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Download free VST plugins developed by 99Sounds. Find more free VST plugins at Bedroom Producers Blog. Compatibility: Our virtual instruments are compatible with all VST and AU plugin host applications on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows and macOS.

Keep in mind that macOS Catalina is NOT supported at the moment. Installation: On Windows, extract the downloaded archive to your VST plugins folder (the one which is scanned by your DAW).

On macOS, extract the downloaded archive to /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components and restart your DAW. Upright Piano is a freeware piano virtual instrument in VST/VST3/AU plugin formats for Windows and macOS.

It is based on a set of piano samples recorded by Rudi Fiasco. The plugin features four sampled notes per octave and six dynamic layers per note.

Free VST Plugins

The user can adjust the attack and release time, tremolo intensity and speed, global volume, and key release volume, as well as the built-in low-pass filter and reverb effects.

Rudi Fiasco is an Italian pianist and audio engineer. Visit his website to download the free piano samples that were used to create Upright Piano. Drum Machine is a freeware drum rompler in VST/AU plugin formats for Windows and Mac OS X, featuring the drum sounds from our free 99 Drum Samples sample library.

The plugin was developed by our friends at SampleScience. This initial version comes with twelve free drum kits and will be expanded with more built-in drum samples and kits in future updates (which will also free).

Best Free Piano Instrument VST

The plugin features eight drum slots with support for stereo and multiple mono outputs. Each drum channel comes with volume and pan controls, along with global pan/volume controls and an LFO for pitch modulation.

The Low and High knobs in the upper-right corner of the user interface control the MIDI velocity range.

The drop-down menu is used for browsing through the available drum kits. More kits will be added in forthcoming free updates. Clap Machine is a freeware VST/AU plugin for Windows and Mac OS X, based on the natural hand clap samples from our free Hands Make Sounds sample library.

The purpose of Clap Machine is to provide a quick and easy way to add natural sounding claps to your music. You can use it to easily create rhythmic sequences or some natural sounding group claps (aka “gang” claps) by playing multiple notes at the same time.

The plugin features four full octaves of clap sounds which I’ve recorded in different locations, with varying amounts of natural reverb that was captured while recording.

How to use VST plugins for FREE?

You can use the simple global AR volume envelope to control the softness and the tail of the claps. If you don’t want any natural reverb, use shorter release times and either add some of the built-in reverb or use a third-party reverb plugin to process the signal.

Last Updated on January 11, 2022 by . Yes, you read that right- 400 VST plugin tools completely free of charge (Audiounit versions for Mac OS are also available). EDITOR’S NOTE: Our list for best FREE VSTs is continually updated, so make sure you bookmark this page for future reference and share it with your friends.

We’ve spent countless days digging through the web to find the very best free plugins – both VST and AU/Audio Unit.

We found more than 400 free VSTs of all types, including one VST whose sole purpose is to crash your DAW. 👉 CHECK OUT THE LATEST DEALS AND DISCOUNTS ON VST PLUGINS AND DAWS.

We did our best to group these plugins by category, but some VSTs were simply impossible to classify.

This list includes effects too, but if you’re looking for a list of the best vst SYNTHS, you can find it here.

Best Free Spectral Analyzer VST

But enough talk, without further ado, here is our list:. Traditionally used to emulate that vintage guitar sound that is unique to some old school amps, amp simulators can also be used with other instruments to achieve a unique sound.

Interested in more AMP SIMULATION? Then check out our list of BEST AMP SIMULATORS ON THE MARKET. Below are our favorite free amp sim vsts. Blue Cat’s and Voxengo’s free amp simulators are some of the highlights.

Manually changing the pan knobs is so last year. These plugins are free and will add some cool effects to your mix effortlessly. Also you should check our list of BEST Rent-to-own VST plugins here in case you want to get a lot of VSTs but are strapped for cash.

Our favorite?Well, PanCake is pretty cool. Bass VSTs nowadays can be anything from 808s to Upright Jazz.

Below, in no particular order, you’ll find a huge variety of bass sounds.

Best Free Orchestral VST

Some come with interfaces, others don’t. Bitcrushers are all the trend right now. And to be honest, they’re not that hard to program.

If you want to dive straight into world class VST SYNTHS (not free), here is our own list of BEST SYNTH PLUGINS right here. Also, our list of BEST FM SYNTH Plugins is handy. The plugins outlined below will give you some really good glitchy lo-fi sounds- for free, of course.

This section contains no one type of VST. Instead it aggregates all bundles. A compressor is a must have plugin for any producer or engineer.

Fortunately, some of the free plugins we’ve listed below are pretty much at the same level of the state of the art paid plugins made by waves and others.

Our favorites are the Density mkIII and the Klanghelm MJUC Jr.

