Nfs Payback


It's hard to believe that there are so many games into the Need for Speed franchise. Over twenty years of more than yearly releases, the series has been around for quite a long time now. It's hard to stay fresh after being so long on a single game market.


Car games can either be too realistic or too arcade-like, and Need For Speed has been on both sides of the story. So, after being on both sides of the spectrum, does this game really changes something?

And more importantly, is Need For Speed Payback doing enough to stay relevant even after a break? While Need For Speed Payback does a lot of things right, most of those things were already there. Sure the "open world" mechanics and the more-than-races missions seem new, but they've been present in past titles.

Need for Speed: Payback

Innovation can be a double-edged weapon, longtime fans may find it hard to accept drastic changes, but some changes would have been appreciated. From a graphics perspective, the game looks solid, not the best but looks good.

However, just good isn't enough to justify the hiccups and problems with performance. Need For Speed Payback leans more to the side of arcade-like racing than realism, and that's alright. But after a little break in the franchise, you'd expect them to come up with something more original than this title.

It's a nice, solid title, but it isn't great. reggie posted a review . It's been a long while since the first installment of Need For Speed was released back in 1994, a game that was published for the extinct 3DO console, as well as for PC, being one of the first games to require a Pentium processor to be able to make the most of its features.

Fortune Valley

Now in 2017, and 23 years after, the video game series that was started with The Need For Speed is still in perfect health conditions and is back to top the rankings with NFS Payback, with the intention of being one of the best car racing games in the world, available for both PC and PS4 and Xbox.

But NFS games are no longer just car racing simulators. As we saw in Underground 1 and 2, Rivals or Most Wanted, they now offer us a plot that gives a sense to the illegal races we take part in, or even a movie featuring Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad).


And as couldn't be otherwise, Need For Speed Payback is back with a plot worthy of any action movie in which our main character returns to his gang to claim vengeance.

A revenge that will obviously take place sitting behind the wheel of your car and in an open world that could well be part of any GTA title. NFS Payback includes some of the most stunning cars in the world.

Release Date

The game also comes along with the best graphics and movie scenes with real-life actors but that's secondary.

Because you're only interested in the cars you'll be able to drive: Chevrolet Camaro, Chevrolet Corvette, BMW M5, Ford Mustang, Volkswagen Golf GTI, Nissan 260Z, Ford F-150, BMW X6, Lamborghini Aventador….

  • Racing game presented as a combination of an adventure, action, and simulation title.
  • Different types of cars depending on the kind of race you're going to take part in: speed, all-terrain, drifts, acceleration, and escape.
  • Solid plot with movie scenes features real-life actors.

Possibility to create a super-car with parts from other vehicles.

  • Open world to race around freely.
  • Possibility to customize your car to the max.
  • Play online against your friends and bet on your victory.
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