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Here is a list of best free GarageBand alternative for Windows. GarageBand is basically a music studio for Mac operating system to produce music. These Windows software provide the similar set of features and functionalities that you can find in the GarageBand. Just like it, you can also use these desktop software to create music of various genres. To create music, these software provide various inbuilt virtual instruments to create sound and music. Inbuilt virtual instruments like Guitar, Drums, Percussion, Piano, Keyboard, etc.


are provided by these software. In some software, you can also find inbuilt sound samples or loops which you can directly use with your music. You can also add external MIDI devices with these software to add sound samples. Plus, MIDI editing feature namely Piano Roll and Notation style editing are also present in some software. After selecting inbuilt sound loops or creating a custom sound, you can arrange multiple sounds in a rhythmic manner using Multi-Track Editor.

Besides this, Audio Filters, Audio Effects, Audio Mixer, FX Sampler, Audio Recorder, MIDI Recorder, etc. are also present in these GarageBand alternatives. After making music, you can save it as MIDI, MP3, WAV, and other music files. If you are familiar with GarageBand, you will not face many difficulties with the operation of these software. However, if you are a novice user, then a learning period is required to properly understand these software. LMMS is my favorite GarageBand alternative software because it provides almost all essential music-making tools and features.

Plus, it is simpler to use as compared to other listed software. Stagelight is another good GarageBand alternative for Windows because it provides almost same set of features like Virtual Software Instruments, Audio Recording, MIDI Editing, MultiTrack Editor, etc.

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You can also check out lists of best free Music Orchestration, Music Making, and Music Notation software for Windows. LMMS is a free GarageBand alternative for Windows. Just like GarageBand, it can also be used to produce music by arranging audio samples and synthesizing sound.


In it, you can also create beats that you can later merge with vocals to create final music. To create audio sound or beats samples, you can either record MIDI Instruments sound or you can use software synthesizers with inbuilt sound loops to make new sounds. In the Instruments Plugin section, you get various sound synthesizing plugins like kicker, mallets, monstro, sfxr, etc., to make sounds in absence of MIDI devices.

Plus, you can also import projects files of other music editing software (Hydrogen, FL-Studio). In this software, you get a ton of audio tools, but most important tools are audio editors of different types. There are a total of five editors that you get in here namely, Song Editor (to compose melody), Base+Bassline Editor (to create beat and basslines), FX Mixer (to mix unlimited number of channels), Piano Roll (to edit patterns and melodies), and Automation Editor.


By using the combination of Synthesizers, Editors, and External MIDI devices, you can generate all types of music. If all the available tools are not enough, you can add various external plugins to enhance its functionality.

Once the music or song gets completed, you can hear it within this software. After that, you can export final audio as WAV or OGG audio file. Overall, it is a really good alternative to GarageBand for Windows users.


  • Stagelight is another really good GarageBand alternative for Windows. In it, you can find almost similar features as GarageBand such as Virtual Software Instruments, Audio Recording, MIDI Editing, MultiTrack Editor, etc.
  • Plus, an additional Drum Tracks feature to make custom beats is also available in it. To create music through this software, you need to use its MultiTrack Editor.
  • In this editor, you can add Audio Tracks, Drum Tracks, Instruments Tracks, etc. After adding all essential tracks, you can manually generate custom instruments sound or record external sound with the help of MIDI devices.


Similarly, you can import voice samples or add voice through microphone directly to this software. Once all the essential sound pieces are added to its Musti Track Editor, you can arrange sound on different tracks to make rhythmic music.

After creating music, you can easily export it as a MIDI file. If you want to export only individual tracks, then that is also possible in this software. Apart from the mentioned features, you can find many other handy tools in it such as Virtual keyboard, Sound Decibel Settings, Audio Effects, Filters, etc.

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