Best Text Editor

Another essential plugin to have in your library. Once again, the free options are almost as good as the paid ones.

Voxengo Tempo Delay 2.0. is the pick of the litter for us. My mother always told me “march to the beat of your own drum”, but I guess she was wrong, because I found a bunch of really good free drum vsts. You should also check out this cool drum plugin by Loopcloud here.

Amongst them, is the T.REX 606, a classic sound that could have easily cost hundreds of dollars, but for some reason is free: . Are you processing your own voice?

Then why not check out this list of BEST MICROPHONE ARMS AND STANDS listed on Amazon.

We all need some balance in our lifes.

Best Free Phaser VST

And so do our mixes, that’s why you should definitively download a free EQ plugin.Our favorite here is TDR Nova by Tokyo Dawn Records. You should also check out our article on online mastering services here.

Welcome to the most popular category of this article. A good synth can make or break a song, and you’d be surprise how far a free synth can go.

A great example is Synth1 by Daichi Labs. Artists such as Noisia have confessed to using it extensively and it sounds just amazing. Check for yourself:. These are plugins that we could not categorized or still haven’t had the time to use and assign a category. And that’s it folks! If you’ve got any suggestions, please leave them in the comments below, or contact us.

And remember, stay tuned on this article as there are constant updates!

Free VST plugins are the best way to upgrade your music production setup with exciting new virtual instruments and effects.

Best Free Amp Simulator VST

There are hundreds of free VSTs online, and finding good ones takes time. To help you focus on making music instead of testing audio plugins, we listed the best VST plugins for your digital audio workstation.

We picked the best free VST plugins in each category. This makes it easy to find a free plugin for a specific music production task, and the listings are updated multiple times per year.

We also selected the best free VST plugins for 2022. These plugins are a great starting point for quickly upgrading your music setup. Be sure to check back regularly and keep your free VST plugins up to date! Welcome to the internet’s most up-to-date directory of VST plugins.

Select one of the free plugin categories below. Freeware effects in VST plugin format:. Autotune – Free alternatives to Antares Auto-Tune. Bitcrusher – Freeware bitcrusher plugins. Chorus – The best free chorus effects.

Compressor – The best compressors for mixing and mastering.

Compressor (Multiband) – A collection of multi-band compressors.

Best Free String Synth VST

Compressor (Sidechain) – A collection of sidechain compressors. Delay/Echo – Add space and depth to your mix with free delay effects.

Distortion – Distort your audio with these freeware plugins. EQ (Graphic) – Free graphic equalizers in VST format. EQ (Linear-Phase) – Linear-phase equalizers in the VST plugin format.

EQ (Parametric) – Parametric EQ plugins for mixing and mastering. Filter – Filters for mixing and sound design. Flanger – Free flanger VST effects.

Gate (Noise Gate) – Freeware VST plugins for removing noise from recordings. Granulator – A collection of granular effects to really mess up your audio.

Guitar Amp – Large collection of virtual guitar amplifier VST plugins.

Limiter – Free limiter effects for mastering and mixing.

Best Free Stereo Width Control VST

Phaser – The best free phaser plugins. Reverb – Algorithmic reverb VST plugins. Reverb (Convolution) – Convolution reverb VSTs.

Saturation – Free saturation VST plugins for that classic analog sound. Stereo Enhancer – Enhance the stereo width with these freeware effects. Transient Shaper – Make your drums snappy with these free transient shapers.

Vocoder – Become the next Daft Punk with these free vocoder VST plugins. A selection of free virtual instruments in VST plugin format:. Drums – Instruments for playing drum sounds. Orchestral – Symphonic orchestra instruments.

Piano (Acoustic) – Virtual acoustic pianos. Piano (Electric) – Virtual electric piano instruments. ROMpler – A round-up of free ROMpler instruments.

Sampler – Free VST plugins for playing audio samples. SoundFont – Play your SoundFonts with these free plugins when you’re feeling old school.

String Machine – A collection of string ensemble instruments.

Best Free Limiter VST

Jean Michel Jarre will love these! Synthesizer – Free synthesizer VST plugins. Synthesizer (Retro) – Emulated vintage synthesizers.

Virtual Instruments – Must-have free instruments. Other helpful freeware VST plugins:.

Arpeggiator – A collection of freeware arpeggiator VST plugins. Oscilloscope – Free oscilloscope tools. Spectrum Analyzer – Visualize your mix with these freeware spectrum analyzers.

Step Sequencer – Sequence your virtual instruments with these freeware step sequencers. A selection of free audio editors, digital audio workstations, and other applications that host VST plugins:.

Best Free Dynamic Processor VST

Audio Editing Software – Audio editing programs that can host VST plugins. Beat Making Software – Make beats on your computer.

