its physics and the environmental impacts reflected by driving your car through terrain. In the original one though most of it happened in terrains made out of mud and dirt, here in the sequel players have contact with water, lava and foliage which all create different races, challenges and atmospheres. Most importantly every new aspect has its own way of being impacted by the player, at the same time it impacts gameplay. For example driving through water slows you down, being close to lava for too long you might overheat your engine, going through fields might destroy your vehicle, and so on.

These new concepts and mechanics are clearly a development, and expansion on the original concepts that made the first game such an important title for the Playstation 3. Everything here seems better, smoother, sharper and a natural evolution to the former title we experienced especially on a visual and performance standard. From a gameplay point-of-view everything feels very familiar to returning players, while adding new vehicles and challenges to the game.

Variety of vehicles, beautiful designs, and environment that feel alive are definitely positive aspects for any racing game, but this wouldn’t be a good game if the racing itself felt tedious. The A.I from developer Evolution Studios, and Sony Entertainment, might be the best part of the experience, racing against the computer often feels frustrating, yet here it sits at the sweet-spot between playable, and challenging.

Down the Highway

The game offers sixteen original race tracks, over fifty one vehicles, and forty-six songs from some of the biggest names in music. While players motorcycles, Mud Pluggers, Rally Cars, Monster Truck, they can enjoy the music of legendary acts such as Nirvana, David Bowie, Megadeth, Slipknot and other artists. Sometimes the best part of driving is the soundtrack, and if players are not content, the game allows you to use songs from their own local storage.


MotorStorm: Pacific Rift does its absolute best to improve upon its predecessor, and it successfully achieves that goal. Not groundbreaking by any means, the game also has its fair share of issues, a short number of tracks, mis-placed or buggy check-points, and the occasional slow loading times are a few worthy mentions of improvements that can be made.

If you are a fan of the Burnout series, or the Dirt series, or just enjoy the arcade-racing genre there’s a lot to like here, and a lot of fun to be had. Surely, it’s not perfect, but it provides hours of chaotic, unpredictable, straight-forward fun.


  • Great A.I
  • Awesome Soundtrack
  • Environmental Interactions
  • Vehicle Variety


  • Occasional Loading Issues
  • Poorly Designed Time Trials
  • Handful of Races
  • Too Similar to the Original
Overall rating: 7.5

Motorstorm Apocalypse PC DownloadGame is a direct link for windows and torrent GOG.Ocean of games Motorstorm Apocalypse igg games com is an awesome game free to play.Play this awesome game for free and share this website with your friends.

Overview of Motorstorm Apocalypse PC Game 2017

Motorstorm For Pc

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Motorstorm Apocalypse is from series best games for download. End of the world is more story-driven than past portions. The occasions of Apocalypse’s MotorStorm Festival are told from the point of view of three members, marked Mash “The Rookie”, Another test in Motorstorm Apocalypse is the acquaintance of individuals who attempt with meddle in the occasion. The City houses two groups, known as the Crazies and Dusklite, who compete for survival. The Crazies attempt to hinder the advancement of the racers. They plunder broken structures, break into battles in the city, take autos and attempt to hammer racers off the street, and assault racers with guns. A private military organization known as Dusklite endeavors to implement request and their inclusion makes extra dangers for racers to overcome, for example, an assault helicopter terminating rockets onto the track.Tyler “The Pro”, and Big Dog “The Veteran” by Evolution Studios, with every member additionally speaking to a trouble level of gameplay. These three members will every see distinctive parts of the fiasco unfurl through the span of the three day celebration.

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Motorstorm Apocalypse Pc

Motorstorm Apocalypse PC Download

Motorstorm Pc Download Free

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