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Does Mount and Blade Warband work for windows 10? I had Windows 7 at the start and the game worked perfectly. Now that I have upgraded to Windows 10 it wont load up. I try to start it but it just doesnt seem to load up the game. Showing 1-15 of 20 comments. Mount & Blade: Warband is an amazing jewel of the downloadable games; one of these games that without having a lot of money and marketing has achieved its own space in the players of PC games.

The ultimate source of patches & addons for Mount & Blade: Warband. Download patch 1.105 for Direct2Drive edition (23MB) Download patch 1.105 for TaleWorlds edition (23MB) Download russian patch 1.105 (35MB) List of changes in 1.105.


I bought a disc edition of the original Mount & Blade today, but I can't get it to start. It installed successfully, but no matter how I try to launch it (from autorun on the disc or using multiple types of compatibility modes along with administrative privileges on the .exe), it just runs in the background on the task manager. I've seen a lot of people having issues with the Steam edition, but not anyone offering solutions that can work with the disc edition. Can I play this game on Windows 10? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Mount And Blade Windows 10 Patch Download Windows 7

Running on an Asus K53E laptop with an Intel i5-2450M with Intel HD 3000 graphics and 8 GB of RAM. I think my drivers are up to date, but Asus' website hasn't been updated with Windows 10 drivers for my laptop.

Mount And Blade Windows 10 Patch Download

Mount & Blade: Warband is a standalone extension of the well-known and highly reputed production studio created by TaleWorlds. On the addition of the same work team.

Mount Blade & is released in 2008 in the administrative title of combining action and RPG elements. The uniqueness of the work lies in the fact that we can directly take part in interesting skirmishes carried out in medieval realities. The creators decided to expand and improve many aspects of his work, adding to it a few key options, like the possibility of turning the fighting in the network. Many new features the company TaleWorlds introduced at the request of the fans gathered around the game.

Mount & Blade: Warband - The Parabellum v.

Note: Demo in English.

Mount And Blade Demo Download

Report problems with download to [email protected]

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7 days

Mount & Blade: Warband - The Parabellum v.1.2amod866.7 MB7/25/201754.9K914
Mount & Blade: Warband - Floris Mod Pack v.2.55mod1283.7 MB8/13/201730.4K378
Mount & Blade: Warband - v.1.100 - 1.168patch99.2 MB7/28/2015158.7K345
Mount & Blade: Warband - 1776 American Revolution v.1.5mod455.7 MB4/19/201581.4K272
Mount & Blade: Warband - A Clash of Kings v.6.0mod2115.2 MB4/13/2018155.4K225
Mount & Blade: Warband - Mount & Gladius v.1.0mod591.8 MB6/21/201821.6K172
Mount & Blade: Warband - Kingdom of Andria v.1.1mod475.7 MB6/21/201713.3K172
Mount & Blade: Warband - Anno Domini 1257 v.1.13mod1041.1 MB4/30/2016134.4K170
Mount & Blade: Warband - Gekokujo v.3.1mod852.5 MB2/20/201725.5K155
Mount & Blade: Warband - Romance of the Three Kingdoms v.2.76mod317.4 MB12/4/201723.6K153
Mount & Blade: Warband - A World of Ice and Fire v.3.0mod2948 MB6/2/201818.4K148
Mount & Blade: Warband - The Last Days v.3.5mod259.2 MB12/4/201770.7K145
Mount & Blade: Warband - Warsword Conquest v.1.2hmod1177.3 MB2/20/201758.4K145
Mount & Blade: Warband - Dawn of a new era v.4122016mod606.1 MB6/2/20191.2K140
Mount & Blade: Warband - Diplomacy 4.litdum v.0.3mod551.8 MB5/28/20179K127
Mount & Blade: Warband - Turmoil Across the Stars v.0.42mod533.4 MB5/28/2019590121

Mount & Blade Warband + DLC v.1.172-GOG Size: 2.98 GB


Language: Multi Platform: PC Release: 2017
Genre: Role-playing Action Fantasy

In a land torn asunder by incessant warfare, it is time to assemble your own band of hardened warriors and enter the fray. Lead your men into battle, expand your realm, and claim the ultimate prize: the throne of Calradia!