Digital Audio Workstations – The best free DAW software. Free Recording Software – Record high-quality audio with these free tools.

Mastering Software – Freely downloadable VST plugins for mastering. Music Production Software – The best free music-making tools for beginners.

Video Editing Software – Edit your music videos for free. VST Host Applications – Directory of VST plugin hosts for music production and live performance. These are the best free VSTs available in 2022. If you’re building a music software setup from scratch, these are must-have tools.

The list below features the best free virtual instruments and effects for your studio. Check out the categorized free VST plugin articles above for more options.

Vital is a spectral warping wavetable synthesizer by Matt Tytel.

Best Free Delay and Echo VST

It is the best free synthesizer at the moment and one of the finest free VST plugins ever released.

With a feature set that matches the world’s most popular virtual instruments like Xfer Serum and NI Massive, Vital is a welcome addition to any music producer’s plugin arsenal. One of Vital’s best features is its user interface.

Despite its complex synthesis engine, the instrument is intuitive and easy to use. More info:Vital. Surge is an open-source synthesizer for experienced sound designers. The plugin is versatile and complex, offering a wide selection of synthesis modes, a robust modulation engine, and numerous filter types. At its core, Surge is a subtractive hybrid synthesizer.

However, it features complex oscillators that utilize various synthesis techniques to generate sound. There are twelve different algorithms to choose from, including frequency modulation, wavetables, S&H, and audio input.

The instrument comes with 2,285 presets, so there are plenty of sounds to get you started if you’re not interested in designing patches from scratch.

Surge was recently ported to JUCE, delivering improved performance and other optimizations.

Best Free Distortion VST

If you’re producing any genre of electronic music, Surge is one of the free VST plugins you should definitely have in your arsenal.

More info:Surge. LABS is a free virtual instrument by Spitfire Audio. It is a sample-based instrument platform with an ever-growing collection of high-quality sound banks.

Since we already covered virtual synthesizers (Vital and Surge), it’s time to focus on sample-based instruments and acoustic sounds. Unlike virtual synths, LABS uses samples as the sound source.

You can use it to play virtual guitars, pianos, drums, and more.

Spitfire Audio constantly releases new expansion libraries for LABS, and they all sound fantastic.

Best Free Audio Player VST

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but we highly recommend trying Soft Piano, Synth Strings, Bass Guitar, and Wurli.

Komplete Start is a free VST plugin bundle by Native Instruments. It contains several virtual instruments and effects, including the industry-standard Kontakt Player plugin. Kontakt Player is one of the most widely-used sample players on the market. It is the free version of Kontakt, the flagship sampler from Native Instruments.

To help you get started, we created a list of free Kontakt libraries for Kontakt Player.

The free Komplete Start collection also includes a set of NI Reaktor instruments (LazerBass, Carbon 2, and TRK-01) and the Supercharger compressor effect.

More info:Komplete Start.

Final Thoughts

TDR Nova is a free parallel dynamic equalizer plugin developed by Tokyo Dawn Labs. It is the ultimate EQ and one of the best free VSTs for mixing.

You can use TDR Nova as a basic parametric EQ or a super surgical dynamic EQ for dealing with complex audio signals.

It works equally well for mixing and mastering. TDR Nova can handle parametric equalization, dynamic equalization, and even multi-band compression thanks to its robust feature set.

TDR Nova is the first pick if you’re looking for a go-to equalizer for your VST plugin collection.

Best Free Flanger VST

It’s user-friendly, versatile, and freeware. More info:TDR Nova. Limiter №6 is the best free limiter plugin.

It features five stages (compressor, peak limiter, HF limiter, clipper, protection), each designed to slightly reduce the signal’s dynamic range.

If you’re looking for a powerful mastering limiter, Limiter №6 is a freeware VST plugin worth downloading.

It can handle the most complex of signals with ease. One of its best qualities is its transparent sound.

Limiter №6 slightly compresses the signal in each stage, resulting in a natural-sounding signal on the output.

Best Free Bitcrusher VST

More info:Limiter №6. Frontier is a free compressor plugin by D16 Group. It excels as a tracking limiter and an easy-to-use compressor for boosting the loudness of individual tracks.

Unlike the Limiter №6 plugin, which we mentioned earlier, Frontier is a straightforward mixing tool. Adjust the Threshold knob to compress the signal and increase the Output Level control to get the desired loudness.

Download this VST plugin if you’re looking for a dependable compressor/limiter tool.

Best Free Phase Distortion VST

It will speed up your mixing workflow and help you compress the individual tracks in your mix. More info:Frontier.

