Neher Mcgrath Software

The Neher-McGrath Calculations provide a method for calculating underground cable temperatures or ampacity ratings and are derived from the following technical paper:.

McGrath,“The Calculation of the Temperature Rise and Load Capability of Cable Systems”, AIEE Transactions, Part III, Volume 76, pp 752-772, October, 1957.

  • This paper considers the complicated heat transfer issues associated with the determination of underground system ampacities.
  • The paper cites the following basic equation for calculation of a cable ampacity:.
  • However, this single equation masks the great complexity involved in these procedures.

There are scores of complicated equations involved in developing the terms in this equation and those required for temperature calculations.

  • (The paper defines over 80 variables and contains in excess of 70 formulas excluding appendices.) To solve for unique ampacities or temperatures at each cable position, a multiple set of equations must be developed to take into account interference heating from every position in the system, and a matrix solution technique for simultaneous equations utilized.
  • AmpCalc handles all the complexity and allows the user to quickly and easily determine ampacities for virtually any underground ductbank or direct burial arrangement.
  • Power Cable Ampacity Rating. Sim-Grid markets CYMCAP software and provides technical support as well as trainings.

The CYMCAP software is dedicated to the calculation of ampacity and temperature rise calculations for power cable installations.

The accuracy of the software provides increased confidence when upgrading power cable installations and designing new ones; maximizing the benefits from the considerable capital investment associated with them. It also helps increase system reliability and supports the proper utilization of the installed equipment.

The CYMCAP software is dedicated to performing ampacity and temperature rise calculations for power cable installations.

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