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Now MrBeast and company have done it again, hosting another GTA Online manhunt on the MrBeast Gaming YouTube channel. This time the ante was upped considerably, as the army of opposing players tasked with hunting down Beast and his crew were now armed with military tanks and helicopters with the goal of either winning $5,000 or getting a pie in the face for failing. Mr Beast and his team were given a four-minute head start to jump into a getaway car, find a hiding spot within Los Santos, and even change their in-game avatars’ appearances at clothing stores or hair stylists. Once the four-minute timer expired, open season was declared, with the GTA Online player army literally blasting the city apart in hopes of taking MrBeast and his crew down securing a cash prize for themselves.

The hijinks produced by MrBeast’s GTA Online challenge, such as finding himself stranded on a rooftop as enemies swarmed in or Jimmy being caught in a multi-car pile-up while trying to flee in a cement mixer truck, wouldn’t be too out of place in a usual GTAOnline session. Rockstar Games’ open-world online sandbox prides itself on allowing players to pull off all kinds of in-game stunts within its large sandbox world, something which certainly helped GTA Online set a new player count record in 2020 during the GTA RP boom.

Seeing MrBeast and his buddies scrambling to safety before the massive GTA Online player army was unleashed and struggling to stay alive against the onslaught is as entertaining to watch as it probably was for everyone involved to play. There’s no telling when MrBeast’s next online gaming challenge will be or what it will entail, but it will be difficult to top having an entire paramilitary looking to win a payday in GTA Online.

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Source: MrBeast Gaming/YouTube

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