Valhalla SuperMassive is a free delay and reverb effect designed by Valhalla DSP. This is the best free VST to download if you’re looking for huge reverbs, massive delays, and endless echoes.

Sound designers will appreciate Valhalla SuperMassive’s unique delay algorithms. Each mode offers a massively different reverb character, ranging from abstract chambers to sci-fi atmospheres.

For more info about each delay mode, visit the product page on the developer’s website. However, this is one of those plugins that you’ll probably enjoy using even without reading the manual. Valhalla SuperMassive is one of the best-sounding reverb effects currently available.

Be sure to check out Valhalla DSP’s free Valhalla Space Modulator plugin, too.

More info:Valhalla SuperMassive.

Best Free Mastering VST

FerricTDS mkII is the best free tape saturation effect. It simulates the saturation and dynamic range reduction properties of analog tape. You can use FerricTDS to compress the signal, add analog-style saturation, and smooth out the transients.

It is an essential free VST plugin for music producers who want a “more analog” sound in their DAW.

FerricTDS mkII sports a well-designed user interface with a simple control layout. Adjust the Dynamics and Saturation knobs while monitoring the gain reduction meter.

Once you’re happy with the result, fine-tune the Trim knob to add some volume.

Best Free Oscilloscope VST

There are two saturation modes to choose from (Modern and Classic), and the limiter module on the output prevents clipping.

For more saturation options, take a look at Tessla SE mkII. FerricTDS mkII is now compatible with all 64-bit plugin hosts on Windows.

More info:FerricTDS mkII. Krush is a free distortion effect by Tritik. It combines several distortion types, including bit crushing, downsampling, and overdriving the audio signal.

In addition to distorting the signal, Krush can filter and modulate the incoming audio.

Best Trigger Gate

There are four different modulation shapes to choose from, and the LFO can work in sync with the host application. If you’re looking for a versatile sound design tool, Krush should be one of the first free VST plugins on the list.

It’s a multi-effect that works as a filter, a distortion box, and a modulator. More info:Krush. If you’ve never used audio plugins before, chances are you’re facing the following question.

What are VST plugins? A VST plugin is a software-based audio effect or a virtual instrument intended for use in a host program that supports Virtual Studio Technology.

Introduced by Steinberg in 1996, the Virtual Studio Technology and VST plugins made a massive impact on the way we produce music today.

The technology allows music producers to expand their digital audio workstations with third-party audio effects and virtual instruments.

Best Free Compressor VST

Nowadays, most digital audio workstations can load plugins in VST2 and the more recent VST3 formats. VST plugins can expand a virtual music studio, much like how hardware effects and instruments are utilized in a real studio.

The good news is that there are literally thousands of VST plugins available for free download on the web.

In fact, there are so many free VSTs on the market that one can waste hours downloading and testing them instead of making music.

For this reason, a curated list like our free VST plugins page will help you find the right music production tools more quickly.

Best Free Reverb VST

Now that you know what a VST plugin is, here’s how you can use it to make music. First things first, you will need a VST plugin host.

That is a software program capable of loading virtual instruments and effects in VST format. Choosing the right audio software and learning to use it properly are the most important steps for a new music producer. Therefore, go ahead and familiarize yourself with the software available in your VST plugin folder.

You don’t want to use a complicated plugin for the first time during a critical mixing session. First of all, you need to choose a digital audio workstation.

The decision to use freeware or commercial music production software is up to you and your budget.

The workflow is the first thing to keep in mind when choosing your DAW.

Best Free VST Bundle

Is the interface intuitive? Does the control layout seem logical to you? Does the application provide all the recording and mixing features you’ll require? And most importantly, can it host VST plugins?

The best free digital audio workstations are Waveform Free by Tracktion and Cakewalk by BandLab. Both applications can load VST plugins.

Now that you’ve picked your DAW, you’re all set to start building your collection of free VST plugins. Always go for quality instead of quantity. A common beginner mistake is going on a download spree and hoarding hundreds of VSTs on your hard drive.

This is bad for your workflow and will slow down your productivity. Imagine for a moment that your DAW is a real-world studio.

Would you be able to make music in a room cluttered with hundreds of dusty instruments, effects, broken tapes, disconnected audio cables, and other gear that no one will ever use?

You don’t want such a mess in your virtual studio, either.

Best Free Filter VST

Stay focused on workflow efficiency when choosing your virtual instruments and effects. This page is a great place to start because we only include the best freeware VST plugins in each category.

You need a small but versatile collection of audio production software that will cover all of your music production needs. Take the time to examine the VST plugins on offer and keep only the ones you really need.

Keep your mixing toolbox lightweight and efficient. Limit yourself to no more than three virtual compressors, equalizers, synthesizers, etc.