Graphical overhaul: Support added for HDR, FSAA, depth of field, soft particles, tone mapping, and many other effects
New models with greater detail and high-quality textures
Multiplayer battles with up to 200 players. Multiplayer modes include Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Conquest, Battle, and Siege
A campaign allowing you to become the ruler of a faction and convince lords to become your vassals
The ability to upgrade your companions to vassals by granting them lands
The ability to marry a lady of the realm for romance or cold political gain. Try to win a lady’s heart through poetry or bravery
Improved mechanics for soldier morale: Soldiers will break and run away if their morale gets too low
Pick any projectile off the battlefield for use as additional munitions
New motion-captured combat animations
Numerous improvements to the combat system: Your shield will still stop arrows even if you are not actively defending
The ability to play multiplayer matches on random maps as well as hand-designed ones
Multiplayer equipment system: Earn money by fighting opponents or accomplishing goals
The ability to use most throwing weapons in close combat: Switch to using a javelin as a short spear when the enemy gets close
Spend gold on more powerful equipment, using a carefully balanced system that will make combat more exciting without giving too much of an advantage to the leading team


Patch 2.036 (1.172) (12 September 2017)

properly indicate all members of player’s team in minimap (not just player party)
redo Doccinga coastal assault so that Danish allies show on minimap as allies
fix short sword stats
position Ashdown ruins correctly
disallow complaining when there is no ship crew to complain
attempt fix of hof quest strings
have Drywei’s and Helgi’s skills match their description
fix kingdom/MP culture shields
Patch 4 July 2017
update and fix various texts
update Spanish localization
fix removal of stray dog dialog from Doccinga tutorial
player gets renown reward for recruiting in story only if recruits (exploit)
free villages of captured centers from raids (party fights itself bug)
use proper slot for faction religion
player kingdom takes player’s religion
consolidate conversion routines, slow down rate by 4x, implement player converts
remove text to fit all lords into lords relations box
map creep to crouch key and generalize it from hunting
fix siege attacker reinforcement levels
initialize $encountered_party for Solveig encounter
prevent indictment of prisoners
change historic but duplicate Welsh name
reblock ambiance agents after drunk fight
fix slain companions
fix bug where player is sent to recruit 0 troops
fix logic of Boar Grove
add warnings of treasonous plots
remove duplicate battle victory trigger at Ashdown
close quests properly without double messages

7 fixed scenes
Patch 2.028 (1.172) Hotfix (15 March 2017)
Fixed bug:

Khergit lady dress texture has visible UV lines.
Patch 2.028 (1.172) (14 March 2017)
Brings hi-res textures from the console port to Windows, MacOS and Linux
Patch 2.028 (22 December 2016)

Mount And Blade Warband - 1.172 + Crack Key - YouTube

update and fix various texts
update Spanish localization
fix duplicate husband bug
fix documentation for siege restrictions
prevent player from gaining kingdom in story mode
fix battle presentation for dog exclusion, player team (unrecognized troops bug)
limit items in lords’ halls (no more “sneaking” visible weapons with second outfit)
initialize hunt globals correctly
add looted hofs to recovery trigger
refine faction identification for dialogs
apply quest generation shutoff to “no tasks”
apply seax exclusion to all rob prisoner dialogs
add default to torturer dialog
fix farmstead cattle
allow Ashdown battle restart from mid-quest save
bind bottom of relation boost in case somehow goes negative
clean up post-quest locales (Sven’s Hideout, Ashdown destroyed, and Boar Grove)
avoid operations on null item or to null inventory
fix scope, div-by-zero problems in script_battle_political_consequence
fix capture of ships problem with autoresolve
prohibit unusable landing points at map border
disable companion political complaints, which are completely wrong
attach Tref Meguaidd East to Caer Meguaidd
fix misnamed variable (MP)
strip practice weapons on ESC from Doccinga tutorial
remove stray dog dialog from Doccinga tutorial
remove dead code

40 odd fixed scenes

Added new multiplayer game mode “Invasion” to Native
New Multiplayer Mode: “INVASION”

Co-op mode that lets you fight waves of AI opponents with your friends!
Notable characters from single player feature and fight alongside as both friends and foes
Choose your companions and assign them classes to survive the waves of enemies
Enemies drop random items with special features, including armour that restores your health and a bow that fires javelins!
Defeat multiple waves and work your way past enemy lords to kill the king at multiple difficulty levels!

