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Need For Speed Payback is just the right game to help drivers leave their dull and tedious lives behind this Fall! As part of a team, players will become part of an underground racing scene that functions like a syndicate as they trust one another with breaking into casinos in order to win.


Since it’s so fast-paced and action-heavy, it’s the perfect opportunity for anyone who likes over-the-top 16 car races against some of the biggest names in popular culture.

Need for Speed: Payback features an expansive open world, with a huge selection of cars, upgrades and more! Use your speed cards to either boost your car’s capabilities on the spot, or save them up to unlock more powerful cards.

Need For Speed PaybackGameplay

To help you drive safely in this game, you can use the Autolog function which details where all your friends are driving and what upgrades they’ve chosen. Plus Need for Speed: Payback has five different gameplay modes ranging from single player to multiplayer and even four-person co-op.

It also has fast paced full screen races involving spectacular Hollywood-style crashes for those who live for action – making it a super exciting racing game that’s faster than ever before! There will be three playable characters in the game:. Tyler Morgan is a high-octane leader who has acquired his interests in late adolescence.

He began racing at the age of 18 and has been winning since his first day on track. Sean McAlister is an off-road racer, drifter and businessman. Jessica Miller can be slippery when the cops are after her.

Gameplay Screenshots

In addition to the main characters, the following names are least mentioned in dialogue: Ravindra Chadhri, Lina Navarro and Marcus Weir.

The heroines develop these characters by only acknowledging them at least once in each chapter of the novel. Need for Speed: Payback has finally come out and you are now able to drive around like a madman without having to worry about speeding tickets or police forces.

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We can now build the car of our dreams without any restrictions! Need for Speed: Payback gives you freedom to create the most jaw dropping car battles in a plot that propels you into illegal street racing while also adding some serious vengeance into the mix as well.

Aside from that, it’s full of customization options so you can build your own vehicle to enjoy some serious eye turners! By clearing rival mobs, the player of this game has not only secured their home street “turf” but also all sorts of new opportunities to make some serious profit seeing as the area they just acquired is now a prime target for takeover from other criminal factions.

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As the story progresses, police will get more persistent in their efforts to shut you down.

The cops will try many new tactics to bring you down – so stay alert!

  • The multiplayer elements in Horizon 3 allows players to compete against each other in various ways, earning them rewards after each competition and increasing their standing in the Leaderboard.
  • Developers have spent a lot of time building a lush, vibrant world filled with engaging content and intriguing characters.
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  • These three characters – Tyler Harrison, Mac O’Driscoll, and Jessica Morgan – share a common goal and that is excitement.
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  • Thanks to the new minimap interface in Autolog, you’ll be able to detect cops better when competing with your friends or potential rivals.
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