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What makes complete smartphone? a dialer, instant messenger o SMS, e … a Camera?? Well, Internet is already flooded with the chaos of this new app called Camera, Nomao! So it is, it is just like another camera app that does nothing, but put some additional filters, and he sits on the phone's memory forever? NO! Nomao camera app is something else.

Installing Official Nomao Camera Android App 2020. For things to go in a smooth fashion, make sure to make the phone ready for the installation of the Nomao apk download file. Go to the device settings and then Security. Look for the option called Unknown Sources, and make sure that it has been enabled. These are the Best Camera Apps for Android: Google Camera, Open Camera, ProCam X, and more! Cameras on smartphones have improved by a huge margin over the years. Modern smartphones have eliminated. Nomao is a minimalistic camera application which works on both Android smartphones and tablets. This is just a simple yet functional camera application to demonstrate the working of Android camera and it's features. Along with camera, this app also contains advanced Gallery along with image editing feature.

Nomao APK download the camera provides some X-Ray scanner as a feature that allows you to see through objects. it would not hurt if we call Nomao camera app as a 'Naked Camera App. You can see that Nomao camera app allows you to see behind a particular object. It seems impossible? Well, It allows us to dig deeper into Nomao Camera app details, its functionality and how you can get Nomao APK on your smartphone.

Information Nomao App - Naked Camera

The concept behind the Nomao download APK revolves around the fact that the application allows you to view and capture what behind a particular object. For example, you can see what a person wears, and that perhaps makes it a naked camera app. Let's see how Nomao APK works and how you can use. Before you know how to use Nomao Camera App on Android devices, let's take a look at some features and then Nomao APK download process. Here are the features:

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Features of APK Nomao

here Listed below are some outstanding features of Nomao Official App.

  • For some security reasons Nomao camera app is not officially available on the Google Play Store and iTunes store, so you need to back up this app on both iPhone and Android devices.
  • The app interface is very simple; the app provides general information camera controls, just like any other camera app.
  • Nomao built-in camera app transformed images and then sticks their face the people. In this way, They are simply changing the current look of a person, adding the naked body of someone else.
  • It will be a fun way to create some laughter among your friends.
  • be sure to be alone while you click so that images of individuals, to avoid problems.
  • make sure to respect the privacy of others and not to hurt their feelings and emotions. People might get offended, display!
  • And we go for reality, at the moment, Nomao camera app is just another great app joke. We are all able to tell if a simple camera is possible that X-Ray type of imaging or. So, you can use this application as the best camera app joke.

As APK Download Nomao

As already mentioned, that Nomao Android camera app is officially available on the Google Play Store and iTunes Store, so there is no need to download and IPA Nomao APK file and place separately. The SIDELOADING is an easy process, where you install the app file from a source other than official source.

Installation Official Nomao Camera Android App 2018

For things to go in a smooth fashion, make sure your phone is ready to install the apk file download Nomao.

  • Go to the device settings e Safety. Look for the option called Unknown Origins, and make sure it was active. You can use the active / Disable the option to enable it if you are disabled.
  • After doing this, download Nomao the camera Android app apk file from the link provided. Alternatively, you can do a quick search on Google and find different Nomao download APK reported. Make sure you trust the source of Nomao.File APK.
  • After the file has been downloaded apk, touch the icon of the file to start the installation.
  • Now, the app will be installed in seconds and Voila! You can see Nomao Camera Android app icon in the app drawer, where you can use your Samsung camera Nomao.

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Nomao Download for iOS


Unfortunately, there is no official version of Nomao camera app yet been made available for devices based on iOS. There are some alternatives that you can use app on your iOS device and have the similar functionality.

  • Head to the iTunes store and search Nomao Camera app.
  • All possible alternatives for the app will be listed, and you can download and use from.
  • make sure you only download free apps as you might feel cheated if you pay and the app will not work up to your expectations.

How to Use Camera App Nomao

  • Good, Nomao after running the Android camera app you will be displayed with a message disclaimer, you need to touch “I accept” button to get through.
  • Come on, You will be displayed with an intuitive user interface with all the basic commands that you can use to pretend as if you are taking a picture of a naked person.
  • be sure to be just while clicking photographs.
  • You can prank your friends, family and colleagues using the camera app Nomao.
  • The app may appear buggy and often gal, the back, do not worry, the developers of this app are constantly pushing updates.
  • be sure to update your app Nomao camera manually after some time, as app lacks automatic update feature.
  • Try clicking photographs on your own risk; people can get offended sometimes.

the last word on Nomao APK Download

The app is nothing, but a quick way out of your boring everyday life. The Nomao camera app does not want naked pictures but is transformed images from the subject and pre-saved naked picture. This can be a good joke to be done at school and college. Users need to take great care when using this application and must take care of your privacy, try not to share the image on social media, LOL!

The app interface is clean. The only downside is that the app is not yet available for iOS devices so that these users may have to wait until the developer releases the iOS version of the app camera Nomao. Chances are that Nomao camera app for iOS devices is not never iTunes store because of violations of privacy policies, Who cares? Coming soon on Regola.FM.

Nomao Camera Apk App Download For Android Download

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