-minor fixes


-minor fixes

Viking Conquest 2.025 Hotfix 20160907 (08 September 2016)
Hotfix for game-breaking issue
Viking Conquest Patch (05 September 2016)
have player refuge always be in player supporters’ faction
apply player kingdom color to refuge, landed ships, quarters
add player kingdom color change function to camp menu
ensure NPC in party does not become adventurer
overhaul duel system, mainly to set opponent properly
deactivate player kingdom properly, using the script for that (NPCs on mission and prime minister now return)
fix mission trigger time and make mission reports the priority
have npc_mission_seek_recognition embassy_results include the other three logical outcomes
drop missions that have no dialog in case a companion somehow ends up with one
override prisoner escape chance properly
rewrite auto-defect trigger
add cultural considerations to new faction pick
prevent random event losses for raiding villages during siege when not actually doing so
remove lovers’ system that was making all ladies adulteresses
use correct title strings for Scots/Irish and fix other inconsistencies and omissions
fix ask peace dialog
fix ambiguity in player/faction relations (removes ability to threaten own kingdom’s caravans)
add Mod ID string
place sound controls in mission templates to make sure loop tracks are killed
add ambiance to lair interiors
fix refuge chest
fix logic of child count dialogs
fix bard improve relations with lady
fix behavior of rescued lords
fix behavior of ambiance neutrals during jailbreak
fix “hole” in recruit permission dialog when already have it
move recruit permission update from triggers to script
player loses permission to recruit in center that gets new owner
fix fiefs string for lord select for fief
remove player picture from refuge menu
fix troop training management
unset g_encountered_party when it is removed (invalid party bug)
add proper conditions to Hadrian Wall dialog and kill experience reward exploit
fix tutorial message for Roman Baths ruins
adjust pricing formulas (attempt to prevent changes from buying/selling same article)
disable some monastery options when learning to read (early exit exploit)
disable scouts (and their loss) at sea
shut down random events at sea
exclude non-normal villages from lute search (quest was blocked when village inaccessible)
allow slaughter of non-quest cattle after cattle delivered
correct standard bearer report on Camp Menu
allow only one town recruiting run from whatever menu (recruit picking exploit)
clean up event_triggered dialogs, particularly for returning party members
check spiral death cam is finished before attempting to leave scene
attempt to eliminate sometime corruption of refuge text
make immersive default ship names
reinitialize item info (wiped out in someone’s save game by unknown cause)
fix craftsmen names
test slot_faction_political_issue properly (has two default values, which rendered the system inoperative half the time)
fix debug message producing false commander mismatches
fix and improve mutiny duel trigger
add backstop at automenu trigger to ensure campaign death after mutiny duel loss

process just one faction at a time
adjust rate of restorations to about 1/month at end of game
produce no more than one “Possible Rebellion” message (if no rebellion), and have it escalate with number of walled centers
remove player-based all-or-nothing phaseout
make lord defection dependent on current king relation
make sure faction leader joins resurgent faction
avoid giving money to undefined troop
fix the growth of the rebellion, include adventurers
bring in supporting lords if rebellion threatened (to avoid stranding them if faction is destroyed AGAIN)
avoid auto-war with player

fix dog interference with army orders (order ALL bug)
fix hire refuge armorer
allow visit village leader at night from menu
prohibit battle panel by down player (leading to crazy camera)

Viking banner textures (fix some white backgrounds)
Viking Conquest Patch 2.023 (05 April 2016)
Fix rescue slave from village scene
Fix port attack stutter
Remove testing trigger
Fix duplicate ship getting renamed
Add more landing points for faster Norse invasions
Rearrange adventurers’ AI trigger to avoid unnecessary AI interruptions (bouncing around at sea)
Change all ti_on_hit to FIRST test if inflicted agent is active (battle red text)
Return to “update all notes” for faction relation changes
Fix suspected critical constant for alliance system
Add check for bad party to script_party_set_ai_state (red text)
Fix wrong dialog option for Trainer in player’s refuge.
Fix and document missing prisoners.
Fix refuge dialogs.
Fix refuge training. Limit it to produce only up to L3 troops and have it stop automatically.
Allow refuge items to be refreshed. Have them be from the player culture.
Include attachments when inflicting damage to party from siege event.
Avoid problems by prohibiting companions from being captured by player.
Fix quest dialogs, results.
Update game notes regarding shield taunt.
Take dead player’s troops out of scripted mode (frozen skirmishers).
Show when player is mercenary on character report.
Track and test for last town to pay siege tribute (to avoid paying again).
Avoid spawning recruitable dog during village quests.
Move troops and ships from demolished camp.
Alter price adjustment formulas to avoid player from making money just by buying/selling a single item over and over again.
Add script_encounter_calculate_fit to “Charge Villagers” so player gets full party.
Restructure torture dialogs.
Except bandit lairs from icon changes.
Routed parties get ship icons.
Marchoc’s polearm skill fixed.
Siege tributes posibilities balanced.
Now you can named only 7 ships, the rest will be random names.
Viking Conquest Patch 2.021 (22 December 2015)

Fixed some scene problems.
Cancel all quests related to destroyed faction.
Fixed access to the storage chest of any castle or town.
Fixed eternal pilgrims.
Fixed getting married issue.
Fixed berserker shield size.
Fixed kingdom relation drops and undocumented wars.
Fixed ancient troop name mistakes.
Fixed wrong text for Readingum.
Fixed the ages of faces for some NPCs.
Fixed player doppelgangers
Set troop classes properly in sieges so archers defend walls.
Return Irish troop tree to original scheme to avoid early top level troops.
Properly initialize variable critical to town menu functioning.
Update lair factions.
Ensure no troop equipment is added after it is validated (hood problems).
Other minor fixes.

