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Here is a list of best free GarageBand alternative for Windows. GarageBand is basically a music studio for Mac operating system to produce music. These Windows software provide the similar set of features and functionalities that you can find in the GarageBand.

Just like it, you can also use these desktop software to create music of various genres. To create music, these software provide various inbuilt virtual instruments to create sound and music.

  • Inbuilt virtual instruments like Guitar, Drums, Percussion, Piano, Keyboard, etc.
  • are provided by these software. In some software, you can also find inbuilt sound samples or loops which you can directly use with your music.
  • You can also add external MIDI devices with these software to add sound samples.
  • Plus, MIDI editing feature namely Piano Roll and Notation style editing are also present in some software.
  • After selecting inbuilt sound loops or creating a custom sound, you can arrange multiple sounds in a rhythmic manner using Multi-Track Editor.
  • Besides this, Audio Filters, Audio Effects, Audio Mixer, FX Sampler, Audio Recorder, MIDI Recorder, etc.
  • are also present in these GarageBand alternatives.
  • After making music, you can save it as MIDI, MP3, WAV, and other music files.
  • If you are familiar with GarageBand, you will not face many difficulties with the operation of these software.
  • However, if you are a novice user, then a learning period is required to properly understand these software.


LMMS is my favorite GarageBand alternative software because it provides almost all essential music-making tools and features. Plus, it is simpler to use as compared to other listed software.

Stagelight is another good GarageBand alternative for Windows because it provides almost same set of features like Virtual Software Instruments, Audio Recording, MIDI Editing, MultiTrack Editor, etc.

You can also check out lists of best free Music Orchestration, Music Making, and Music Notation software for Windows. LMMS is a free GarageBand alternative for Windows. Just like GarageBand, it can also be used to produce music by arranging audio samples and synthesizing sound.

In it, you can also create beats that you can later merge with vocals to create final music. To create audio sound or beats samples, you can either record MIDI Instruments sound or you can use software synthesizers with inbuilt sound loops to make new sounds.

In the Instruments Plugin section, you get various sound synthesizing plugins like kicker, mallets, monstro, sfxr, etc., to make sounds in absence of MIDI devices. Plus, you can also import projects files of other music editing software (Hydrogen, FL-Studio).

In this software, you get a ton of audio tools, but most important tools are audio editors of different types. There are a total of five editors that you get in here namely, Song Editor (to compose melody), Base+Bassline Editor (to create beat and basslines), FX Mixer (to mix unlimited number of channels), Piano Roll (to edit patterns and melodies), and Automation Editor.


By using the combination of Synthesizers, Editors, and External MIDI devices, you can generate all types of music. If all the available tools are not enough, you can add various external plugins to enhance its functionality. Once the music or song gets completed, you can hear it within this software.

After that, you can export final audio as WAV or OGG audio file. Overall, it is a really good alternative to GarageBand for Windows users. Stagelight is another really good GarageBand alternative for Windows.

In it, you can find almost similar features as GarageBand such as Virtual Software Instruments, Audio Recording, MIDI Editing, MultiTrack Editor, etc. Plus, an additional Drum Tracks feature to make custom beats is also available in it.

To create music through this software, you need to use its MultiTrack Editor. In this editor, you can add Audio Tracks, Drum Tracks, Instruments Tracks, etc. After adding all essential tracks, you can manually generate custom instruments sound or record external sound with the help of MIDI devices.

Similarly, you can import voice samples or add voice through microphone directly to this software. Once all the essential sound pieces are added to its Musti Track Editor, you can arrange sound on different tracks to make rhythmic music.


After creating music, you can easily export it as a MIDI file. If you want to export only individual tracks, then that is also possible in this software. Apart from the mentioned features, you can find many other handy tools in it such as Virtual keyboard, Sound Decibel Settings, Audio Effects, Filters, etc.

In general, it is one of the closest alternatives of GarageBand for the Windows platform. Note: In this free software, you will face various limitations like limited drum kits, instruments, and effects.

To remove all the limitations, you need to purchase the paid version of this software.

