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Canoco是一套在生态学及几个相关领域内使用ordination methods来进行多变量统计分析的最常用程序包。Canoco最近版本(4.0和4.5)的用户指导在过去16年(1999-2014,ISI Web of Knowledge)中已经被引用达6800次。.

Canoco 5是一套全新的,几乎完全重构的Canoco软件版本,在2012年10月发布。. Canoco 5 arrived! Canoco is a software package for multivariate data analysis and visualization, with an emphasis on dimension reduction (ordination), regression analysis, and the combination of the two, constrained ordination. The completely new Canoco 5, released in 2012, has been updated to Canoco 5.1. Recent Canoco versions (4.0 and 4.5) were cited more than 4900 times in the past 10 years (2002-2011, ISI Web of Knowledge).

Canoco 5 implements many recent advances in ordination, such as variation partitioning, co-correspondence analysis, and distance-based redundancy analysis, but the major advance is in user-friendliness.In Canoco 5, data import, analyses and making graphs are integrated in a single Canoco 5 project.

The Canoco Adviser helps in choosing data transformations and methods of analysis. Numerical analyses that used to take many runs, are now available through a single analysis template and the Analysis Notebook concisely summarizes the results and allows access to the full results.

All analyses done on a set of data tables are now collected within Canoco 5 projects, sharing the analytical and graphing settings. Canoco 5 helps to make even better publication-quality ordination diagrams. The manual has been largely re-written and the large set of real-life examples is updated and extended to show new ways of working with multivariate data.Analytical and graphing capabilities are integrated with an easy-to-use spreadsheet data editor in a single program.

All analyses done on a set of data tables are now collected within a Canoco 5 project, sharing the analytical and graphing settings.

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