By player petition, dog is immortal now.
Rewrite nearby parties join attack and document refusals to join.
Apply “do_not_stall” to sieges, sea battles, formations.
Avoid reporting morale modifiers for troops not in party.
Prohibit mercenary player from becoming marshal.

Bandits parties.
Factions relations.
Cirren Caester siege.
Siege simulation kill ratios.
Custom battles armies.
Rewrite and standardize religion malus.
Kludge formation bonus.
Viking Conquest Patch 2.012 (9-21-2015)

Fixed some scene problems.
Fixed script errors.
Fixed levy issue with map banner.
Fixed feast quest issue.
Fixed maps getting frozen during coastal assaults.
Fixed issues in Spanish translation.
Fixed Picts not using crossbows.
Battle of Aescesdum loop fixed.
Fixed Ambush not being an option when player is wounded.
Chain mail visual issue fixed.
Banner visual issues fixed.
No Trigger dialogue fixed.
Ath Mor scene fixed.
Fixed Douar fleet being accessible from land.
Fixed Companions being nerfed.
Fixed some minor siege issues.
Fixed Solveig losing all her clothes.
Other minor fixes.

Chests added to a lot of hall scenes.
Changed bandit leader to sea captain for viking parties.
Colne Ceaster scene.

Adjusted amount of money from bandit lairs.
Prosperity recovery.
Gore probability adjusted.
No player kingdom possible during storyline.
Improved performance on world map.
No permanent death in Farmland and Troll’s Bridge.
Reduce minimum number of troops required to raid (now 20).
Viking Conquest Patch 2.005 (8-27-2015)

Fixed some scene problems.
Fixed enemies wounded in battle before fighting.
Fixed banners problem.
Fixed minimap issue with flags in battlefield.
Training peasant quest fixed.
Fleet split issue.
Fixed headless Vikings and berserkers.
Fixed the holmgang loop.
Fixed slave markets auto rebuild.
Fixed tutorial ship in storyline.
Game pausing bug fixed.
Fixed King Horik’s conversation in storyline.
Fixed Flag-shield symbol mismatch.
Fixed quicksavegames issue in Morrigan’s Lair.
Fixed inifinity money exploit in bandit lairs.
Fixed marriage quest never ends issue.
Fixed some scene problems.
Fixed snowy battlefield in Scotland.
Fixed diplomatic alliance issue with Minister.
Fixed Refuge port issue.
Other minor fixes.

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Ajusted special smiths’ prices.
MP: Added cooldown to polls to avoid abuse.
MP: Added crosbows for Picts.
MP: Some ajustments to balance multiplayer.
MP: Removed horses from Thor’s Champion mode.
Lord conversion dialog.
Adjusted the aim of throwing spears.
Altered adultery ratios.
Tweaked villages loot, burn and enslave actions.
Modified Royal Sandbox relations with vassals.
Changed probability of Berserkrs and Ulfheddin becoming uncontrollable.
MP Raid: Re-balance teams.
Ajusted stamina penalty for AI.
Adjusted center production prices.
New / Changes

Added levy feature in villages.
Demolish slave market option added.
Exanded dog feature information in your in-game notes.
New gear to adventurers (NPCs going solo).
Revoked recruitment rights if relations go less than -20 with village or lord.
Weapon break now is optional.
Extra information for “find lyre” quest.
Redid Fjord scene for Multiplayer.
Improved Spanish translation.
Accesible Morgant and Donnchadh while player plays storyline.
Abbot no longer accessible during monastery pillages.
Other minor balancing.
Patch 1.168 (8-27-2015)
Compatibility patch for Mount & Blade: Warband – Viking Conquest Reforged Edition DLC
Patch 1.168 hotfix (04.08.2015)
Minor fixes for Mount & Blade: Warband – Viking Conquest Reforged Edition DLC

Mount And Blade Warband Cheats

Minimum system requirements:
Windows: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, 1 GB RAM, Intel Pentium 4 2.0GHz or AMD 2.5 GHz, 3D graphics card with 64 MB memory, 900 MB HDD space, Mouse, Keyboard.


Genre:…..: Role-playing Action Fantasy
Works on:..: Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10), Mac OS X (10.9.0) and Linux (Ubuntu 14.04)
Languages:.: Text only: ??, ?eský, Deutsch, English, español, français, magyar, polski, Türkçe
Features:..: TaleWorlds Entertainment /TaleWorlds Entertainment
Released:..: March 31, 2010
Size:……: 0.9 GB
Company:…: TaleWorlds Entertainment / TaleWorlds Entertainment

108 Heroes

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