  • Magix Music Maker is one of the best free GarageBand alternative for Windows. To create music, it provides features like Virtual Keyboard, Soundpool, Master Effects, MIDI Editor, and more.
  • In addition to that, three advanced tools named Concert Grand LE, Revolta 2, and Vita Synth are also available in it.

All of these instruments contain their own GUI interface with various audio-enhancing features, such as pitch, delay, speed, filter, mixer, etc. To add various effects to music or to edit various music parameters, you can use its Master Effects menu.

This menu contains five tools named as Compressor, 10 Band Equalizer, Reverb, Echo, Limiter. Not only that, this GarageBand alternative even comes with a virtual Piano panel and drum kit panelwhich let you add piano and drum sound on the music track.

What’s New

On its Soundpool Panel, you can find various musical Instruments, such as Drums, Guitar, Keys, Brass, Bass, etc. Each available instrument also has loops to provide more similar tones of the same instrument.

Plus, option to choose up to seven different pitch for each instrument is also available. This freeware provides a Timeline on top right corner where you can add tones from the Soundpool to create music.

Plus, options to directly record voice and MIDI device sound are also available in it.

  • After creating the music, you can also export it as WAV, OGG, and WMV files.
  • Note: In the free version of this software, you can only use up to 8 tracks. To remove this limitation, you need to purchase the paid version of this software.
  • Tracktion is another free GarageBand alternative for Windows. It is basically a feature-rich DAW software that lets you produce music just like the GarageBand.

In it, you can directly connect MIDI devices and record MIDI sound. Standard audio files of various formats like WAV, AIFF, OGG, MP3, FLAC, VOC, etc.

can also be imported. An advanced Track Section is provided by this software that lets you add unlimited numbers of MIDI audio and standard audio files.

  • Using this track section, you can easily put various sound files at different tracks to create an immersive and full sounding audio.
  • Plus, you can also select one or all audio samples of different tracks and play them in a loop by using the Loop option.
  • All the loops can also be saved in this software that you can use later with other projects.
  • In each track, you get a volume controller through which you can select different levels of volume and also, you can choose to mute the audio of some tracks.
  • There are many more tools available through which you can make customize audio such as Automation, Snapping, Audio Presets, Audio Filters, Tempo Changer, Audible Trimming, and more.
  • When you are done creating music, you can export it as WAV, AIFF, FLAC, OGG, MP3, and MIDI files.

However, before exporting, you can also change some audio parameters from the Export Section like Sample Rate, Sample Size, Peak Level, etc. Another great property of this software is its multi-tab interface that allows you to work on multiple music projects at a time.

Its ability to support all types of audio VST Plugins is another impressive feature. In general, it is a very good GarageBand alternative software.


However, it can be a bit challenging to use for new users. So, I recommend watching some video tutorials before using this software. MuLab is yet another free GarageBand alternative for Windows.

Using it, you can record, edit, and create music with ease, just like GarageBand.

  • It also lets you utilize multiple tracks to createmulti-track music.
  • Plus, it supports both MIDI Devices and MIDI Files and comes with useful tools like equalizer, audio recorder, reverb, synth, drum set, etc.
  • The free version of MuLab supports 8 VST plugins for each project, 4 tracks per composition, one MIDI input/output, and 2 audio input/output.
  • If you exceed these limitations, you will hear a soft noise in the background while playing the audio.
  • To remove this limitation, you need to purchase the paid version of this software.
  • This software comes with various useful features such as a mixer, samplers, synths, sample players, effects, slice drum loops, etc.
  • It is also quite useful for recording & mixing quick audio sessions and also to test various VST plugins.

Plus, you can easily save the composed music as either MIDI or WAV audio file. The only major drawback of the free version is the limitation of 4 tracks per composition. Still, the Mixer, MUX, and Sequencer have no limitations and you can use them freely.

Cakewalk is the next free GarageBand alternative for Windows. Using it, you can create music beats as well as compose complete music. However, it works in slightly different way than other software because it uses Web Browser as a platform to work.

Still, it works smoothly without any hiccups. Before using this software, you need to register to their website and by using the created account, you can log in to this software. After logging in to this software, you will get a small floating interface that contains various Sound loops and Music Apps.

