Ms Dos 6.22 Bootable Iso

How to install Ms-DOS 6.22 part one

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Ms Dos 6.22 Bootable Iso

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Ms Dos 6.22 Boot Usb Iso

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So, you don't know anything about Ms-DOS and/or you just got an old pc and, unfortunately, there is a problem. The hard drive has nothing on it. The solution is simple, you need to reinstall dos. It could look hard to do at the first glance, but in fact, there is no need to be a computer wizard. First of all, you will need to download the diskettes images of Ms-DOS. The set is made of 3 floppies and one with complementary stuff. The link is just below.
Microsoft DOS 6.22 (4.3 Mo)Clics : 4701

Once downloaded, go in the directory where it was downloaded and you will have, after decompressing, .IMA files:
You can open the files with Winimage (Floppy Image 1.5.2 is a free alternative):
In the menu 'Disk', choose 'format and write floppy'.
This will format the floppy disk, copy the files and check the operations.
In the menu 'Folder', click on close 'image' and 'Open'.
Open the next one, put a second disk and so on.
Installing Ms-DOS
After that, go to your new old pc , put the first floppy disk in it and boot the computer. After a couple of seconds, you should have this:
Press enter, the pc will reboot and format the hard disk drive.
Now, and even if you didn't had the previous screen, you should have this screen:
If you are in an another country than the one in the options, just change it to your appropriate location and keyboard.

Ms Dos 6.22 Bootable Isoo

While being here, check if the time and date are ok. Your next menu should be like the one below.
Now, choose where you want the non-bootable dos files to be installed, C:DOS is the by default directory. Once validated, you will have an installation screen and you will be prompted to put the other diskettes, like in the picture below:

Ms Dos 6.22 Bootable Iso File

By now, it will be really easy. Just change floppy when told to. When finish, the computer will reboot and you will finally have the dos command prompt C:>
For the rest of the installation with the fourth floppy, it will be just below this topic.-------

Dos 622 Iso Download

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