Nitro Pro Lizenz

As a Global Administrator for your team, you can assign new licenses to users or remove existing ones.

Login to Nitro Admin at admin.gonitro.com2. Select Active Users under the Manage Users tab in the left navigation pane3. Search for the required user, click the ".."

(Options)button on the right side of the user's row, and select Edit User. Click the Add/Remove Licenses button below the Licenses Assigned section. Select the checkbox next to the license you'd like to assign to the user, or uncheck any previously assigned licenses you'd like to revoke from the user.

Click Save to finish. Alternatively, if you just need to revoke licenses, you can use the Revoke Licenses action from the Manage Users table.

Select Manage Users from the left navigation pane2. Find the user you would like to manage and click the ".." (Options) button on the right end of the user's row3. Select Revoke Licenses from the dropdown menu and confirm to remove all licenses currently assigned to the user. To continue using Nitro Pro after the trial period has expired, it is necessary to purchase a license that must be activated on your computer. Activation ensures that you have bought a genuine Nitro product by linking the software license to the computer on which it is installed.

The following key terms will be used throughout this help topic:. Serial: a number that is unique to your license of Nitro Pro. Activation: a software process that validates the authenticity of your Nitro Pro installation to protect it from being used by someone else on other computers (the number of activations permitted for your serial depends on the license you purchased).

Computer ID: a unique hardware identification number derived from your computer’s physical components. Installation ID: a unique identification number derived from a combination of your serial and computer ID. Deactivation: the process that disassociates your serial from your computer and enables you to install Nitro Pro on another machine.

On the Help tab, Click Buy Online Now. Follow the instructions provided to purchase a license. On the Help tab, go to the Product group. Click About Nitro Pro. Click Activation. In the Activate Nitro Pro dialogue box, select the Nitro account option and click Continue.

If you are already logged in, the activation dialog will display a message to confirm that activation was successful. If you are not logged in, log into your Nitro account to complete the activation. Automatic, or online, activation:. On the Help tab, go to the Product group.

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