According to your need, you can download free apps and sound loops with ease. The main part of this software is its Mix Editor using which you can create music.

Magix Music Maker

By clicking on the Mix Editor button, you can launch its editor on your default browser. In its editor, you get all essential music making tools like Timeline, Multiple Tracks, Drum Machine, BandLab Instruments, Effects, MIDI Device Support, Voice/MIC support, etc.

Besides these tools, it also provides support for External Guitar and Bass Devices which you can also tune through this software.

  • After creating music through available tools, you can save your music as its project file or export music as MP3, and WAV files.
  • Overall, its simple and modern interface and easy to use tools make it a very compelling GarageBand alternative for Windows.
  • Anvil Studio is yet another GarageBand alternative for Windows.
  • In this software, you can find all the essential tools and features which are required to make great music just like GarageBand.
  • To make music, it provides two types of editors namely Piano Roll Editor and Staff Editor.

The Piano Roll Editor is useful to generate music related to Piano, Keyboard, etc. In Piano Roll Editor, you get a virtual piano with various musical notes. The Staff Editor is used to create tones associated with string instruments like Guitar, Violin, etc.

Here, you get features such as Staff Lines, Notes, Signatures, etc. This software also has an analyze feature that makes it different from other software. This tool lets you analyze important information related to music like current song position, the position of the mouse, etc.

It also provides good editing features which let you align notes, merge notes, erase/create notes, split tracks, limit number of notes played at a time, and repair track.


This freeware also provides various important features to enhance music like Mixer, Synthesizer, Performer, Audio Lab, Tempo Settings, and more. Plus, common features to record audio and play music are also present.

After creating the music, you can save or export it to a MIDI file. Note: In this free version of this software, you can only use up to 8 tracks and 24 or 32-bit audio samples.

In order to remove all the limitations, you need to upgrade to the paid version of this software.

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  • GarageBand turns your iPad, and iPhone into a collection of Touch Instruments and a full-featured recording studio — so you can make music anywhere you go.
  • And with Live Loops, it makes it easy for anyone to have fun creating music like a DJ.
  • Use Multi-Touch gestures to play keyboards, guitars, and create beats that make you sound like a pro — even if you’ve never played a note before.

Plug in a guitar or bass and play through classic amps and stompbox effects.

  • Use a Touch Instrument, microphone, or a guitar and instantly record a performance with support for up of 32 tracks.
  • Use the Sound Library to download additional free instruments, loops and sound packs created by some of the biggest producers in the world.
  • And then share your song with friends and family.Live Loops.

• Stability improvements and bug fixes• Contains multiple enhancements to Accessibility. I like this app a lot and I honestly think that once I get better at producing music, that this could be a go to for me until I get to a professional stage in my career.

The only problem is that there aren’t a lot of sound packs to choose from and it kind of gets boring after a while hearing the same sounds over and over again in almost all of your songs.


So I think there should be more sound packs to choose from and that there should be more loops as well cause anytime I look through there it’s always very repetitive and boring. I also think there should be a quick tutorial cause I’ve had a lot of friends delete this app just because it was hard to navigate through and figure out what was what and where they could edit certain loops or some of their own samples at.

It doesn’t have to be suuuper long but it should just go over the basic aspects of the app and where everything is at so that it’s easier for new producers to find stuff.

  • Overall I’d recommend downloading this app cause it’s worth the while (at least until it gets old and boring but I still get on sometimes) I almost forgot to add that I also think it’d be a nice feature if you were to add a hidden loops list where you can remove loops from the general list and specific genres and things so that whenever you’re looking for some good loops you don’t come across the ones you know you’ll never use or just don’t vibe with.
  • This is a fabulous app that is an absolute Must for writers/arrangers who get stuck alone (not good) at airports, parking lots, Etc .The sounds are absolutely fabulous!
  • I could pick nits and say that on cannot press the drum-stick into the drumhead depressing just enough to tighten the next strike to a different semi-tone ..