Many music producers spend more time collecting free software for music production than actually making music. Don’t make this mistake. Install only the tools that best suit your workflow and learn how to use them.

Read the manuals, watch the video tutorials, and spend some time experimenting with your free VST plugins.

Finally, always keep your VST plugins updated. Developers regularly release updated versions of the software.

The updates often include essential bug fixes, optimizations, performance improvements, and additional features.

Best Free Chorus VST

Keep an eye on our news section to stay informed about the latest version updates of popular free VST plugins. Also, subscribe to our email newsletter to receive the latest freeware news straight to your email inbox.

If you’re looking for even more free VSTs for your DAW, check out the massive database over at KVR Audio.

Last updated: March 30, 2022. “What are the best free VST plugins out there in 2022?”. In 2022, there are hundreds of free VST plugins out there, from fully-featured wavetable synth plugins, to detailed, authentic virtual instruments.

Third-party VST plugins are an essential part of the music production process, so it’s important you know which plugins are worth your time.

Best Free Stompbox VST

If you’re a beginner, or you’re looking for some new free VST plugins to add to your collection, you’re in the right place.

Last year we released our rundown of the best VST plugins of 2021, which received a hugely positive response. So without further ado, let’s dive into this list of the best VST plugins 2022.

In last year’s rundown we gave the number 1 spot to the incredible wavetable synth Vital. So if you haven’t already downloaded Vital, make sure you check it out here.

Best Uncategorized Plugins

But another free, fully-featured synth plugin you should know about is Surge.

Surge is undoubtedly one of the most underrated synths in 2022, especially given its seemingly endless amount of onboard controls and effects. One of the best things about Surge is its ability to create almost any sound you can think of.

The Surge engine features 3 oscillators, each with 12 unique algorithms to choose from. It also features 2 filter units (with feedback loop capabilities), 12 LFO units and 8 effect units with 24 versatile effect options such as 2 reverbs, a vocoder and a ring modulator.

You may be wondering: between Vital and Surge which is the better plugin? In all honesty, Vital has way more features than Surge, and its wavetable functionality is better than almost any paid plugin out there.

However, Surge is noticeably lighter on CPU, and many users have reported their older systems struggling when working with Vital.

Best Free Fuzz Pedal VST

Plus, Surge has significantly more presets than the free version of Vital, so its often better for instant sonic inspiration.

However, they are both completely free, and are absolutely essential tools for any producer in 2022. Click here to download.Available for both Windows / Mac and 32-bit / 64-bit.

Another example of a highly underrated synth plugin is Pendulate from Eventide Audio. This plugin is refreshingly unique and is capable of creating some really interesting, electronic sounds.

The interface features a double pendulum oscillator, with controls for adding instabilities, detuning, overtones and sub bass.

It also features a unique wavefolder section for editing the tone and harmonics of the sound, as well as a ton of options in the lower section for adding modulation, ADSR, and other useful parameters.

Best Free Saxophone VST

I’d definitely recommend this synth to electronic producers looking for grittier, more intense sounds to add to their tracks.

It’s worth mentioning this plugin requires you to sign up before you can download it but it takes less than a minute and it’s definitely worth it.

Click here to download.Available for both Windows / Mac and 32-bit / 64-bit. Wider from Polyverse is a free VST plugin that can be used to expand the stereo image of a mono signal, giving it a huge amount of width.

Best Free Instrument Tuner VST

Now you might be thinking: “I already have a stereo widener control built into my DAW, why do I need this plugin?”. From my experience this free VST plugin is one of the only stereo width plugins that is completely mono-compatible.

For example, many other plugins tend to knock the signal out of phase which can make the result sound strange and unbalanced.

Whereas Wider creates a natural stereo image that will always remain in phase with itself. It’s worth mentioning that this stereo algorithm comes from the insane plugin Manipulator, which Polyverse created with the legendary electronic duo Infected Mushroom.

Manipulator is probably the best plugin out there for warping and manipulating your sounds to create truly unique, inspiring effects.

Best Free EQ VST

It’s not a free plugin but if you are interested in that one you can check it out here. Click here to download.Available for both Windows / Mac and 32-bit / 64-bit.

Voltage Modular Nucleus by Cherry Audio is an another absolutely essential download for any producer in 2022.

This plugin contains a free collection of 22 modules with over 130 presets. It is also the perfect beginners introduction to this style of modular synthesis.

The free version of this plugin is meant to act as a “starter kit”, however it really has everything you need to get started (and more!) Not only does it have a gorgeous design and workflow, but it’s also capable of creating some genuinely breathtaking sounds.

Its modular-style workflow can be quite confusing for beginners, which is why it’s best to maybe start experimenting using the presets as a starting point.

