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Pixillion Free Image Converter Pixillion Image Converter for Mac OS X is a quick and easy way to convert all your images quickly. Simply drag and drop your files into Pixillion, select your output folder and format, and click convert! Either individually select files you would like to convert or enjoy the efficiency of converting all of your files at once.

Pixillion Features Include:+ Drag and drop files for convenience.+ Rotate, resize and compress digital photos.+ Convert all of the most popular file formats, including .jpeg, .png, .tiff, .gif, .bmp, .icns, .maya iff, and much more.+ Use batch conversions to convert many files at one time.+ Customize your Pixillion by selecting from Overwrite, DPI, Background, and Metadata settings.Pixillion features a useful preview option to see how images will look before conversion.

What’s New

  • When your done converting your images, save and share them with your friends and family! I've used the app to conert images prior to the mandatory upgrade I had to make in order to convert bulk images and had little to no issues, until recently.
  • After making the upgrade, I now get way more error messages when attempting to upload the images converted using Pixillion Image Converter on other platforms. The main reason for the 1/5 is due to the mandatory upgrade which I haven't had a successful experience with yet.
  • Hi, thank you for your feedback! We have forwarded it to our Development Team. If you haven't already, it would be really helpful if you could reach out to our Support team here as well:
  • I just wanted to convert a few webp images to jpeg. Can't in the free version. Not worth $50 to me. If it can't do a simple thing like this in the free version, what can it do?
  • Seems like a bailt and switch. Developer: Be more transparent in your description please. Hi there, Thank you for the feedback. The free version offers basic functionality with in-app purchases for upgrades and more advanced features.

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