It is great for mapping out numerous tracks of a song in your head with symphonic strings or Japanese instruments (of which I had never heard) but which sound very Celtic. It is a candy store with invisible, one -way lids: they keep the candy clean but you can reach right through and grab whatever you need for the next part of your song!It is absolutely almost all of the “Jetson-type“ musical things about which I dreamt as a child.

Everything for a complete rainy afternoon at my fingertips!

  • If you can imagine it, most likely you can write it on this with the use of myriad tools.
  • It’s learning curve is practically idiot proof – as attested to buy my ability to use it with such ease.
  • Get this wonderful app and open up all the windows you can find As You Need and use them: choose a few at the beginning and find out how incredibly wonderful it is as you add on to your knowledge and your abilities.
  • I am waiting to hear that someone has used this for an entire movie score ..
  • it will not be long in coming – if it hasn’t already happened!Thank you for presenting this app to all of us to use it!

It is almost God-given! Allow me to start by saying that I’ve been using GarageBand for 3+ years and it is beyond comparison. Out of hundreds of apps on the App Store, it is by far the most user friendly I have ever been able to use.

As somebody who was teaching themselves how to write music, the interface is almost always very helpful and easy to understand, even if you aren’t very knowledgeable of music in the classical sense.


Although not everything about it is completely obvious, it is absolutely worth it to spend time playing around with and discovering new tricks and settings, that aid or streamline the music writing process. That being said, if there is anything about GarageBand that I don’t like, it is the sustain pedal glitch.

It’s the only thing I would consider to be a flaw that truly compromises the effectiveness of the app. When adding/deleting/edited the lengths of sustains on music (particularly piano, as that is what I work with most often), I’ve frequently ran into a myriad of recurring issues; sometimes a sustain will still play even after it’s been deleted, or after shortening a sustain pedal it will still play at its original length.

All in all, however much I dislike the issues with the usage of the sustain pedal feature, any grievance I have with that is dwarfed by my admiration of this app and my appreciation of the undoubtably talented people who put energy into making music so easy.

  • The developer, Apple, indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below.
  • For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy. The following data may be collected and linked to your identity:.
  • Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age.
  • English, Arabic, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.
  • Up to six family members can use this app with Family Sharing enabled.
  • GarageBand is an application for Mac OS X that allows users to easily record, arrange, and mix music, or to create podcasts or digital recordings for other purposes.
  • Includes a number of virtual instruments and effects to allow users to compose music in a variety of contemporary styles.
  • Can be used to record and play back MIDI data, allowing users to compose music by entering notes through a keyboard or other MIDI device.

Interface of the application GarageBand is pretty straightforward and easy to use.

  • It’s mainly designed for amateurs and people who want to produce music. GarageBand has a fairly simple interface that should be fairly easy for any user to pick up.
  • Has a sidebar on the left that allows for easy navigation from one track to another.
  • Has a toolbar at the top that allows for easy editing of tracks.
  • Interface is user-friendly. It has a home screen with four categories of tools: Loops, Instruments, Audio, Midi.
  • All of these are located in the top left corner of the screen.

The left side of screen is the Library with all the instruments. Library is in the top right corner. Users can find the Loops tab in the top right corner.


At the bottom of the screen, there are four buttons: Create, Play, Share, and Library. Creators of this application are Apple Inc. Using GarageBand download for Windows interface is easy. The bottom of the screen has the keyboard where the user tap to create music.

Bottom has a set of buttons that are used to alter the sound of the music or to go to different menus. The left side of the screen has the list of different instruments that can be selected.

When the user selects an instrument, the different options for that instrument appear on the right side of the screen. The right side of the screen has the different menus that are available, including the main menu, the chord menu, the drum kit menu, the audio effects menu.

Is a fairly easy to use download GarageBand free application. It's fairly intuitive and any user should have no trouble navigating through it. Allows users to easily plug in any instrument they have and play it through the app.

App Privacy

GarageBand has a fairly wide range of functionality. It allows users to compose music, record podcasts, create digital recordings for other uses. Has many different instruments GarageBand Mac and effects that allow for a wide range of compositions.

Allows the user to record and playback MIDI data. There are a lot of features, but they are all really useful. Offers a lot of different GarageBand PC tools so the user can create more complex pieces of music.

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