Click here to download.Available for both Windows / Mac and 32-bit / 64-bit.

Best Free Gate VST

Cloudrum by Ample Sound is a virtual instrument that allows you to perfectly sample a steel tongue drum with a range of 3 octaves.

A common pitfall for modern music production is to consistently use the same sounds as other producers in their genre. The best producers in 2022 all use sounds in new and creative ways, which instantly sets them apart from everyone else.

With that in mind, Cloudrum gives you access to a gorgeous-sounding instrument you may have come across before.

Best Free Frequency Analyzer VST

The tone and colour of the sound is extremely pleasant to the ear, and you also get some handy mic parameters and an ADSR control to finetune the sound as well. Click here to download.Available for both Windows / Mac and 32-bit / 64-bit.

The next free VST plugin on this list is Signal (Free) by Output. Output are an acclaimed audio software development company with a fantastic range of instrument and effect plugins, as well as Kontakt libraries.

Signal Free is the free version of their incredibly popular Signal library: an expansive, rhythm-focused collection of instruments ideal for creating evolving, atmospheric sounds.

Even the free version remains extremely versatile, and can be used to create synth stabs, melodic, spacious piano tones and a huge range of ambient soundscapes.

Signal Free includes 4 sound sources and 25 unique instrument presets, and even boasts LFOs, step, arpeggiator and looper controls.

It’s worth noting this is a Kontakt instrument so I use it in the full version of Kontakt. However it works in the free version of Kontakt Player as well, so I’d definitely recommend trying it out even if you don’t have the full version.

Click here to download.Available for both Windows / Mac and 32-bit / 64-bit. SuperMassive by Valhalla is a stunning, surprisingly-powerful free reverb plugin.

Valhalla are a renowned plugin company best-known for their insanely high-quality reverb and delay tools.

Super Massive is no different, and it can be used to create huge, spacious, evolving reverb tails.

Best Free Drum VST

The MODE control is probably the most powerful Supermassive control, as each algorithms in this list has very decay characteristics.

Combining these long delays with the unique WARP control, and the results range from echoes that slowly fade in, to cascading harmonic echoes, to lush, evolving reverbs, and more.

If you’re looking to spice up your reverb effects, Supermassive is an absolute no-brainer. Click here to download.Available for both Windows / Mac and 32-bit / 64-bit.

If you’re looking for some instant vintage keys, you should definitely check out the free keys plugin Sweetcase from NoiseAsh. Sweetcase is designed and recorded with vintage analog equipment, and has a really authentic, retro sound.

The controls are fairly basic, but you do get a reverb control and a couple of modulation controls as well. Click here to download.Available for both Windows / Mac and 32-bit / 64-bit.

When it comes to free compression plugins, everyone knows about OTT. Another free alternative for compression is Rough Rider by AudioDamage.

Rough Rider is easily one of the most popular free compression plugins of all time, and for good reason. For a free download, the quality is very rounded and professional-sounding.

The interface is also very easy to use and makes compressing your sounds a quick and uncomplicated process.

This new and updated version includes this external sidechain input as well as your standard compression controls.

Best Free Overdrive Pedal VST

Click here to download.Available for both Windows / Mac and 32-bit / 64-bit. Finally we have an incredible collection of plugins modeled on authentic guitar pedals. The effects include various types of distortion, drive and a chorus as well.

My personal favourite is the Ibanez® TS-808 modeling plugin, which provides a tube-style creamer effect with drive, tone and level controls, as well as a mod switch. So if you’re looking for some free guitar tones, I’d definitely recommend checking this collection out.

Click here to download.Available for both Windows / Mac and 32-bit / 64-bit. Jan 14, 2022• Proven solutions. With the release of different VST plugins, it has become more convenient and inexpensive for a music producer to mix a track.

Instead of buying expensive music instruments, they can install dedicated plugins and get the same results without any hassle.

Of course, with so many available options, it can get a bit hectic to evaluate which VST plugins are worth installing. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 10 best free VST plugins so that you can pick the best ones to fulfill your requirements.

So, without any further ado, let’s start the list. You might also like: 8 Best DAW for Chromebook to Make Music. Native Instruments has done a remarkable job by releasing KOMPLETE START.

It’s a complete audio-mixing bundle that contains a variety of VST plugins, virtual instruments, thousands of audio effects, and several other free resources for music production.

Best Free Saturation VST

Earlier all these elements were available individually. However, music producers can now access all these elements with a single product bundle, making the entire audio-mixing process more convenient and quick.

You can use the KOMPLETE START audio bundle with any VST, AU, and AAX plugin compatible DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Get Access to 2,000 sounds and more than 6 GB of content.

