Need For Speed Franchise Download

Need for Speed inspired more than 20 sequels and is one of the top racing games of all time, so fans of the series will want to check out the newest installment. The very first game in this franchise came out in 1994, but that game, which was only available for select consoles, looked significantly different.

Modern versions increased the amount of action and followed a set story that usually had you playing as a good guy forced into a life of crime. The popularity of those games even led to Hollywood releasing a film based on the franchise.

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 (free version) download for PC.

With Need for Speed, which is a newer edition of the game that came out in 2015, you play as one of five male or female racers. Each of those racers has different reasons for competing.

Some want to earn money to help their families, while others want to win races and impress the men or women they love. You can also play in one of five modes. Each of those modes lets you earn points to customize the cars you buy in the game. Need for Speed looked to Grand Theft Auto for inspiration when creating this game.

Instead of limiting what you can do to just the action that occurs on the tracks or during races, the game now lets you explore the fictional world inside the game. You can actually wander into buildings, talk with people on the street, and interact with other characters.

With online multiplayer mode, you can compete against or with your friends after connecting your computer to the internet.
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