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Fight Against Other Ninjas in these free Naruto Games online

Practice your ninja skills with Naruto 🔥 Naruto shippuden, refers to a popular search on our website with about 8 related games to display.Face our protagonist against other Anime characters in fights against Goku or Bleach, in addition to following the new online adventures of the Naruto Shippüden manga.Naruto shippuden is the protagonist of the manga series of the same name that tells the adventures of a teenage ninja.

What are Naruto Games?

Aspiring to become the next Hokage of the hidden village of Konoha, Naruto shippuden trains every day to master his ninja skills and qualify for this title. For this, he must learn to master a large number of ninja techniques, all this while carrying a curse as his ancient hokage father locked one of the ancestral beasts inside.

By sacrificing his own life Naruto shippuden's father put the nine-tailed fox inside his son, this gives him a lot of chakra and power.

Practice your ninja skills with Naruto 🔥

But if he fails to control and dominate this power, he will eventually lose control thus freeing this beast that only sows chaos and destruction. Creating his own ninja path this young man will master impossible techniques and develop new ones, leaving everyone surprised.

But it will not be easy to become a Hokage, as powerful enemies lurk out there willing to end their dream. Start Your Journey to Become a Ninja. It’s time to begin your journey as Naruto across multiple games, testing your skill as a Ninja in everything from the speed of your mind to the speed of your reflexes.

In the Naruto Memory Game, you get to test how fast your mind works with Naruto characters. How quickly can you identify a face and remember where it was?


This might sound easy enough, but when you’re battling against the clock, your mind tends to panic. If you want to win at Naruto Memory, you must make sure you retain as much memory as you can to get the highest score. Memory isn’t the only thing tested on your journey to becoming a ninja.

Our take

In Naruto game - Bomberman, you’re playing as a Ninja as you test your reflexes when placing bombs. Not only are you watching out for your own bombs, but you must deal with an opponent placing their own bombs on the field.

Should you download it?

You gain points by clearing obstacles. To clear more obstacles in Naruto Bomberman, you must place your bombs right next to them and get to a safe distance.

Once an obstacle explodes, there’s a chance a power-up will appear.

  • One power-up gives you stronger bombs that extend longer distances.
  • Once all the obstacles are clear, it’s time to take out your opponent.
  • Do you have the reflexes to dodge both bombs on your way to a high score?
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