Perfect for Beginners as KOMPLETE START has everything to step-up your music production game. Compatible With Windows as well as Mac OS. Spitfire Labs is yet another complete package if you’re looking for different types of sounds.

It would have been an injustice to exclude Spitfire Labs’ audio project from the list of best free VST plugins as it contains some of the unique audio effects one can integrate into their audio track.

What separates Spitfire Labs from other VST plugins is that every sound is composed of musicians and sampling experts in London, which means there’s no compromise on the quality whatsoever.

And, since it features a wide variety of sounds, ranging from drums to actual natural sounds from the Northern Hemisphere, you’ll have no limitations on expressing your creativity.

Best Free Pitch Correction VST

Get a Variety of instrumental and natural sounds in one package. Experts compose each audio effect/sound. Sonatina Orchestra is a suitable free VST plugin for people who have just started their career as a music composer and are looking for pretty necessary investment.

It’s an orchestral sample library that contains pretty much all the elements you’ll need to create an orchestration virtually. The library contains an array of audio samples, which have different amounts of stage ambiance, based on the placement of an instrument on the stage.

It means you give your audio track a real orchestral vibe using different audio samples. Different Types of audio samples including strings, brass, keys & choir, etc. Perfect for Beginners as well as slightly experienced music composers.

Best Tremolo

Keyzone Classic is a piano-based plugin that provides acoustic samples from different pianos.

The plugin can be installed on any operating system, be it Mac or Windows, and works with the majority of DAWs.

If you want to add a piece of soft piano music in the background of your audio track, Keyzone Classic is the perfect option. Unlike the previous best free VST plugins in our list, Keyzone Classic isn’t a complete bundle, which makes it lightweight and easy-to-use.

Get a variety of presets including Yamaha Grand Piano, Steinway Grand Piano, Basic Electric Piano.

Lightweight and easy-to-install.

Best Transient Shaper

Sforzando is one of the most powerful sample players that’ll free you from relying on proprietary formats for creating your own SFZ file formats.

With Sforzando, you can create and share instruments for free, as well as commercial purposes.

Although it might not be a suitable option for beginners or even intermediate composers. Because there is no fancy UI that’ll help you navigate through different elements.

Everything needs to be done from scratch, that too, at the SFZ file level itself.

Best Free Bass Instrument VST

In a nutshell, you must be a skilled and highly experienced composer to operate Plogue Sforzando.

Uses SFZ file format, which is royalty-free, which means you can create and distribute instruments without any restrictions.

As the name implies, Simple Sound Delay is a virtual signal delaying AAX and VST plugin.

It can be used in any DAW to delay audio signals with extremely accurate precision.

Best free VST plugins (2022 update)

The plugin allows you to postpone time by setting a time-frame in milliseconds or using the samples. However, being one of the standalone and free VST plugins, Sound Delay can only be used to delay audio signals.

Apart from this, it doesn’t provide any functionality whatsoever. Sound Delay is an appropriate option for music composers who have already installed dozens of individual VST plugins and want a new one that’ll help them delay audio signals as well.

Delay Audio Signals in milliseconds or using samples. Delay mid & side-channels separately.

Tube Amplifier is a VST plugin that applies asymmetric tube triode overdrive to your project.

Best FREE Synth Instrument VST

By no means, TubeAmp is the right choice for a beginner as one must be familiar with tube-triode. However, if you’re an experienced music composer, Tube Amplifier will fit your studio perfectly.

As we mentioned earlier, it can be used to apply asymmetric tube triode overdrive, which is usually found in single-tube microphone preamp boxes. It also contains a low-pass filter that’ll help you imitate a low-quality tube-triode.

Asymmetric tube triode overdrive. Two processing modes. Additional output saturation stage. Stereo and multi-channel processing. Ozone Imager V2 is probably one of the best free VST plugins as it allows a music composer to have full control over the width of the sounds.

The tool has three different vectorscope meters that instantly show the stereo width and help you widen or narrow the sounds precisely as per the project requirements.

Best Free Granular Effect VST

Ozone Imager also has a dedicated “Stereoize” feature that’ll help you turn mono sounds into stereo without any reverb. This will make it easier to enhance the overall audio effects and give a professional touch to your tracks.

Stereoize the sounds with no need for doubling. Visualize the sounds using vectorscope meters to precisely adjust their width.

RS-W2395c is a classic Baxandall equalizer that’s perfect for creating audio effects for your rock band.

It offers an extremely straightforward UI, which will make it easier for all the hobbyist music composers to switch low and mid-bands without having to dive deeper into the “Settings” menu.

The Best FREE VST Plugins 2022: Similar Articles

The dedicated high-shelf will give you the liberty to carve darkening instruments and voices. This will help you compose audio tracks that stand out in the crowd. Extremely Flexible UI.

Easily Control Mid & Low Bands for your track. Unlike other free VST plugins in our list, Sound Recovery is specifically tailored to repair low-quality audio tracks to make them sound better and reach the professional level.

The plugin will help you adjust mid & high frequencies to an optimal level or add them if they’re missing in a soundtrack.

Best Free Autopanner VST

So, if you have any tracks that require a slight polishing, Sound Recovery will help. Erase Unwanted Noises from an Audio Track. After repairing a track, save the preset for future use.

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DRUM PRO’s interface is simple and nicely designed, with ADSR, Vol, and Verb controls, 12 sliders and pan knobs to help you mix your drums exactly how you want them to sound.

If you aren’t happy with all that’s included, Studio Linked has expansion packs you can purchase on their website.

DRUM PRO is available for Windows and Mac.

Download: Studio Linked

Best FREE Tuner VST

Limiters aren’t just great for trap, they’re also amazing for mixing and mastering. Most music producers will probably want one in their toolkit.

The Frontier Self-Adaptive Versatile Limiter, though, is highly usable in a variety of applications, be it single track, bus, or master out. It comes with configurable control input, optional soft clip, and self-adaptive automatic gain make up.

Its graphical user interface is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen, and includes controls for control input, release, threshold, output volume, and soft clip.

Limiters are incredibly handy any time you need to set the threshold and output of any track, making them useful for bass, vocals, and more.

Download: D16 Group Audio Software

Best Free Glitch VST

Here’s another powerful multipurpose plugin every producer should consider adding to their VST folder.

Softube’s Saturation Knob features three modes, and three kinds of distortion character (thus saturation).

That said, you’re probably going to find yourself using this baby on everything as a trap producer. It will fatten up the sound of drums and bass and add some harmonics to vocals too (you can do some of these things with the Frontier limiter as well).

Whenever you need to add some grit to a track, there’s always the Saturation Knob.

Download: Softube

Best Free Guitar VST

There are certain developers we’ve come to trust because of the quality of VST plugins they create. They’ve demonstrated, through longevity, as well as through the applicability of their plugins that most if not all of what they create is worth a look.

Here are the main developers of free VST plugins we think are worth following.

Best Free VST Plugins

IGNITE AMPS has among the best free amp sims (for guitar and bass), standalone effects, IR convolvers, and even the TPA-1 (digital emulation of a class AB tube power amplifier for guitar).

If you’re not a hard rock or metal player, you probably won’t be using all their plugins. But you will still find value in the IR convolvers (Libra and NadIR), standalone effects (ProF.E.T., TSB-1 Tyrant Screamer, TS-999 SubScreamer), and the TPA-1.

Honestly, even The Anvil amp sim’s clean and rhythm channels are great for a variety of purposes. The lead channel is mostly tuned for metal though.

IGNITE AMPS also has the PTEq-X plugin, which is a digital emulation of three famous vintage passive program equalizers.

We don’t know what else they’ll come up with, or if they’ll come up with anything, but they’re a good one to watch.

The Best Free VST Plugins 2022 (+ download links)

One word – LABS.

Their samples are just… so… good! Sure, they’re a little limited in scope. But you can easily build out your virtual instrument library with a lot of the essentials on LABS alone.

They don’t have everything, but they seem to keep adding more to their collection, so they’re worth bookmarking.

What are free VST plugins?

In addition to the two plugins already introduced, Tokyo Dawn Records also has free EQ, wideband dynamic range controller, as well as mixing and mastering EQ plugins that are worth a try.

I’ve used their dynamic equalizer plugin TDR NOVA quite a bit myself. It’s well-designed and easy to use, but I find the effect to be kind of subtle and will sometimes stack multiple NOVAs to achieve desired effect.

I have no idea whether they will continue to add free plugins to their site, but based on the quality of what’s available, they would be worth checking out occasionally.

VST Instruments

Voxengo’s free VST plugins have been around for quite a while at this point, so they should not be mistaken for cutting-edge VSTs.

That said, time and again, we’ve been impressed by what’s on offer. In addition to the effects mentioned above, they also have a tube graphic equalizer, guitar amp simulator, mastering graphic equalizer, tube overdrive, and other plugins that could prove quite useful for mixing and mastering.

7. Frontier by D16 Group

These days, you can build out your VST library on free plugins alone.

There are certain drums, specialty synths, autotune effects, orchestral and choral instruments, and others that are worth buying, simply because there’s nothing even comparable available for free. But in a variety of other categories, you can find awesome free VSTs.

Don’t feel like you need to download all the above and add them to your library now. Feel free to add a few at a time and experiment with them before adding more. This can help you get a better feel for all the new VSTs you’re adding to your DAW.

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